10 Most Intelligent People Alive Today


Call them geeks, nerds or super sharp intellectuals – these 10 smart geniuses have brightest minds in the world…


With an outstanding IQ of 230, Terence Tao, 42, was teaching 5-year-olds how to spell and how to add numbers – he was 2. When he was merely 10, he began participating in International Mathematical Olympiads and won a bronze in 1986, silver in 1987 and gold in 1988, becoming the youngest ever gold medalist in the Mathematical Olympiad. By the time he was 16, he had earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree – he got his Ph.D. at 20.

Terence Tao


This American cosmologist and astrophysicist is all of 35 and has a verified IQ of 225! At 13, he received a gold medal at the International Physics Olympiad, at 14 he began his university education at the Caltech University, at 16 he was working with NASA exploring the possibility of colonizing Mars, and at 22, he got his Ph.D. from Princeton.

Christopher Hirata


Kim Ung-Yong, 55, has more brain power than Hawking and Einstein – he booked a place for himself in The Guinness Book of World Records with an IQ of 210! Kim began speaking when he was barely four months young, at 2 he was reading Japanese, Korean, German and English, at 3 he was taking courses as a guest physics student at Hanyang University, and at 8 he was invited by NASA to study in the United States.

Kim Ung-Yong


65-year-old American autodidact, known as the smartest man in America, has an IQ reported to be between 195 and 210. Langan scored a perfect score in SAT even thought he slept his way through the exam. This genius has developed a theory of the relationship between mind and reality which he calls the “Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe”.

Christopher Langan


American TV writer Rick Rosner, 57, the world’s fifth-smartest man, has been a stripper, roller-skating waiter, bouncer, and nude model. He pops 50 pills including Omega 3 fish oil capsules, a baby Aspirin, Metformin, Metoprolol, Glisodin and Avodart to maintain his IQ of 192 and remain smarter!

Rick Rosner


The Russian Chess Wizard and the youngest ever undisputed World Chess Champion at 22, Garry Kasparov, 54, has an IQ of 190. Kasparov, who holds the record for consecutive professional tournament victories (15) and Chess Oscars (11), formed the United Civil Front movement to oppose Russian President Vladimir Putin’s policies.

Garry Kasparov


The award-winning English mathematician cracked the 358-year-old Fermat’s Last Theorem, listed by The Guinness Book of World Records as one of the world’s “most difficult mathematical problems”, in 1995. Knighted for his contributions to mathematics, Wiles, 64, has received 15 awards including an International Mathematic Union silver plaque, The Shaw Prize, and a National Academy of Sciences Award in Mathematics. He has an IQ of 170.

Sir Andrew Wiles


41-year-old Hungarian chess grandmaster Judit Polgar created history in 1991, when she was just 15, by defeating Bobby Fischer (who had an IQ of 180) and becoming the youngest Grandmaster. She created history again in 2002 when she beat the world number 1 Garry Kasparov (who had an IQ of 190). She is the only woman in FIDE’s Top 100 list. Judit too has an IQ of 170.

Judit Polgar


Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, 64, has an IQ of 170. According to Forbes, Allen is worth $17.5 billion, which makes him the 51st richest person on the planet. He owns NFL’s Seahawks and NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers and has donated more than $1.8 billion so far towards the advancement of science, technology, education, wildlife conservation, and community services.

Paul Allen


Theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and an author, Stephen Hawking, 75, has an incredible IQ of 160 making him at par with Albert Einstein. Even though he suffers from a rare form of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) that has gradually paralysed him and has survived more years than he was expected to, the astrophysicist has made a name for himself through his theories on black holes.

Stephen Hawking


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          • Yeah, if you accept rightpedia, atlanteangardens, ancient-origins, et al, as reputable sources. Meanwhile, in the real world, no reputable scientist has presented any credible evidence to refute OoA theory, and it continues to be the top contender to explain human origins.

          • Actually. you’re wrong. The opposite is true. It has been proven that pretty much all life originated in Africa. I’m a scientist myself and acquainted with top geneticists. The research that was conducted on the origins of life has pretty much lead to the validation of the Mitochondrial Eve conjecture. Look it up. Just google “Mitochondrial Eve”.

          • But where did Greece get its civilization? Most of the great Greeks traveled to Egypt and about 20 percent of the population there were pure blooded blacks. The Greek historian Herodotus, BC 484 describes the Egyptians as a dark skinned people. Plato went there to get his story on Atlantis. Eighteen of the Pharaohs of Egypt were Negro. Look at the Statues and the hieroglyphics. Egypt in turn came out of Black Nubia

          • The Egyptians were oddly enough Egyptian, and not black or white, who’d have thunk? 1, (maybe 2? I consider this relatively common knowledge for anyone who wants to discuss ancient egyptrather than a debate and find this convo strange to say the least) and people who feel the need to argue over this as if it’s has any relevance to anyone that isn’t a historian or as a matter of interest has a chip on their shoulder about race that would be great if removed from the internet.

            There are plenty of dark skinned races that are not “black” and for the sake of this case the Egyptians were Caucasian, which refers to their bone structure and not their colour, which of course would be dark, they are in a sunny climate (thanks hollywood for ruining simple terminology)

          • I can see all of you are going astray .it doesn’t matter black or white , what matters is that we are all human , we have the same blood.

          • Robert, the Oxford dictionnary defines the term Caucasian as 1. Somebody related or from the region of Caucasus in RUSSIA. 2. Somebody of White skin, or from Europe.
            Hollywood has nothing to do with that. In fact, most holywood adaptations of Ancient Egypt features white skinned european american people – ignoring all historical accounts that actually describes the egyptians as dark skinned people, needless to say that it is because such movies are more profitable and would have more success in white dominated market (the U.S).
            Maybe that’s where this “white european egypt” myth comes from.

          • Robert, the Oxford dictionnary defines the term Caucasian as 1. Somebody related or from the region of Caucasus in RUSSIA. 2. Somebody of White skin, or from Europe.
            Hollywood has nothing to do with that. In fact, most holywood adaptations of Ancient Egypt features white skinned european american people – ignoring all historical accounts that actually describes the egyptians as dark skinned people, needless to say that it is because such movies are more profitable and would have more success in white dominated market (the U.S).
            Maybe that’s where this “white european egypt” myth comes from.
            But you’re right, you could be dark skinned without being black subsaharan african (I think thats what you are trying to say when you say black), we have such lighter complexions in Ethiopia, Somalia, Rwanda, South Africa (surprising huh?), and the Indians of Southern Asia too would be good candidates. Curiously enough we do not find caucasians naturally occuring in the world with such appearance, even with genetic anomalies and rarest cases.
            I think that ends the debate. Furthermore, lets break another of the funny theories : the arabs are classifed as white, the egyptian are described as non whites (that is very dark skin) thus the arabs are not good candidates. End of discussion.

      • It saddens me to see such a comment…until when will this sort of race talks go on, I think your brain would fail an IQ test, too dumb,i don’t usually comment on random stuff but in your scenario i had too

      • Is tat why they were the first civilizations on Earth. They were reading and writing while white men were still wiping their bums with leaves in the jungle.

          • Blacks had built those pyramids that racist whites still can’t figure out before Europeans had figured they should be showering. To this day i still hear (American) whites saying they havr showered for the day (at an early hour) here in Jamaica, a tropical country. How very advanced this race must be. And when you have a Tesla making progress that no one has figured out to this day, your advanced civilians shut him down. Racist whites should avoid talking about civilization completely.

          • Watch it white arse. I don’t usually waste my time in idiots but in your case, it was damn necessary. I’m NIGERIAN and I am PROUDLY BLACK. So watch your goddamned mouth and respect blacks. Hey do you know you’re beloved JESUS was an EGYPTIAN? What were you whites doing when we blacks were building the pyramids that you now boldly draw and build. Cough cough … if you don’t know, most majority of whites are descendants of AFRICANS?!!!! We are insulting NOT racist. And for that idiot that called us smelly, you’re probably just smelling your pits. Please tell me if you can pass any Nigerian exam? You guys call us stupid but the truth is that most of you are as smart as a bag of stinking socks.

          • On IQ tests, northern (Ashkenazi) Jews and NE Asians are, on average, significantly smarter than Europeans. How does this affect your racial arrogance?


        • I agree with you, and also know that there are smart black peoole. But let’s just be real. Here in America 85% of them are pretty stupid. I lived around them my whole life and even observed them taking pride in ignorance. I mean look at the news as well. They are out beating people up because Trump was elected, when the fact of the matter is, most if not all probably couldn’t even tell you what policy’s either candidate was running for. They are like “nigga, you know i dont be knowing that shit, I’m keeping real”. Ya… Real stupid. Lol

          • Thirteen percent of America’s population (approximately 318 million) is made up of black people. You are stating that 85% of black people in America are stupid, so that would suggest that you’ve met 34,8500,000 black people that are stupid. Not only is it nearly impossible for you to have met that many people, but it is more likely that the statistic that you provided (85% of blacks in America are stupid) is untrue.

      • I am a 14 year old from africa and i live there and i have an official iq of 127 and judging by your comment i bet your the only one here with an iq comparable to a gorilla

      • Who told you that your mother or do you have one? I never expected to see such comments from such ancient anthropoids. Know your history …

    • Maybe they were too smart to let themselves be known.

      Philip Emeagwali is alleged to have an IQ of 190. Not verified.
      But since he made another list. There must some heat from where the smoke rises.

      I hope this satisfies your need.

      Imagine what would happen if everyone started frowning if their gender,race,sexual orientation or physical appearance werent mentioned. Pretty soon these lists would be 100-2000 names long and nobody would find them interesting.
      I am not trying to offend you. But please try harder to see things through less colored glasses. Stay on topic and accept that not every abscence or mention of that kind of characteristics means something intentionaly bad. People make mistakes. All though some people make it a rule to do so. Dont be one of them….

      With regards from me to you and all whom feel the same way.

    • It’s very important to have the chance of having access to education systems where you can use and prove your IQ. After that you need such an environment where people who can observe your intelligence will guide you on a path (ex. chess or in this scenario “Kim began speaking when he was barely four months young, at 2 he was reading Japanese, Korean, German and English, at 3 he was taking courses as a guest physics student at Hanyang University” – I believe that this guy did not get by himself to the University at the age of 3).
      After you get this guidance you will have the chance to prove your IQ to the whole world and someone will include you in his article on the internet.

      In other words no one will ever know, observe your IQ of 200+ if you are born in a poor family or in a racist environment or in a poor country or in an isolated environment. I’ll just remind you the slave tradings done by the educated europeans from Africa to the United States and Europe, in order to compare the “equal” chances between white and black people in our wonderful World.

      And by the way this opinion comes from a “white” guy…

      • slave tradeing to damn near every european nation, and offered originally because slavery was a LARGE factor in their own society….. though most tribes had rules of conduct regarding the slaves that they may have naively expected the Europeans to follow. All and all the violence among the tribes was greater then and worse now than the slave trade itself in many areas….. slavery is horific, we ALL have an ancestor who was a slave somewhere./.. no matter race… the bible even tells us how to treat them right and has a long set of rules regarding them….. we are past that now…. if you let it go…. it is less likely to be about race and more likely you are just being a dick because you are trying to blame race for the results of your own choices. Freedom means opportunity, not handouts and special treatment, look at how the mexicans are treated…. and they prosper and contrary to what most believe they usually make the same money… because they work HARD, are dependable, and dont waste time whining about stupid shit. When are they going to rename crackers? i am offended.

      • Well said. Also, IQ is only one of the ways to measure intelligence, there are many different types of intelligence and people excel in different ways. Unfortunately in pop culture we seem only to value IQ and mathematics ability over emotional intelligence, creativity etc.

        • Emotional intelligence doesn’t help anyone but yourself, IQ and math prove you are smart and good at your job. Creativity/innovation is pretty self explanatory with today’s view on science, but emotional intelligence is pretty useless for your average researcher. Compared to everything else emotional intelligence is at the bottom of the list.

          • I dont like people without Emotional Intelligence …not around me and not as my employees. To teach something, to sell something, to work in a group,cto developp something u need EI. Just people without clearly judgement could say EI is at the bottom of the list Such a phrases are just ridiculous and in some way funny.

    • math dont lie, though i suspect if better schooling was available than blacks would easier find the opportunity to be discovered or stand out. it is simple reality, making everything about race is the biggest tool the government uses to limit minorities. even when they make it many people think it is because of special programs instead of real ability. As long as YOU accept race as a factor you are agreeing with them. Every race, continent, and religion has slavery in its history. get over it….. america is the least racist place on the planet because we are fed shame over something few of us know anything about we still feel this stupid guilt as a society. The irish were treated as bad or worse than the negros , especially when they worked out a system that had the workers pay more than they made….. you have to feed and care for a slave. 50,000 chinese died making the trans continental railroad, they were treated like public property with no consequences for beating or killing one in many areas. The only way to overcome racism is to not accept it when it is presented, to not let someone elses small mind program yours. and yes i have done this…. as a white man in a sea of mexicans. Good people. good friends… but not at first. Using your grand fathers slavery as an excuse is one of the lamest things anyone could do… especially in this apologetic, guilt manipulated society. i am not sorry, i have nothing to be sorry about, i did not do anything, and you did not suffer it. it is disgracing your ancestors to trivialize what they endured and accomplished with your own petty problems.

    • Yes, there is s black girl with an IQ of 199 Her name is Thessalonika Arzu-Embry. Another black from Nigeria is engineer Philip Emeagwali with an IQ of 190.

      There is also a black girl from India with an IQ 225: K. Vishalini of Palayamkottai.

      I am sure that there are some more.

      • are you fucking retarded. There are many smart black people and yes, i understand that most of the smartest people in the world are white but that doesn’t mean black people aren’t smart too. Go suck a black dick

    • They’re supposed to find a smart black person even if he’s not as smart as other races and put him on here?

      • Mm.. I don’t see you up there, Honesty. It seems that a lot of black people have outsmarted you. Is that a surprise? intelligence has nothing to do with skin color, it all has to do with the brain. Since that was so hard for you racist bastards to understand, It is clear, why you are not up there.

        • Calm down and lets not insult anyone, it has been said that “There are over 7 Billion people on the Earth.” This is a list of the top 10 most intelligent person on the Earth. Which may or may not be accurate, don’t judge honesty.

    • OMG people. Please don’t be racist. That’s no cool.
      I’m sad that people are like that in the world.
      Much love,


    • All races can interbreed and produce fertile children – which proves that differences between races are trivial, as we are the same species.

    • hey doesn’t mean that there is no African American that are smart out there even though I am Chinese I am smart in math I do not know my IQ level though.

  1. My fave is no. 5, Rick Rosner. Seriously, who approved that picture? The wallpaper trim in the background makes it appear that the has bizarre pig tails that swirl outward from the side of his head…. they do say there is a fine line between genius and insanity, and this picture sure appears to define that!

  2. I don’t get it. How does having a 160/170 IQ mean that you are one of the 10 most intelligent people alive today? Although several studies indicate less than 0.1% of individuals match or exceed 160, that percentage translates to a few thousand people globally. The article probably included the 10 most publicized people with superior IQ scores. Sensationalism i guess but I have to admit it caught my attention. Please do not respond to my comment if your IQ is less than 130 … sorry.

    • The question is though, does IQ directly translate to intelligence – it may be one of our most accurate techniques to measure intelligence, but how accurate is it? These people seem to all have some recognition, but are not massively known. It would be interesting to know how the research for this list was completed.

      • Hi Dan ,,, I think where you are going has a point ,,,, these people are Intellectuals ,,,, as it can be said that for example ,,Ants show a form of intelligence ,,,, this shows the disparity between intelligence being relative , and intellectuals being capable of increadible reasoning and critical thinking ,,more often at a younger age ,,,, It is said that there are more great scientists alive today ,,than all the previous ones added together ,, so mankind has immense potential ,,, But what happens in many cases is that they take jobs and once there ,,they have to follow the current re-mit of the said companys ,, which usually has design goals ,,,, so free thinking and new developments out side of these boundaries is all to often missed ,,, its a side affect of global corporate giants ,, for the most part they are very blinkered with a narrow focus on bringing a project to completion ,, Regards RR

    • I suspect that karusai is correct in that it is most successful of the intelligent that make the top 10. Many will have a higher IQ than those mentioned, but they may not be very well known. I believe the NSA, Nasa and the others get the pick of the litter, and those people are hidden from view because of what they may know. Being far smarter than average can be a curse. the saying goes something like “It can be lonely at the top”. IQ 148 btw ><

    • The idea of it being possible to gauge an individuals full range of intellectual capacity through simple pen and paper testing has always been something I’ve found hard to accept. The IQ system is simply a set of numbers used in the attempt to define the abstract concepts that comprise the entire scope of human intelligence. While the IQ can be a good indicator for cognitive processing power so to speak, intelligence is not something so easily defined.

      It is not simply the ability to memorize a theorem so we can “solve for x,” or stratagem so we’ll know what to do in any given situation, which wholly defines our ability to think. Instead it is with an amount of consideration for personal ingenuity, as well as both skill and knowledge in individual’s respective fields of interest, that I feel we could better begin to explore the concept of intelligence. However, as all of these AnonHQ MENSA members had undoubtedly deduced, were we to find a problem vague enough to test human creative capacity in it’s entirety we would be given infinite variables due to the unique nature of any given individuals solution; limited of course by the amount of people existent at the time of testing. Therefore! With the introduction of creativity a specific definition for intelligence, as well as any ability to create an absolute intellectual aptitude test, becomes either a philosophic affair, relative to specific guidelines, or entirely impossible.

      What all this comes down to, simply, is that any claim of having identified the “10 most intelligent people alive today,” or even a means of identifying intelligence, is more often than not an entirely subjective representation, founded in the author or administrators bias, of social knowledge and acceptance. Life is an imperfect art my friend and collective knowledge is fallible, don’t get too caught up in the definitions; I’ve always preferred interpretations myself.

    • They never mentioned what scale is being used, so the scores are completely meaningless anyway.

      Either stand by your demand and don’t apologize for it, or just don’t make it.

    • Yeah, it got my attention also. I’m not sure what the criteria for this list actually is; there are a couple of actors (James Woods, for example) that have verified IQs of over 160. They didn’t make this list, but Hawking did?

    • I got 1000 IQ so what, who’s gonna come test me ? some super genius guys.??? What if the are wrong about the technic. May be that’s not the way to find true intelligent. intelligence not visible bUT math is. Anything can be seeing, can miss lead your judgement’s based on many facts. Math is a illusion that human discovered to understand the universal math. Human working too hard to multiply the universe But humans not yet understand one true self . I

  3. it’s great that they solve math problems well and get good grades, but no one gives a fuck about that, nor should they! I was expecting to read about important things they’ve done with their smarts, and most of them disappoint..

    • Clearly a lot of people give a fuck, and clearly math is important, not to mention cosmology and astro physics.

      You are confusing importance, with what happens to interest you.

    • If you don’t know what Terence Tao has done for mathematics, that’s only because of your own illiteracy in the field. He is the single most brilliant mathematician alive today, and perhaps the most brilliant mathematical mind to have ever lived.

      What I do agree with is that their IQ is actually completely and utterly irrelevant to the discussion, and the fact that it is put such emphasis on by the author makes me question their own insight into intelligence and ability to make a list of this kind at all.

  4. Good to see accuracy; 5 of these have lower scores than mine…. Not that IQ tests are even effective at this range 😛

  5. Even though this article disparaged Einstein in spite of more significant contributions that advanced science in more ways than ALL of the above combined, it reminds me of his comment that, “Imagination is more important than knowledge…”. For me visionaries like Einstein rate infinitely higher than chess masters, visionaries who are advancing our understanding of the universe as Einstein did in so many ways. So for me, Wiles sounds interesting – but the article doesn’t show any intriguing work done by him, that leaves Christopher Langan as the most interesting person, by far. The article could have gone into far more detail, but I guess that would have required actual research by the author and detail checking by the editor, so we are left to do it ourselves.

  6. I read a little by and about Langan, and watched an interview of him on youtube, he’s an arrogant pr*ck, and his work hasn’t resulted in _anything_ noteworthy. Einstein’s work is infinitely more interesting, and worthy of study, than this self-promoting blow-hard. Watch his video, it’s shocking. Darwin’s intelligence is, according to him, way down there “in the toilet.” IQ obviously is not equivalent to advancing science, or in this case, accomplishing anything, except being a bouncer. He explains in the video that he became a bouncer because he wanted to get out of construction, but he didn’t “want” to be a bouncer, he “fell into it”. So he’s a whiner too. If he was half as smart as he claims, he could get a more interesting job than bouncer. Too bad he’s not smart enough to work in a patent office.

    This pompous windbag should never have made it into the article and he makes it obvious that IQ should not be the only criteria for future articles, how about one on “_Visionaries who are making a difference_?

  7. i wonder what would have been the IQ of srinivasa ramanujan and nikola tesla.Bet both would have broken the 250 barrier easily.Giant of their respective fields in every sense.

  8. Why someone even mention that but since is mentioned ok tell any black that did contribute to civilization az we white people did exept Mandela Malkom x who just famus cose the idea for one black i will say 5 white and lets see who goes further

  9. Jacque Fresco is missing in this list and he’s turning 100yrs old this coming March…. he’s literally come up with a solution to fix our socio-economic worldwide problems. he has the blueprints to get us to evolve from type 0 to type 2 civilization. Look him up and learn about his life work.. which is RBE (resource based economy) The Venus Project.

  10. I was invited to become a member of the Mensa group. Had to take a test, they said my IQ was 156. After several months I quit going to their meetings, as I concluded I didn’t want to be a member of any organization that would accept me as a member. (thank you Woody Allen)

  11. you can tell by reading these comments that HUMAN BEINGS are 1000 times stupider and 1000 meaner than they think..

    a race of stupid and cruel monkeys

  12. Here is your black guy my fellow alternative news seekers. Argue against the establishment not each other. We can not confirm were man originated from there are far too many theories and ‘fact’ changes to often, stop believing in the first things you are told and educate yourselves.

    Neil deGrasse Tyson

    Neil deGrasse Tyson is a high-profile American astrophysicist and research associate at the American Museum of Natural History, and he is also Frederick P. Rose Director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York City. Tyson was born in New York in 1958 and loved astronomy from a young age. In 1980 he graduated from Harvard with a bachelor’s degree in physics, and he went on to earn his master’s in astronomy from the University of Texas in 1983. He then went to Columbia, where he obtained his M.Phil. in astrophysics in 1989 and his Ph.D. two years later. Tyson achieved pop culture fame presenting educational PBS show NOVA ScienceNow from 2006 to 2011, and he has made numerous TV guest appearances. The awards he has received include a NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal, and in 2001 Asteroid 1994KA was renamed 13123 Tyson in his honor.

    • Tyson is mentioned on some other lists of “smartest people”. While he is well known, there are many black scientists, playrights, inventors, professors and businessmen that have done much more. Not to diminish his accomplishments, but he is more famous than genius.

  13. IQ of all those people have hit rock bottom …dudes who think that a few tests can determine a persons IQ, even dumber are ones that think IQ remains constant for a human being throughout his life :p or even doesnt change with a persons mood or stress level

    • besides, memory and IQ are two different things, but interleaved; a person with lesser memory might still possess reasoning capability and vice versa(i.e. a dumb dude can have memory like ocean)

  14. I have been on the internet for 20 years and have yet been able to get into a heated debate bout any topic where it starts off with a well educated statement. This would be followed by an equally well educated statement which happens to differ from mine. Then from there it deteriorates rather quickly started off with slight name calling at first then a quick hop and a skip into mother jokes. From there race will enter the field, the fact that none of us know which race the other is will not be lost on us nor will it matter. You’re black which automatically makes your momma so ugly that she has to tie a t-bone to her neck to the the dog to play with her.

  15. This is bullshit. This so called intelligent people are about physics numbers but not about anything else. The universe is bigger than mathematics and physics. If you are good in counting or whatever physics you are not the smartest. IQ is setup by human beings. And the questions in IQ are cultural. The world has many cultures. When there is an IQ test that includes all cultures on the world call me. When I was in 10th grade my English teacher said I have the genius of one in 2 billion people. In early grades I wrote exams for other classes, I graded other students exams, I taught my own class, I wrote plays and got published when I was in the 10th grade and my literary work was then published in University journals. I have been number one in any class and I got my 4 year BA in 18. I have three college degrees, author, composer and inventor. If I have the genius of one in two billion people in the I am one of three most intelligent people in the world.

    • For people who claim to be so intelligent, most of you are illiterate, ignorant, and dumber than my dog’s last turd. Remember, regardless of how intelligent you claim to be, your rectum still points to the ground, and that six foot hole makes us all equal.

      And relating to you Mr. Temba, now let’s hear the one about “The Three Bears”. It’s certainly much more believable. With nearly seven billion individuals in this world with countless more born every second, there’s absolutely no way you can ever prove you’re even one of the most intelligent out of the nearest one hundred. I can name twenty people by name right now that can intellectually make you seem like a fish.

      And Susan, that was Groucho Marx who made that remark about refusing to be a member of an organization that would accept some one like him as a member. Will Rodgers was the second person to say it.

      And Alexander, your vocabulary and inability to spell or clearly express an idea leaves one with a headache trying to give you the benefit of the doubt.

      As far as Michael Langdon goes, He’s just another person who brags a high IQ but has absolutely no creative ability, which is a waste of a high IQ. I was a member of his “Mega Society”, mostly a list of snobs who’ll never contribute one iota of knowledge to the human collective consciousness. I left the group, considering it a waste of time.

      One other fact for those who think their race entitles them to any kind of “superiority”??? The last funeral I attended, that person was just as dead as Einstein has been for this last half century, and all of his “intellect” couldn’t raise him from his coffin. When you lol, “geniuses” can figure out how to outhink a virus (a one cell microorganism that always stays far enough ahead us to keep us falling dead) then your “almighty”, “brilliant” pompous, arses can dare to think you’re better than others, and then, maybe you can even call yourselves “intelligent”.

    • People like you make me want to fucking kms. If you’re that smart do something with your life more meaningful than writing other people’s fucking essays dumbass.

  16. All you “geniuses” should be aware of one more fact. In nature, the ultimate and only purpose of intelligence is to figure how to remain alive for as long as possible.

  17. Who cares if someone thinks you have a low IQ? So what. Are they rounding up dummies and killing them or something? Modern day eugenics anyone?

  18. Hello,

    Can anybody please tell me, how to judge this IQ numbers like 170,150, 190…. ??? Could you please tell me how much my IQ is !!! ???

    How do you judge that?

    Thank you

  19. For everyone boasting about their IQ, “I have no idea. People who boast about their IQ are losers” -Stephen Hawking

  20. You Destiny,you call someone a dumbass then ask the person to do something about life,u
    you claim to have a high IQ and looks down upon blacks,you should have known how to live forever,why ask one you refer to as stupid,your high IQ is worthless

  21. If you state in public that athleticism is genetic, nobody will bat an eye. If you state that intelligence is genetic, you are ostracized as being as racist. If athleticism is inheritable, how is it not possible that intelligence is? Just sayin…..if certain populations are more athletic, certain populations should be more intelligent.

    • There are different kinds of athletic ability and different kinds of intelligence. Whites dominate hockey, swimming, tennis, golf, distance running, much of baseball, and so forth. Yet, there are world class sprinters who are white. There are top professional receivers who are white. There are top quarterbacks who are black. There are world class swimmers who are black. The fact that certain physical and mental traits favor a certain race does not mean that a smaller percentage of any race cannot lead the world in any one category.
      The same goes for intelligence. It was thought for years that Asians were stupid, yet international assessments show Singapore and Hong Kong as the world leaders now (I love that scene from Back to the Future where Marty says “Doc, all the best stuff is made in Japan” and Doc says,”Amazing!”
      So, yes intelligence is genetic, and Blacks, Asians, Indians and Hispanics are chock full of those genes. I mention further down that my mom was a straight A student. Well my son just brought home his first college report card – a 4.0! I guess it skips generations, because I didn’t do that until grad school, but he is a black kid in an all white tier one university and kicks their butts in the classroom. His best friend from high school is also black, and is doing the same at MIT. People get confused because the media emphasizes the aspects that they choose, but those who have gone to college with blacks no better. There are smart students, average students, and lousy students – like everyone else. We are all different, but are all capable in our own way.

  22. Some of These Persons are Arch-Dunces, and Per Evincement I Suppose Smartest Would Be Me….: I Am Not Represented, As Usual….

  23. May be Africans are not considered not because they don’t have IQ but they don’t socialize with others as far as knowledge is considered. Even another thing is Africa has to wake up before its too late.

  24. he mathematical sciences
    particularly exhibit
    order, symmetry, and limitation;
    and these are the greatest forms
    of the beautiful.

  25. Ok, takes men to build a water system. Others to get rid of waste. Others to build roads, hospitals… How they do that with no electricity?

  26. some think that by saying “fuck” or some other swear word makes it more important. In reality, just makes u look stupid.

  27. Comment:
    I am from Africa and a very proud one indeed. for starters I learnt my colours very well. these so called white people are actually light brown and we are dark brown period. seriously tell me who in the world has charcoal black skin or pure white skin. it just doesn’t exist. these light brown idiots call themselves white to try and elevate themselves over us dark brown skinned people. I do not accept the description you have given to yourselves and us. you are what you are. stop deceiving yourselves. plus dark brown people are in many standards more pretty and beautiful than light brown people. dark brown rules. go jump from a cliff to your death if you don’t agree. I am not racist but I just dislike light brown people because of the way they enjoy being racist. we are all equal before God’s eye.

    • Yes, IQ is only one kind of intelligence. It measures the speed and accuracy for solving many simple problems, rather than the ability to create novel solutions or solve complex problems. Ironically, educators view creativity as one of the strongest attributes of giftedness even though IQ tests do not measure this trait. Richard Feynman, the Nobel prize winning inventor of Quantum Chromodynamics scored 125. Pretty good, but his genius work far outclasses it.

  28. I dont like race talks in general
    But just one to educate people and see how you guys react.

    Nigerian mathematician Philip Emeagwali has verified IQ of 190.

    Read jt again. Yes, higher than Einstein, Hawkins, and many others.

    Oops! We forgot the African dude ?.

    I dont think it was intentional though, they probably never heard about him

  29. Whoever wants to understand the human brain, a little more than they do now, read the book “Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain” and be ready to learn what it’s all about.

    All this talk is useless like many of you mentioned. Brains are made differently for a reason. Again, read the book and learn why different is why we actually are alive.

  30. all this shit about black and white just shut the fuck up
    america was inhabited by red indians and these so called white killed them and thats all they know to betray and kill others

  31. Stfu Kid This Is Real Facts
    Stupid Cunt Bitch Learn To Stop Being Black You Racist Bitch Hoe
    Stupid Cringe Bitch #GETREKT

  32. africas karma or end of cycle has come once greatest nations fall and weak ones rise from ashes and grow simple as understanding elements and analogies just like great america has grown to powerful for her own britches so regaurdless her current powers over all she is weak in stability past cultures that learned to cherish life and planets instead of consume everything in sight were the only ones to survive those who forget history are doomed to repeat it time is the true test of a being adaptation living in nature self sustaining is anyones only hope the smart people this planet will develope an updated all around test for iq other than trying to survive alongside ignorance on project earth

  33. Hmmmm… wuna sabbi write foolish about others. I di watch wuna dis bakala dem. Na ma grand mama go shit and piss for wuna face if wuna no stop to di kush black pipo. Satans..! Satan punish wuna bakala dem wey no do respect God e pikin dem.

  34. Born in Pompéia, Brazil, in 1993, Andrew Amaurick is recognized as undoubtedly the best Brazilian student in history.

    He is currently a member of 8 IQ societies, including the exclusive Giga Society. Only 1 in 30 billion people will match their intelligence levels.

    Brazilian genius Andrew Amaurick has an IQ of 175

  35. You do realise Terence Tao, Christopher Hirata, and Kim Ung-Yong actually have iq’s well under 200. The highest iq ever measured is either Richard Rosner or Evangelos Katsioulis. You have confused 2 different test standards.

  36. black or white, we all have the same brain capacity.. The rate at which we decide to use it is solely individual business, regardless of color and continent. You all should go read and stop this racism shit

  37. Racism, sexism, and bigotry are all manifestations of lower intelligence. People who propagate such ignoble values have emotional and intellectual difficulties that keep them from comprehending higher levels of principles; not necessarily in math, physics, engineering, and not necessarily in a lack of learning and assimilative skills that I.Q. is generally predicated on. What they lack is a true intelligence of affirming quality that our species and the world crucially need in order to survive through this century. Nazi ideology is a classic example of this point. Innate potential must be encouraged and supported in education and ideology.

  38. Why do you even care about racism or sexism in this discussion it has no relevance, don’t give me any explaination that they are only white or yellow, being a race or gender isn’t about this

  39. Read rom10:12 and acts 10:34-35. Our almighty God does not show favouritism, but blesses anybody from any part of the world that ernestly seek him.
    No race is superior to another and no race is also inferior. It all depends on your mentality. If you think you are inferior, you’ll be inferior and vice versa.
    The problem blacks have is that they don’t want to study, they don’t want to evolve, they don’t want to change their mentality. Thats why they are where they are.

    Secondly, your brain will not develop if you don’t study (dan 9:2, 2 tim 2:15). Readers are leaders. Successful people are readers (ex. Ben carson, warren buffet, bill gates, donald trump, pst david oyedepo and pst david ibiyeomie). Anybody no matter the skin colour can improve their IQ by studying.



  42. Just because a person of African, Indian, Croatian, or Hispanic descent is not mentioned here does not mean that there are not brilliant people representing these racial groups. My mother has an IQ of 165, was a straight A student in college, entered as a prodigy at 14, graduated from NYU with a masters in education at 20 … and is black. My father attended both Columbia and Princeton for graduate school, and was the highest rated manager at IBM in Silicon Valley, making Who’s Who in America for his contributions.. and is black. My IQ is 155 – not earth shaking, but not terrible. My contributions are on track to exceed my parents on a plurality of fronts including physics, education, theology and biotechnology. Many of my friends are similarly productive serving as department chairs at Berkeley and Stanford, University presidents, and so forth (all black).

    Ramanujan was Indian and invented the core physics that drives relativity despite the fact that his race was thought to be inferior. Tesla and Belicheck are Croats even though their race was thought to be inferior. Many don’t know of William Lester, David Blackwell or the hundreds of scientific and social leaders of African descent who have made world leading contributions in their field. Heck, Jews were thought to be inferior, but they managed to produce Einstein.

    So, I submit that the problem is not a lack of diverse talent but an unawareness of its narrow definition. Genius is a rare and useful contribution to the world. It is what you do, and everyone holds this potential since we are all unique. Only a few let this light fully shine through, and there are members of all races who succeed in this challenge.

  43. The only reason we look for negative things, and always find them, it is for the fact we want to feel better than others. The question we should be asking ourselves is how really are we to know if we are any better…?
    The world was long here before any of us, when did you figure out you black or white lol? My point is it’s good spending time looking for answers, you will be surprised how much can one learn. I am black and I am happy regardless of what others can say, If it happen that someone some day insults me because of the color of my skin, I will really get confused, because nothing in this world is a mistake by human error. We are all a cancer and we all play a part destroying the world in different ways, and that’s what we so good at doing it because we are weak.


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