10 Recent Events That Will Shake The World In 2015


Did you find anything strange in the world news these past couple weeks? Some of you may have, perhaps, but how many of you actually grasped the terrifying madness? We bring to you 10 events that appeared suddenly but are capable of bringing chaos and confusion globally in the second half of 2015…

Cyber Attack on US Businesses

On July 8th, ‘technical glitches’ and ‘internal issues’ grounded United Airlines flights, shut down the Wall Street Journal’s website and stopped the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) trading for more than three hours. Though the authorities are reluctant to give credit to hackers for the mayhem, we wonder what could have happened if terrorists, hacktivists or disgruntled insiders, could actually manage to execute a broad-scale cyber attack.

According to a report by Lloyd’s, a potential cyber attack at the national power grid could black out northeastern America for up to four days, and lead to $243 billion in immediate and tangible economic loss by bringing down just 50 of the almost 700 generators. If the hackers could down twice as many generators, they could cost the US economy $1 trillion — close to 6% of their GDP.
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China’s Stunning Stock Market Crash

On July 8th, the Shanghai Composite Index plunged 5.9%, while the Shenzhen Composite dropped 2.9%. Almost 1,000 stocks fell by the 10% daily limit posed by regulators. Since June 12th, the Shanghai Composite has fallen a staggering 32%, and more than half of all publicly listed companies in China have filed for trading suspension in order to save themselves from the stock market crash. The amount of “paper wealth” that has been eroded in China is 15 times greater than the GDP of Greece. More than $3 trillion in share value has evaporated since mid-June — that’s more than the value of France’s entire stock market! Is the country on the verge of an economic collapse in 2015? It is starting to happen already.

Hackers Take Control of German Patriot Missiles

On July 7th, hackers attacked a German Patriot surface-to-air missile battery stationed along the Turkish-Syria border, took over the missile control system and stole data from it to carry out “unexplained” orders. The German army has stationed the American-made weapons at the border to protect NATO ally, Turkey.

Patriot is a dangerous weapons system – it can track up to 100 targets and send guidance data to nine individual missiles. Despite the security involved, the hackers were able to exploit not one, but two weak spots in the missile system. Terrifying? Definitely.

US President (Accidentally?) Confesses to Training Jihadist Militants

On July 6th, American President Barack Obama told reporters at the Pentagon, “We’re speeding up training of ISIL forces, including volunteers from Sunni tribes in Anbar Province.” Did Obama slip up, or did he just confess to training only the ISIL forces based in Iraq and not jihadist militants all over the region? Here is a screenshot of the official transcript, released by The White House:

obamaAmerican Eagle Silver Coins Sold Out

The US Mint ran out of silver on the same day that the price of silver plunged to its lowest in 2015, on July 7th. What is the inventory buffer at the Mint if a modest 1.6 million ounces of silver sold in one week can deplete the Mint’s planned holdings for one entire month? How does an explicit confirmation of a surge in demand for silver result in a plunge in the price of spot silver to its lowest level of the year? Does Citigroup have anything to do with this? You must wonder…

Blood Moon Visible Only in America

On June 30th, the day that the US Supreme Court made same-sex marriages legal in the country, a surprise blood moon appeared in the sky, but was evident only in the United States. Was it an environmental effect caused due to large wildfires in Canada or was it God’s way of warning His people of persecution, hardships or major events that have occurred or are to come?

NASA To Use Nuclear Weapons to Save Earth

On June 8th, NASA announced that it knew of, “no asteroid or comet currently on a collision course with Earth,” and that, no large object is likely to strike the Earth any time in the next several hundred years.” On June 22nd, NASA and the National Nuclear Security Administration announced they are now working together on the possibility of destroying hazardous asteroids using nuclear weapons. Flabbergasted? So are we. What made NASA change its mind in just two weeks? Why is NASA adamant about wasting time, money and resources to work on a way to destroy asteroids that are not even threatening us? Is NASA hiding something?



Barack Obama’s 19 Secret Laws

On June 24th, we came to know that the US President Barack Obama has issued 30 Presidential Policy Directives (PPD) since 2009; 19 of which he has ordered to be kept secret from Congress and the general public. Extreme secrecy may seem like the easier short-term strategy, but hiding reality from a public that is going to find out eventually, is just making things worse. Why are the Americans being forced to obey secret laws that do not have approval by their elected representatives?

Pope Francis Calls for New World Order — Again

On July 8th, Pope Francis called for a new economic and ecological world order where everyone shares the goods of the Earth. “The goods of the earth are meant for everyone, and however much someone may parade his property, it has a social mortgage. The tapping of natural resources, which are so abundant in Ecuador, must not be concerned with short-term benefits. As stewards of these riches which we have received, we have an obligation toward society as a whole and toward future generations. We cannot bequeath this heritage to them without proper care for the environment, without a sense of gratuitousness born of our contemplation of the created world,” he told reporters. His criticism of the current world order did not go down well with critics who called him pure Marxist. Is he challenging the world’s leading capitalist powers because he is the last Pope before Christ’s return? We will have to wait and see.

Greece Strikes Deal Hard to Impose on People

Despite getting a ‘NO’ for a bailout in a nationwide referendum, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras proceeded to enact deep economic reforms and austerity measures – Pension cuts and higher taxes as well as the sale of some government assets – in lieu of a new $96 billion bailout from Europe. The bailout deal would push Greece deeper into recession, shaving at least another 3% off of the size of the Greek economy, which has already been reduced by a quarter (25%) since 2010. Tsipras’ failure to win any significant concessions, and agreeing to the creditors’ demands for more austerity in exchange for more loans, is going to cost him and the country dearly in near future.

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  1. I truly followed your posts and believed in their truth. Till now reading your post on marriage Equality. It struck me as odd to read what you have written. I’m a tad uncertain if it is purely propaganda or you believe in which you have responded to your so called 10 things to shake this world ! Given I believed you to be a voice for the honesty and rights of us people ? I’m struggling to understand why you believe marriage equality between humans is anything but deserved ? Surly there are other ” said threats ” than this crap !!!

    • Every man and woman can get married, that’s what marriage is, if your gay and want something similar your gonna have to invent it because it isn’t a traditional marriage.

    • Yep I am with you on that one Jodie. There is a tomne of suggestion that marriage equality is possibly a bad thing. I would like to know who makes up or guides the thinking of your group & how I can contribute. I believe there are some issues to do with poverty & equality that need developing, clear of all homophobia & with a much stronger spoken commitment to those in the developing world

  2. you got some facts flat out wrong. Please go recheck your dates and information as Anon is my go to for *Real Fact News* (and superheros) and I rely on Anon’s info for keeping the my corner of the world updated.

  3. What about in this midst of all this racism flag debate across the country over 30 MD have either been found murdered or(dead). Or the fact of something many of these doctors had in common such as the cause of autism… Mhm. Let thus wrath take par for the truth shall defy all lies covered.

  4. There is a thing called conversational hypnosis, after 17 hrs of talks in the greece/EU thingy the other day… suddenly greek prime minister walks out agreeing to all the demands of the creditors? Something here has gone awry

  5. are you actually believing that the blood moon was God showing his displeasure? And Obama’s secrets? Sounding like Internet Chronicles, a parody site trying to scare the bejeesus out of ignorant conspiracy theorists.

  6. Pope Francis Calls for New World Order — Again
    He`s not calling for the `New World Order`. That`s about corporatism. He`s talking about sharing the world`s resources more equitably, that`s all. No big conspiracy, just common sense. This odd assertion and the notion that you might believe in the second coming leaves me doubting you really represent Anonymous.

  7. You forgot that 4 Russian bombers with nuclear capabilities were intercepted off the coast of ca and the coast of Alaska on the 4th of july…….

  8. As smart as Anonynomous seem, this post is horrible. No reputable references (though you could probably use a search engine for some) to backed up apparent facts and a lot is opinionated. I can’t take anything from this post seriously.

  9. gay straight w.e it wont matter. what matters is that we are humans and soon we will all be judged. love everybody. judge no one. nobody but god can judge us


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