Someone Finally Explained How ISIS Was Created, and it Will Make You Question Everything


Written by: Ben Swann at ACTIVISTPOST


It is a fact the the leader of the world’s most feared terrorist group Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi rose from the US prison “Camp Bucca” in Iraq.

And in this episode of Truth in Media, Ben Swann explores the origin of ISIS that has already been long forgotten by American media. Swann takes on the central issue of whether or not ISIS was created by “inaction” by the United States government or by “direct” action.


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    • We couldn’t organize if we wanted to anyway. We’re dominated by minorities and people who don’t care about the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. The true Americans and Patriots of this country are the minority. Nobody has balls anymore and would rather be ruled by the Liberal Totalitarian state we’ve become.

      • you are a fucking bigot and a literal retard if you think a piece of paper has anything to do with the achievements of any peoples anywhere… in fact that indoctrinated bullshit is exactly the type of inherited propaganda that works against the growth and depth of our species… hence your literal retardation, fat sack billy goat muncher

        • Wow what a joke. You sir need to be deported and live somewhere else enjoy your freedoms cause that piece of paper is what gave them to you. And if it were up to me I’d send you to the front to die for that piece of paper.

        • Wow, seriously LEGION fuck off, GTFO. If you are a citizen then our school systems should be punished. I wish you would make a public statement like this with your face attached to it, some corners of this nation I think would opt to bring back public executions. Treasonous terrorist.

          • So…he is treasonous and should be executed because he exercises one of his rights outlined in that piece of paper to speak his mind without persecution? That is seriously screwed up that you would hold that document with such reverence and then ignore one of its fundamental precepts.

        • I’m a firm believer that if someone speaks out against that “piece of paper” that gives them the rights that they have, then they should be stripped of those rights for a while, just to give them a taste of what it would have been like without it.

      • It is so true and very sad that it’s came down to this. Just hearing you say that get’s me fired up…What happened to America?
        This is why I feel the government should not allow immigrants to migrate here, because of exactly what you said, none of them care
        about being American and what it means to be American, they don’t care about the constitution and the laws. Heck so many I have seen don’t even care about keeping our streets and yard’s clean from trash
        they empty trash in the gutters and throw it out windows leaving it. It’s terrible. I can just imagine how it will all look and be in another 20 yrs.. I can not believe this BS….

        • It was immigrants who wrote the constitution. If this land belongs to anyone, it should be the Natives of the Americas. Throughout the years, I’ve noticed that people who say or post ignorant comments are average Americans with little education.

          • if you actually paid attention to history instead of believing everything you see and what retards tell you history books are wrong and Europeans have been proven to be here 10,000 years before native Americans also the Japanese anchors off the west coast prove they were here before also how about the Mayans that got their clay off the coast of Georgia here before the native hows that for YOUR IGNORANT COMMENT .

        • I have met more foreigners and minorities who care about this country then i have people born and raised in it. If we are going to throw out minorities i would rather it be the vocal minority of hate and fear mongers like yourself who are quick to blame but poor at fixing anything.

          • Can’t anyone on the net try to day something constructive and not be bullied every time…
            It’s always like, I’m uncomfortable with you’re sensed (& and perhaps not complete vision) but I prefer to destroy you and stay in my little bubble than challenge myself and improve your answer…
            If you want to destruct people, go to a talk show, not in an activists group.
            This group is to discuss open horizons and build something together, not rewrite history and blame someone else.
            The future only depends on or currents little behaviors. Nothing else. So do something, do it with good intention to you and others and they will pay you back!

    • Your ignorance is shameful, stop reading bumper stickers and go look at what he’s done to recover our country.

        • Destroyed is what your life clearly is, and I’m sure it’s all President Obama’s fault. This is called a “fact”. People use facts to backup what they say or risk looking like absolute fucking morons like Chad Nudd and Concerned Vet, whom, btw, makes vets look great. Aren’t they supposed to represent America? Not talk shit about their commander-in-chief? Pride is apparently gone these days. No dignity at all and anonymous. Thanks for putting up the good fight anonymous keyboard warrior. Opend? Not a word. Master your tool before posting please. Thank you Obama lower gas prices, universal health care and for issuing the order to terminate Bin Laden. You know, just some of the things that pop into my mind when I think of how destroyed everything is:/

          • Obama is not a villain, just a man doing his job like any other schmuck. He did some bad, but he’s not a terrorist. He’s done some good, but he’s no hero. He’s merely doing what he thinks is right. Sometimes decisions turn out bad when we think they’re perfect. Oh and, by the way, Troll stomp, if you on’t like Not concerned vet and chad nudd’s posts then whoopdy doo. Nobody cares what you like, welcome to the internet where strangers can offend you and you can’t do anything about it.

          • It’s refreshing to see that not everybody is taken in by the Tea Party shills that are all over the internet trying to trash everything Obama has done by spouting lies and disinformation. I guess he had no chance with the reactionaries from the outset simply by virtue of being black. Whilst his presidency has been far from perfect he has at least made some attempts to bring about a more equitable society. Perhaps his biggest failing is in his inability to bring Israel to account for continued flagrant disregard of international law.

          • OK first of all he hasn’t lowered gas prices they go up and down all the time and always have and his health care was given only to help him, you will see why when he starts making all who have Obama care get chipped so the government can watch everyone.. He is a traitor period.. He has taken our constitutional rights away, our” one nation under God we stand “,even our national anthem out of schools. He has helped minorities entering our country against the law’s, taking job’s away from citizens to give to them. He is not caring that American pay out there taxes we work had for is funding to bring them here.. He does not fight for the American Citizens at all. what kind of a president do you think that is. My god if you can not expect your President to back it’s own citizen’s then wtf. And you say all the good he’s done, well it is nothing compared o the wrong and bad he’s done and still doing, what is wrong with you. It’s obvious open your eyes dude…..

          • Nothing Commander and Chiefly about him. He wishes to do away with the military. My gas prices are still in the $4 plus range in the leftist Democrat state of California. For the rest of you fracking (not for it) brought down gas prices, socialist heathcare destroyed family budgets and he had to have his arm twisted to let us kill Bin Laden. We could have done it the year before. What is there to be proud about? I do believe you are the Troll who lives to Stomp out the truth.

        • legislation on the banking industry stopping them from overdrafting my account without my permission, credit card reform, healthcare reform. I like these things, these things have specifically made my life ever so slightly better. He is not in any way perfect. He has yet to get in there with a big pen to stop constitutional breaches, and close the shame of america that is Gbay.

          • Does no one do research anymore? You’re more likely to listen to the media hacks who feed us lies and bullshit. The president is a representative, in other words, a puppet. He didn’t give jobs to immigrants, because I learnt (most likely every other company or business did too) that immigrants work harder for less. Americans want too much: unions, higher wages, vacation time and benefits.

      • For all those who like obama’s scrotum. Since when did we change presidential qualifications. When did we start allowing people with no military experience in office?

        • 75% of time since 1776 at war. Maybe they wanted to try something different? Nope, more war. Keep signing up and fighting though. Great idea

        • Was there ever a time that military service was a prerequisite for running for president? If so i need to have a chat with my civics teacher.

          • For the first century plus it was an unofficial prereq, skipping only a few like Lincoln, for example and that decision brought on Civil War.

        • Military experience has literally never been a qualification to become President, and those qualifications have never changed. If you’ve ever read the US Constitution, you’d know that.

          To become President, you must:
          – Be at least 35 years of age
          – Be a natural-born American citizen
          – Have lived in this country as a resident for at least 14 years.

      • Bush made more debt than every president before him, combined.
        Obama made more debt than every president before him, including Bush, combined.

        • To be fair to Obama, although I did not vote for him whatsoever, it’s not truly possible to recover from the debt disaster that erupted in Bush’s era (not his fault either). The debt had become so immense as to only cause itself to continue to increase. However I would cast blame on the last two decades of congress for inaction and inability to control the downward spiral of the economy as well as the public naivity due to lack of media coverage (and lack of self-education, because apparently in America people dgaf after highschool) on legislation passed back during i believe Reagan’s office. [i wish i could cite the legislation atm, on the wrong computer i’ll try to post a followup in a bit, but its referencing the destruction of the 401k system and people putting money into bonds/stocks throughout the last 20th ce,as well as the housing crisis which deepened 2008’s depression]

          • I would just like to add to the side topic of debt because America as a nation is in over 3 trillion dollars. its in this debt because when America’s economy collapses all the people will be “saved” by the government as they will introduce martial law stripping the people of every human right effectivly making them slaves if you read this research FEMA camps and have a look at the rows apon rows of stacks of plastic coffins designed for 5 people the government has stockpiled in locations all over America but the fun doesn’t stop there because I would very much like to say im glad I live in the uk but if America goes down so will everyone else so if you would prefer to have a life and not be killed or concentrated in FEMA camps then I think its time for a global revolution to abolish government and live in a society where we work together rather than pay for a group of people to control us. Thank you for your time.

      • Obama is a marionette in the play we all call our government. Obama didn’t do that shit. It only happened cuz they let him. Your retarded if you cant see that.

  1. I’m not necessarily questioning the veracity of the intent, or of Ben Swann but you lost me as soon as Faux News was quoted. Sources with integrity are needed.

    • What… Where is it being quoted? If you mean around 5:32, it’s just showing the words of John McCain. In this case it’s not surprising or even disappointing at all, but actually necessary to “quote” Faux News so as to show their lies and how little integrity they have.

    • Norm, Re-watch the video. You clearly weren’t paying attention or are just hesitant to throw aside your bias. they are exposing the lies promoted by fox news. fuck me its not rocket science…

    • I agree, the Islamic State is merely a title, ISIS is not Muslim. They are a collective terrorist cell, perhaps propagated by US disruption in the East, but nonetheless should not be used as negative media towards Islam. All religions have their terrorists, some are just given more media coverage; other became dominant countries early on and are now called first world *cough* catholic/christian based countries *cough*

  2. The point about FSA fighters are the biggest suppliers to ISIS is entirely false just look at the nationalities of the militants in ISIS 98% of them arent even syrian and before the war there were small amounts of foreigners of syria… All the new comers of isis are coming from jordan,iraq,pakistan,india,morocco,tunisia,algeria,libya (a humongous amount),tajikstan,kyrgyzstan,Afghanistan and eastern europeans
    Guys they are trying to put the blame on FSA while its not its fault. How can the FSA supply soldiers to ISIS if ISIS is its nemesis after the national syrian army and the shiite fighters
    The FSA is fighting ISIS,Syrian national army,Shiite militans (hezbollah and iranian militias and afghani militias) So please explain how the fuck does the FSA supply ISIS with fighters if they are fighting them everyday plus most of FSA’s controlled territory was taken by ISIS

    • I truly hope you’re referring to the American government and not the populous in general. We don’t all support what our government is up to….trust me.

      • America-bashing is fashionable and hip these days. It’s just a bandwagon that people like to jump onto without much thought. Don’t feed the troll.

        • History is repeating, oneday I’m sure we will be viewed like the Germans and Nazis. Which isn’t surprising due to our own history with that.

  3. Yeah, truth in media you are slightly wrong, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

    ISIL traces it’s history back to 1999 (please note: well before America actually invades Iraq and creates a power vacuum) under a Jordanian by the name of Zarqawi for the purposes of over throwing the king of Jordan (who they do not believe is Islamic enough) and conquering the Levant. Zarqawi then goes to Afghanistan after 9/11, makes buddies with Osama and then gets into the swing of things in Iraq after 2003.

    The point I’m trying to make here is that these guys are achieving the goals they set for themselves before 9/11 and before the 2003 invasion of Iraq. One might call that an agenda.

  4. Bush caused all this with his Republican rich mates and their narrow minded in bread mentality. The Bush family should have all their assets frozen and used to fund the fix of the hell he created!

    • Remember George Bush the 2nd created and executedo the world Trade disasters he should die for his actions and so of his rest of his family’s

  5. The only ones trying to destroy people groups are ISIS. What is Swann saying? Just leave ISIS alone and they’ll go away? Funny how his remarks suggesting this at the end of the video were dubbed over images of scores of people lying face down in a ditch and ISIS preparing to slaughter them.

  6. We have been creating our own enemies in the Middle East for decades. Ronald Reagan provided so much support, training, arms, and funding to the Taliban, he basically helped to found it. He also helped make a terrorist kingpin out of Osama bin Laden. Daddy Bush’s interventionism in Iraq helped bolster Al Qaeda. Dubya dragged us into a decade-long quagmire in Iraq and Afghanistan all based on lies and personal revenge, and both Dubya providing arms to Syrian rebels helped create ISIS.

    If we had treated the 9/11 attacks as a criminal act of mass murder rather than an act of war, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in today. By torturing and holding people indefinitely with neither trial nor charge, we are giving Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and ISIS a cause to fight against us. By trying the ones we actually manage to put on trial in military tribunals instead of criminal courts, we are giving them the honor of calling them “soldier.”

    We are handing to our enemies on a silver platter exactly what they want: Legitimacy.

    • I feel they couldn’t or shall I say wouldn’t charge them with criminal acts of mass murder because it was our government that orchestrated the 911 attacks that’s why.. Way to much evidence proving this, that’s what caused this. Their being blamed for it and so much more.

  7. All this stuff in the end over greed america still wants oil i bet at there so try hard nonegotiable price and the arabs will defend it . I hav known this all along as much as the world and population still wants to try bend the situation so we see it there way ???Come on for fuk sake like the blind will lead the blind and it takes a sheapard to lead the flock . So as much as you want to call it what they want america is a greedy fucken pig that wants wants wants . now now now and every body can get down down down because its mine mine mine all mine.Muwhahahaa Greedy fucken pigs your just after oil in the end like you havent got enough allready

  8. This report is riddle with factual errors to reach the reporters false conclusions. Ben Swann cannot be taken seriously with all these factual mistakes.

    @3:46 “In 2009, ISIS began focusing on the Civil War in Syria” FALSE. Protests and Civil War in Syria did not start till 2011.

    @6:07 “Israel and Jordan provides weapons to the Free Syrian Army” LOL, FALSE, Totally.

    @6:33 “Weapons given to rebels made their way to ISIS fighters” FALSE, ISIS’s American weapons actually came from the Iraqi army that dropped their weapons and ran in Mosul, Iraq. Not from Syrian Rebels.

    @6:36 “ISIS fighters come from the Free Syrian Army” Wrong Again, Majority of ISIS fighters are not even Syrian.

    @6:53 “FSA Joins ISIS” Just because you grab some headline from an unknown website, doesn’t make it true. FSA did not join ISIS and fights against ISIS everyday. ISIS kills more FSA members than any other group.

    @7:07 “ISIS trained by US forces” LOL, this is ridiculous, how is this guy even credible??? Name one ISIS fighter trained by the USA?

    @8:44 “ISIS sells much of its oil to Turkey” Actually, most of the oil that ISIS sells, it sells to the Assad regime in Syria, you know, the regime that has killed over 200,000 people in 4 years. Here is a real news story “”

    @9:35 “FSA one of the biggest suppliers of fighters and weapons to ISIS” Again, this is completely false, FSA battles ISIS on daily basis, they are the only ones actually fighting ISIS in Syria. See above.

    @9:39 “US sent Anti-aircraft missiles to FSA”. This has never actually happened, but it should, it will save thousands of lives if the FSA gets Anti-aircraft weapons, so they can shoot down Assad’s planes that are dropping barrel bombs on innocent civilians, killing thousands per month.

    @10:05 If FSA and other vetted rebel groups got anti aircraft weapons, I am pretty sure they would target Assad’s MIG fighter jets and helicopters (funded by Iran, maintained by the Russia) that are killing thousands of civilians each month.

    @11:24 “our government trained rebel fighters in Syria that became ISIS” Completely false, there is not one shred of evidence of this at all. I challenge Swann to show any evidence of this.

    Ben Swann, you should really do your research instead of talking to two people who are known to be against the Syrian Freedom movement. You have made so many factual mistakes, its hard to take you as a serious journalist.

    • Even Assad regime media is more subtle than this;and that’s saying a lot.
      Ben your a special kind of shameless scumbag

  9. Some of the comments here are so stupid, it makes my head want to explode. Obama’s bots are plenty and as dumb as dirt if they can’t see what the TRAITOR Bush and Obama have done to this country. Aiding and abetting the enemy anyone? Giving billions to crony capitalists? Making laws at a whim? NSA? Patriot Act? Most people are so caught up in the paradigm shuffle, and totally blind to the bigger picture that an Orwellian society is just around the corner, thanks to Bush and Obama. They are ALL owned by Banksters, Oligarchs, and special interest. Do you ever hear anything about Rothschild? Can you see Rothschild? The Illuminati is real and so are their handlers, the House of Rothschild. Their agents operate by means of bribes, blackmail, and murder. Why wouldn’t one think these activities are involved when our politicians do the seemingly idiotic things they do. Executive Order 11110 got Kennedy killed? Why were all the oligarchs of Corporate America not in the building on 9/11. I am an American patriot, who is proud and loves his country, but shamed by the government we currently have.

    • @Butterbean
      Holy shit dude(tte). I’m fairly certain that I might never have actually come across such a wealth of information and insight into our current situation, if this wasn’t dropped right into my lap. Quite the lengthy read, but WOW, this explains a LOT! Just wanted to say thank you and encourage others to at least peruse that rOThsCHilD link (s)he left. It’s a doozy!

      • Orthodox Jews tend to not be Zionist. Many of them are against Zionism. So maybe you know something I don’t. But if you’re judging that guy by his choice of clothing… there’s a large chance he is no Zionist.

  10. Wow – this is quite an active group. Anyone up for a debate? I have a question that I haven’t been able to find an answer for, and I’ve been asking people for quite some time now. I figured that since everyone here has an opinion and an answer to everyone else’s comments, it might be a good place to ask. According to Merriam-Webster, the definition for a NATIVE is “born in a particular place”. Now from the same source, the definition for an AMERICAN is “a person born, raised, or living in the U.S.” Now obviously I didn’t have to look them up to know what they mean, but based on what you see here, even though my ancestors came in from Italy, I was born in the U.S., and I was raised and have always lived in the U.S. Does that, or does that not constitute me being a Native American? Please explain why you think it either does or does not. Thanks!!

      • yes indeed you’re very right..native americans can be called only the indians..and some illiterate people need to know the difference between you’re and your…

        • Because if you spell “your” wrong it may breaks the Internets and destroy the universe. Get a life. Somehow I think there are slightly bigger things in the world to be getting upset about

    • The correct term now is American Indian and regardless no. It goes of your Origin of descent, Your Italian.

      • Everywhere in the world when you say you were born in USA you will be considered American, not Italian. Italian is a person who was born and raised in Italy, who knows fluent Italian. I don’t get how people say oh, I’m Irish and were born in Tenesesse. Having grandparents from Italy doesn’t make you Italian. Italian is nationality that is either obtained by immigration and naturalization or determined by place of birth being in Italy. When I’m born in France, I’m french regardless of my ancestors or skin color.

        • He’s an actually is an Italian he’s an Italian American. He descended from Italian Heritage therefore making him Italian regardless.

        • that is bullshit… are the same nationality as your ancestors etc etc…if your parents are french and you were born in africa, will you consider yourself an african? or if living in russia, a russian?

    • It does make you a native American, but not an Aboriginal American, which is what the term ought to be, anthropological speaking.

    • No. You are not a Native American. You have confused “native” with a small “n” and “Native American” with a big “N”. You are a native American, but not a Native American. “Native American” is a label given to American citizens of a specific ethnic background. Now, I suspect you knew that already knew that… but there will always be some nudge, trying to be funny

      • Yes!!! Nailed it

        No. You are not a Native American. You have confused “native” with a small “n” and “Native American” with a big “N”. You are a native American, but not a Native American. “Native American” is a label given to American citizens of a specific ethnic background. Now, I suspect you knew that already knew that… but there will always be some nudge, trying to be funny

    • If you leave American then your native American…. While in American your whatever your ancestors were….also I feel depending on how many generations your bloodline has been here you might just be an American at this point…example my father only knows he’s Irish and Italian because of his fathers last name (was changed from albanise to mcnulty) however he has no idea where his mother came from her family has always been here….now my mothers side of the family all came over from Poland during WWII

    • Not Native American but a citizen of the U.S. I am 1/2 indigenous but born a citizen. Native indicates being born to one the 500 nations

    • My grandparents were born in Italy and immigrated here through Ellis Island. I’m a red blooded American. Second generation Italian American. I know where my ansectors came from and what I am.

    • First American is a general term. There is North, central, and South America. All those Canadians, Mexicans well they are Americans too. Now a United States native you are. A Native of your State you are.

    • Because you were born here,this is therefore your native country of birth. That’s what makes you a native of America.You can call yourself a native american,if you so choose

  11. What is the next step? Yes, the U.S. funded and eventually eliminated these foreign radicals and terrorist. What this report failed to mention: in 2008 the U.S. detained the leader of ISIS in Iraq. Question comes to mind: if we cut off the head of the snake, does ISIS disappear?

  12. To end this, the continents of north america and south america, is collectively known as the americas. a native of a particular land is, the very first ethnic group living there, thus native american, refers to the aboriginals from the canadian arctic, down to the most southern point of chille.

  13. Shame on you for omitting the Tehran regimes incredibly instrumental role in all of this. The martyred and murdered will not forget,not forgive,never rest till all liars and apologist of this slaughter are revealed and brought to justice.

  14. All of you have it wrong! As usual you Albino, genetic, mutants try and leave out the contributions that Black Africans made in the building of Earth. Africans were here long before the American Indians, or anyone else. You can see their presence by looking at the stone statues in Central and South America.

    First Americans were Black Not Indians/Native Americans, or Asian People

  15. ImHotep,

    It is simply incredible to see so many unattractive, or average looking females with long, thick hair down to their buttocks!! All of these genetically defective people are dedicated to meeting and breeding with men from families like mine who are free of physical deformities and mental illness This cosmetic surgery mess, and weaves, extensions, wigs and all other forms of trickery are destroying the healthy gene pool in this country. When someone with AIDS sleeps with a healthy person, the healthy person contracts AIDS and dies. They don’t cure the infected person. The same goes for all of these people with physical gross defects who try and cure them by marrying normal people. Also females need to immediately STOP doing any sort of illegal drug, and legal ones whenever possible while they are pregnant. There are far to many babies being born with attention deficit disorders, Down syndrome and other catastrophic conditions. These children are not normal, and we should not spend so much money trying to turn america upside down to accommodate the handicapped.
    Finally Donald Trump,Mexicans have a right to be in America since most of the Southwest was stolen from them. My problem with immigration is that the large majority of Hispanics are coming from Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, San Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. These countries do not have the same violent history with America that America does and they have no right to be running across the border by the millions bogging down the American economy and bringing in more uneducated, and criminal minded people. All this is doing is making the rich richer, and pushing African Americans down to the bottom of the well, where their needs are NOT being heard and attended to. This is a recipe for internal destruction of this great country!! HEAR ME!!


  16. This is nothing to do with the USA, they are mere puppets to the people in control. The people in control are the ones who control the money, ie the people who own the federal reserve… the banks.

    It really is not complex, and has been going on for such a long time. There are even theories that say the 2nd World War was simply a profit making sheme for the banks. Most of the EU were in some form of debt at the end of that war and guess who to.

    To manufacture weapons there needs to be a demand, if there is no war there is no demand.

    Why do videos like this simply ignore the real cause, if the banks did not control the purse strings of the USA then i am quite sure the USA would not be going to war every ten seconds.

  17. Maybe this is a US-media problem, but much of this seems either glaringly obvious or just very old news, from a UK perspective?

    Anyway I think the FSA/ISIL comments (in the video) need to be a bit more nuanced .. or have a bit more context? It sounds, from the video, as if the FSA are somehow co-operating as some kind of policy with Daesh/ISIL, but that totally distorts things I feel .. this is a multi-sided civil war, with temporary ‘alliances’ forming & then dissolving all over the place, depending on who’s seen as the most immediate threat at any one time. So examples of co-operation between otherwise warring sides (FSA & ISIL) has to be seen in that context; it’s a bit more subtle than the video seems to be saying, in other words.

  18. Why does US keep funding IS? I’ll tell you why! It would be too expensive to take everyone home. This is old news.. I truly hope IS invades the US instead of killing humans. But first bring back the holacaust! Death to Americ & the Jews !

  19. 30 years war to clear out a bunch of amateur murderous beheading criminals, yea right! It took 4 years to clear out the Nazi’s with their weaponry as sophisticated as the major powers off the time, the nazi ‘s could arguably have the most sophisticated weaponry yet it took 4 years to clear them out. When the US or other major powerpowers are ready to take action against isis, they would clear them out in a matter of weeks.

  20. Guys are you grade schoolers??..Native american with the capital n is the americans whose ethnic to america. And also if your folks are italian and you are italian and you are born and living in usa therefore you are italian,which is an american first about citizenship kiddos. Bunch of uneducated fools who act like they know everything

  21. Even native Americans weren’t born in the Americas.. they were Asians that walked across the “ice bridge” go further back and learn that all human beings originated in Africa… probably near Ethiopia. Go further back and see we all came from the garden and Adam and Eve. There are no true natives. Therefore go where you will. And treat the land you are “borrowing” from God or Mother Nature or Zeus or whoever you believe gave it to us to use, well.

  22. How come noone looked into Operation Hornet’s Nest? Snowden revealed this a while back. It was a plan by the Mossad, MI6 and CIA to create a group that would cause so much raucous in Iraq and Syria it would take the light off of Israel’s ethnic cleansing campaign, allow the US a new way back in and have Arab countries and international media focus on that raucous.

    It’s no secret that Israel is not only providing them with weapons and training, they are also treating their injured in Israeli hospitals.

    Has no one noticed how the biggest warmonger in the region, Israel, has completely and utterly gone untouched while these pieces of feces go around slaughtering Muslims and Christians like cattle? That’s also the most favorite thing in the world for Israel to do.

    When facing a new enemy, a wise general would know who it’s friends are by those it doesn’t attack.

  23. Since man was first able to speak, there have been wars of faith. This one is nothing different from the last thousand.
    What’s next? A war against pastafarians because of the size of their gods meat balls in comparison to to those of a Cat cult? Ridiculous.

    Regardless of where you live all these people on all sides want is peace. Let’s use the Pakistani town of Gilgit as an example.
    Let’s say a rebel uprising of indian anarco liberals rises up and take the town of Gilget away from the Gilget guard and overthrows their current government. The reason being they didn’t like the laws in the town and couldn’t get them to. Now since only part of Gilget is okay with anarco liberal policys, the rest get upset and the cycle continues.

    TLDR: it matters no who is in charge, there will always be a disgruntled few. Sometimes that few becomes many, and many is a big problem to solve without “removal “

  24. WTF is actually happening ? Religion or atrocities based on “religion” , are we not humans? one step up from animals we have emotions , STOP , the world is a big enough place for us all to co-exist , without prejudice and hate , respect each others faith but please don’t force choices on people

  25. I’m so tired of all this US bullshit. No, ISIS is a group of extremists, like all of them. They simply come up with the “OH KUFFAR YOU SHOULD DIE” bullshit and start to kill us, in Europe AND America with their fucking bombers and “refugees”.

  26. As an Indian and stranger I find it a propaganda spreading, Target audience being Americans against Obama administration to make his image bad so that Ron Paul could contend for Presidential Election’s.

  27. Acting against Government is tempting since it fills the void among ourselves to be revolutionary, but joining the Army being leader’s and fighting Terror is what this wonderful group should aim to be. Your potential is greater than simply acting against Government’s.

  28. I’m a fan of Ron Paul, and I can’t stand Graham or McCain however this report is very inaccurate. One of the problems that this report doesn’t mention is that the real heads of ISIS are actually former Iraqi Baathists. Saddam was a problem in the region and was destabilizing the region before we went in. In fact many countries, although publicly denounced the US invasion, pushed for action…Saddam was planning a to start an insurgency with neighbors and was revamping WMD programs which is why many Soldiers during the invasion got chemical burns. Russia gave us intel on this and behind close doors supported our involvement in Iraq but as we see today Russia with the help of Iran and Syria helped insurgents during the war to weaken us politically so that they may step in and take control as a power in the region replacing us. There was no real power vacuum in Iraq. What happened was foreign insurgents came in and fought along tribal lines but during the surge many Iraqi insurgents such sons of Baghdad turn and fought along side the coalition… I don’t agree with the direct invasion of Iraq but or the management of the war at the beginning, but to suggest that Saddam was actual stabilizing the region is inaccurate. Many Baathists left to Syria with WMDs prior to the invasion which is where they began. The other problem with this story is that ISIS did not and doesn’t work with FSA. They actually got their weapons in Lybia during the civil war and later from abonded Iraqi army weapons left behind. The embassy in Benghazi was actually a CIA base where they were giving weapons to Lybian Rebels.. During that war operatives on the ground told the Obama administration to stop sending weapons until they can sort out who was good and who were Flickers of Alqaeda. The adminstration ignored them and then at the end lost those weapons which ended up in Syria. Also the attack in Benghazi was with American weapons which is why Clinton and Obama tryed to cover it up…during the Iraq war Russia used it as a proxy to push us out so they can make a power play as they are today their motive is to cause us to go through what the Soviet Union went through in the early 90s..they funded many of the same groups we fought in Iraq through Syria and Iran. When we pulled out ISIS started as Daesh part of FSA but broke away and began fighting FSA.Today FSA and Kurdish groups are fighting ISIS. But this is really a proxy war between Saudis and Iran. Iran has and its equivalent in the Saudi peninsula called Houthi Army. Houthi along with Mahdi Army and Hezbollah are fighting ISIS with our weapons… Not smart on the part of the US. But many inaccuracies in this report.

  29. Let’s have a goal, The solution is to close down all manufacturing weapon factories, get rid forever of all weapons in America, Europe, Russia, Japan, in the entire world! Let only noble, moral, ethical university Philosophy graduates be the new leaders. Abolish all religions! Which only create hate, separation, and judgment. Let’s seek only peace, harmony among all children of the future.

  30. I just see that this all is good for US….if it will be the war the US economy will rise, if the Europe will be destroyed they will win, think about it…politics, economy…I don`t believe this all mess….it is just a cinema for whole the world and we don`t see what`s behing the scene….they blame us all…they are following some goal

  31. Obama did say he was going to fundamentally change America! So why are we surprised and upset? Americans did put obama into office.


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