10 Safest Countries If World War 3 Breaks Out

IF World War 3 ever breaks out, you will be pleased to hear there are some countries in the world you could seek refuge away from the conflict.


Although World War III is something that nobody wants, it can certainly be helpful to think in advance about which are the safest countries.

Some of the countries are island nations with political neutrality, meaning the chance of them being invaded are low. Others are listed highly on the World Peace Index, while other nations are so small with a tiny population, combatants may not find any reason to invade at all. Here are the top 10 safest countries if World War 3 did break out.

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  1. Hi, For those believing this country New Zealand is paradise think again. With 6 million cows and unlimited sheep our rivers and lakes are not safe to use. Our politicians are like all the rest of the world’s, gutless and in the thrall the moneymen. We won’t talk about the racial problems…

    • Sounds like you would be at home in the US with all these pathetic, whining, ungrateful lefties that somehow don’t realize how GOOD we have it. And I am speaking of those of US in the western countries, NZ included….. would you care to live life say a few hundred years ago? Or how about North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Venezuela… and I could go on to list about 90 percent of the rest of the world. Wake up and realize nothing is perfect and understand what you DO have.

  2. That’s not gonna happen. China is a traitor country. It will invade those countries at will. China is the dragon country mentioned in the Bible. It is a devil country.

    • In my opinion, if you open the history book, China is a peace loving nation that has never started war on any country throughout history. Prove me wrong.
      But if President Trump provokes them, they are not afraid to retaliate. The choice is in his hand.

      • Bill Chow, what have you done to Tibet? Peace loving? No no no. China is the biggest problem on earth at this moment. Drugs came from China, Fake items came from China, everything illegal in commerce is done by Chinese. China provokes other Asian countries. You do not start a war but you are provoking. Chinese really are the Sick men of Asia before. Now they are the sick men of the world! Say Im a racist but chinese deserves that. Chinese are for some reason the menace of the world for it’ actions these days. Shame!

      • The minute Trump was elected I had a horrible feeling that he would be the start of World War 3. I am still very afraid. I hope I’m not the only one that feels this way. If he gets re-elected the world is f*****

      • Shutup China is one of the worst country in asia, China ruining HongKong, China fucked Tibbet, China Accuqired AskiaChin in India. China Helping Pakistan for Terrorism activities. lmfao The only country that has never started fight proactively is India. From last 1000 years, India has never invaded a country or started a fight. SHAME On your knowledge and your education

      • China attacked India, Viet Nam and recently tried to seize Bhutanese territory. Let us not forget occupied Tibet, outer Mongolia and eat Turkestan.

  3. Singapore, more or less like Malta, Switzerland and Fiji, is resource-deficient, small and a fortress too, yet inexplicably you have left it out from your list of 3rd World War Safe Countries ! Clearly its non-neutrality in potential conflicts seems to have been a criteria for your deliberate exclusion !

  4. I don’t know about Malta. Powers may not nuke it, but the island is an important strategic location in the Mediterranean. It certainly got hammered in World War II when the Axis tried to take it.

  5. Only under the WINGS of GOD are you safe by being BORN AGAIN.
    Only one name under Heaven can we be SAVED by is JESUS YESHUA as he Sits next to his Heavenly Father YHVH.

  6. No any country will be safe in work war 3 , radiation of nuclear war will be eeverywhere, hhheee maybe safe is only Haven, I discovered we human are not so smart as we think, we will destroy ourselves , only small maionrity knows the truth but can’t do much, in the world is simulation, and no true reality that we live not good tomorrow,s world, I hope we will survive and hope for new generation maybe will be smarter than us now, greetings for better tomorrow

  7. The only country will be safe is Ethiopia because it is protected by Jesse Christ if you remember history when Italy and Britain coming to colonised Ethiopians didn’t have any heavy guns and no technology but they win the war By the help of Jesus Christ he sending his soldiers like sent Giorgi’s so in this case Ethiopia is the most safe country in the world.

  8. I think India is safe and peaceful country but the biggest problem is that idiot Pakistan and China because India has good relationship with all country and nation except that two

  9. The only territory which is safe is found in Genesis 15 :18 ,moreover God wants to get lead off unchristian people from that land because its not theirs and so the war is the sign for soon coming pre-1000 years of earth darkness. And peace ll be only there.I’m afraid I have given much….

  10. Guess what doesn’t care about secludedness? That’s right nuclear fallout. If a WW3 breaks out it will be all the big nations bombing each other and the rest of the world falling with them, no matter if they were involved or not.

  11. Pakistan won 1965 war against india but remember they didnt started it.. Same happened in 1971 india attacked again pakistan lost Bangladesh which is now independent country india even didnt won that war or any area.. Now indians are killing lot of innocents in kashmir.. As far as china is concerned they are doing whats better for them they are not with either nation.

    • Pakistan has not won any war with India to date and started all. They were also backed by USA and China. Get your facts correct.

  12. yeah wel for the planet it be better like 3 big ass nukes and though i don’t wish pain or death to any population in particular to anybody. Xept them greedy puppetmasters at the top. Imagine there’d be a few thousand years of silence first.

  13. too many allah akbars, pakis and other sub-races losing their shit in the chat LOLOL.

    Oh and Fuck China, Fuck it all at this rate. -troll face-


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