10 Worst Food Companies that are Poisoning You Daily and Lying About It


Written by Op-Ed by Jake Anderson at theantimedia.org



Much of the mainstream American food supply is laden with unhealthy additives, artificial flavorings, coloring, dyes, preservatives, hormones, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and toxins. Not everyone agrees that GMOs have been proven harmful to humans, which is why the food chains listed here were selected specifically because they are responsible for a wide variety of health violations—the GMOs and their concealment from public knowledge are included for informational purposes.

As with all things, I urge you to read with your head on a swivel, adjusting your worldview based on new information.

#1: ConAgra Foods

ConAgra—whose brands include Hunt’s, Healthy Choice, Marie Callender’s, Orville Redenbacher, Slim Jim, Reddi-wip, Egg Beaters, Hebrew National, P. F. Chang’s, and Bertolli—labels many of their products under the confidence-inspiring statement of “made with all natural ingredients.” Their slogan, “Making the food you love,” is equally charming and disingenuous. Unless you contextualize them in a world of Orwellian doublespeak, these statements are the antithesis of truth. ConAgra was found guilty of “health code violations and bacterial contaminations at its food processing facilities, which have endangered consumers and in some cases been linked to deaths.” They’ve also concealed the use of GMOs in their products and practice unethical factory-farm sourcing.

In 2003, it was revealed that for two years, ConAgra had been poisoning Americans with E.coli-tainted beef, which the USDA was complicit in covering up.

#2: General Mills

Trisodium Phosphate (also known as TSP) is an additive and flavor enhancer found in thousands of frozen and processed foods, including kids’ cereals. It also happens to be an ingredient that was used in industrial cleaners—that is, until the EPA declared it unsafe for human exposure. Still, that doesn’t stop General Mills from using it. It’s okay, though, because GM states: “In our food products we use very small amounts [of TSP]”. Phew! Only a small amount of poison, thank God!

Up until just this year, General Mills’ foods also used BHT, or butylated hydroxytoluene, which animal tests have proven to be toxic.

General Mills has also come under fire for the widespread use of GMOs in nearly all of its foods. The company actively lobbies against any required labeling of GMO ingredients and it spreads disinformation concerning the safety of GMOs.

#3: Kraft Foods

There’s a reason why Kraft’s Mac N’ Cheese has such a beautifully golden hue to it: it’s the artificial coloring agentYellow No. 6, which has been linked to hyperactivity, asthma, skin conditions and even cancer. In 2013, Kraft bowed to pressure and removed the artificial coloring, but tens of thousands of people have already consumed their products. Kraft also hides the presence of GMOs in their foods while actively fighting against regulations to require the labeling of these potentially dangerous ingredients. And, of course, their highly processed, pre-packaged products contain high amounts of fat, sugar and sodium.

Oh, and one last thing: as of March 18th, 2015, Kraft was in the process of recalling 6.5 million boxes of Mac N’ Cheese because some of them contained fragments of metal.

#4: Heinz

Heinz recently lost a lawsuit over false advertising. They’ve been busy lying to the public by labeling products made from GMOs as all natural. Whether you tolerate GMOs in your food or not, the fact is that this company has a proven track record of lying to the public.

Furthermore, Heinz products contain the following ingredients: tomato concentrate made from non-organic tomatoes, distilled vinegar, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), corn syrup, salt, and variety of spices and flavorings. Each squirt of that classic ketchup contains pesticides, HFCS (a neurotoxin), a particularly unhealthy type of sugar, and table salt, which dehydrates the body and depletes minerals.

You don’t have to stop eating ketchup—just switch to a healthy organic brand. The same goes for all of these foods.

#5: Campbell’s Soup Company

Is it a prerequisite for success that all large food companies must actively lie to their customers? Campbell’s soup, forever emblazoned in our minds by Andy Warhol’s iconic prints, has been a staple in most American homes for decades. Unfortunately, Campbell’s has been sued for hiding the presence of GMOs and for labeling foods as low-sodium when they contain as much salt as regular products. The average cup of Campbell’s soup contains a staggering 850mg of sodium. Unless that’s your only major meal of the day, consuming it means you’re risking heart attacks, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Just as importantly, if not more so, is the fact that for many decades, Campbell’s has lined its epoxy-resin cans with the toxic chemical, bisphenol A (BPA). “BPA has been linked in lab studies to breast and prostate cancer, infertility, early puberty in girls, type-2 diabetes, obesity, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder,” according to Breastcancerfund.org. Only recently did the company finally bow to pressure and phase BPA out of its production.

#6: Coca-Cola

Does this really surprise anyone? By this point, you should be aware of the myriad health problems that Coca Cola and Diet Coca Cola cause, but sometimes it’s helpful to break it down to the specifics. Coca Cola has over a half dozen chemical additives that are detrimental to your health: E150D, a food coloring agent; E952, or Sodium Cyclamate, a synthetic sugar substitute that was actually banned by the FDA in 1969 and then inexplicably reinstated by WHO a decade later; E950, or Acesulfame Potassium, which is 200 times sweeter than sugar, very addictive, and is bad for the cardiovascular and nervous system; E951, or aspartame, a sugar substitute that has been linked to brain tumors, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), epilepsy, Graves’ disease, chronic fatigue, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, mental deficiency and tuberculosis; E338, or Orthophosphoric Acid, which can cause irritation of the skin and eyes; and E211, or Sodium Benzoate, a compound that, according to one study, damages human DNA.

#7: Nestlé

Nestlé is one of three companies using GMOs in their infant formula. Okay, so maybe you want to trust corporate-paid scientists about the safety of GMOs— but Nestlé also has the additional track record of using traces of the industrial poison melamine. For context, this is the same chemical that sickened at least 50,000 Chinese infants in 2008.

Purina, which is owned by Nestlé, also had a lawsuit filed against it for the use of propylene glycol, a known animal toxin and component of automotive antifreeze in its dog food. After over 3,000 dogs became ill, Purina responded on its website that propylene glycol is “an FDA-approved food additive that is also in human foods like salad dressing and cake mix.” How reassuring.

#8: Kellogg’s

Kellogg’s has been the target of a nationwide ban over GMOs after spending over $1,012,552 on pro-GMO, anti-organic media propaganda in California, Washington, and Oregon in order to defeat GMO labeling initiatives. Did the nationwide ban impact Kellogg’s corporate ethos? Unfortunately, the company actually doubled down and its products now contain 100% GMO corn that contains traces of glyphosate and BT toxins.

#9: PepsiCo

Following the lead of Coca Cola, Pepsi vowed to changed its formula after a California law mandated acarcinogen warning for soft drinks. Nevertheless, the vast majority of Pepsi still contains 4-methylimidazole, or 4-Mel, which has been linked to cancer in humans.

Another major opponent of GMO labeling laws, PepsiCo invests millions in celebrity endorsements to make sure you don’t equate their products with obesity, diabetes or cancer. A 2014 study has shown Pepsi has even more sugar fructose than previously believed.

#10: Hershey’s

Along with many other chocolate companies, Hershey’s was recently found to have unsafe levels of lead—which can lead to neurological damage and learning disabilities—as well as cadmium, which can cause reproductive harm and damage to the kidneys, liver, and bones.

Additionally, Hershey’s has spent more than a million dollars to make sure you can’t be certain whether or not the candies you are eating contain GMOs. Their most popular treats contain many modified ingredients, a fact they obviously hope stays unknown.


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  1. Organic all the way.

    Make your food your self all the way.

    Throw your Iphone out, and buy a old brik one that is harder to trace and spy on you. Nokia 3310 is perfect haha. You can even drop it in water or the floor and it will survive.

    Time to go old school.

    • I have the exact same question. While I do make a lot myself, things like ketchup and a cola zero are just practical and tasty once in a while.

  2. So what are we supposed to eat? After all, these 10 companies make almost every single food that we can obtain! Especially when you look at all the “food Deserts” that exist in America that only have “convenience stores that ONLY stock items made by these folks! You will also note that these corporations also control or supply most of the “fresh produce” that can be found on grocery shelves.

    • Go to a halal (Muslim) market if you have any near you, places like NYC, Buffalo, NY, Detroit, MI, a lot of cities in Texas are likely to have these. Kosher stores are a good option as well, religiously, Muslims and Jews can’t consume a lot of this stuff so you are more likely to find healthier food options,their meat is ALWAYS free range and free of all the crap in the regular stuff you find at the store, this is what I do!

      • It’s everywhere. Nestle, Coca cola etc etc.. they have smaller branches but they are still owned by them. Even the worst cola that you could buy with a logo “COLA” could be coca colas and use whatever hasn’t been used for their main product.

        I once tried a smaller brand and it was not as tasty. Makes you think big brands use agents to have 200 times more of a sweet taste while making you sick.

        • How about not drinking COLA in the first place. How about water, or milk or freshly squeezed orange juice. Buy a juicer and make your juice. Or just change poisons – drink whiskey. Or vodka.

  3. It might be a hassle to so often read/hear about being mindful of what you eat…but there is just so much on the line with the foods we buy and consume. Not only the health of ourselves, and our babies, but literally the health of Earth…its all connected to GMO’s, monsanto, our water’s poisoning w/pesticides, corporate farming, health care — all of it directly based on what we buy and eat. Sure, coke is yummy, but the shit is poison! And, coke has literally gunned down Indigenous workers in their factories. coke kills – no lie.

  4. Sort of on the subject, but if you have space in your yard for growing your own food, there are sites where you can buy heirloom seeds. Kinda depressed me when you couldn’t buy watermelons without seeds. Took all the fun out of watermelons for me.

  5. Yay for sheep’s making articles for other sheep’s who think they are above others but in fact aren’t.

    GMO is not a bad thing, a banana is a GMO. Stop thinking its a bad word, if they feed you garbage that makes you ill that’s one thing, but it has NOTHING to do with what GMO is.

    Just because its modified it doesn’t make it bad for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sH4bi60alZU

  6. We are all to late, the GMO’s are coming and have been coming for a decade now. Our food is heavily controlled by 6-8 companies that dont give a shit about you welfare. Chance are that you are more worth to them sick then healthy since most of these companies are chemical industries with a foot inside the pharmaceutical industry. I’m surprised this is even legal. Also many of these companies have been investing in water supplies for quiet some time now, nestle and coca-cola in particularly, so yeah let’s see what happens when the water in your tap are provided by nestle, the company with the CEO that believes water is not a human right and should be privatized. Guess their soft drinks will be cheaper then water like in some african countries that the operate today.

  7. they get you hooked onto their products so it becomes difficult to avoid, even after you find out it’s poisionious to your health

  8. This whole list is a crap! Sorry anonymous but I gotta say it.. This all list is a bullshit.. You have no idea what you even written above. Things you wrote which cause cancer, hyperactivity etc. all are certified by EFSA or FDA.
    NO government wants their citizens to get cancer! No because they think you should be healthy! Because this is the biggest burden to Health system!
    I work in Food Quality Assurance ( no in a company ), all stuff you wrote above actually very healthy… SO stop bullshitting!

    • You’re either a corporate shill or complete tool. Go on a steady, exclusive diet of the products mentioned about and repost in 6mos… if you’re still alive.

    • Burdon on governments… ha ha ha. We pay the governments with our taxes – it does not affect them one bit. They are also too mind-numb to know what research is real unbiased research and what is not. France is an exception at the moment banning Round Up. Even if it ends up being safe (which I highly doubt), I’d rather not take the risk. Just look at history and how often our governments we are meant to trust got it completely wrong.

    • I would like to tell you the sorry truth of the health care system. The health care industry is a business they make money off your suffering.

  9. Well at this rate I’ll from the items in the food or I’ll die because I have nothing to eat because these 10 companies make 90% of the food. Either way I’m dead. Sure I could farm and grow my own but doesn’t our ground have poison from all the roundup people have used around me? What is one to do?

  10. “Even if you want to trust corporate paid scientist on the safety of GMO’s”
    Again slinging anti-GMO propaganda. Seriously can whoever writes these articles do some in depth reading into scientific articles and literature instead of just giving their opinion on stuff they know nothing about. Also the links that you guys give backing up your statements are terrible and on other articles you guys have often found random studies that literally do not say there is anything harmful about GMO’s, Microwaves, etc. Yes monsanto is an evil company and roundup is horrible but alot of people who are smart read your articles and i fear that you are influencing intelligent people with common sense negatively by spreading stuff that you know nothing about. People are sure to disagree with me but i am not a corporately paid shmuck scientist i am a research student in bioprocess engineering who has read more studies on papers on this stuff than I wish anyone ever has to. Thank you.

  11. This article has to be fabricated or exaggerated at least to a degree.

    E150D is a food coloring agent and nothing more. Why bother including it then? Also, not mentioning that E338 (Orthophosphoric Acid) is unhealthy for your bones? Not including that most obvious one? Really?

    Big props for including the disclaimers *Not everyone agrees that GMOs have been proven harmful to humans* (and I agree that GMO food should be labeled as such) and *As with all things, I urge you to read with your head on a swivel, adjusting your worldview based on new information.*
    But spreading fear of ingredients that are present in such low quantities that they increase your chances of getting cancer only by 0.001% (or any arbitrarily small enough number) is just plain stupid.
    Stop eating fish, there’s *loads of* mercury in there and mercury is highly toxic as we all know. Stop breathing air. There’s CO2 in there and that’s cancerogenic.
    There is a huge difference between +toxic* and *toxic in certain quantities* and somehow people like to omit this information when talking about food from big companies.

    I agree that companies need to get their shit together. There’s a reason the FDA exists and has regulations. That stuff with Nestle is horrible and they should pay for it and fix their shit. They have an enormous responsibility since they provide food to so many people. Errors like that are unacceptable. But there’s no point in bashing a company if they are just using GMO. Fact is that most food in *organic markets* are GMO as well. Some people even blatantly buy their stuff in super markets and then just resell it for 4 times the price. I guess people like the illusion that it’s not crap and that they are living healthy. But sure, pay 4 times as much for the same crap. Your money, your choice.


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