Homeless Couple Made To Perform Sex Acts For McDonald’s, £4.50 [VIDEO]


Shocking and humiliating footage of two homeless people being forced to seductively dance, do push-ups, strip and perform a sexual act in front of a man and his friends in return for a McDonald’s burger and just a few coins, has emerged online.

An anonymous person who reported the footage to the police told The Mirror: “This is disgusting. This man is laughing while he torments these poor people. The police need to act. If this is not illegal it should be.”

The footage, shot in the Barnet area of North London, shows the couple approach a car at a McDonald’s parking lot and ask for money to buy food. The driver is heard saying, Yo, this is crackheads go wild. Make those mother f****rs work for their money. Cheeseburgers, hamburgers, whatever burgers.”

The driver asks the couple what they are willing to do for the money, to which they reply, “anything.” He then demands them to seductively dance and do 20 push-ups, which the couple performs in front of his car. The disgusting man then asks the poor people to perform a sexual act – the man is told to lick the woman’s breasts while the woman is told to give him a blow job. The middle-aged couple perform sex acts on each other and finally get the money to buy burgers.

The clip, entitled “Crackheads do anything for that £$£,” was posted to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook recently by an anonymous person.

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  1. What can you say, it is the daylie life of a homeless person.

    Should surprise noone.

    They had the choice to say no.

    If they had asked a good hearted person as me I had just buy them the burgers.

    If you give them cash they prob use them on drugs instead of food.

    It is the truth.

    • No. Thats not true. Some suffer echaustion spending all that time seeking food and city services arent enough stability and comfort for them to get on their feet so you cant under extenuating circumstances expect them to think equally to somebody sitting in a plush bed with laptop on lap and a burger on a tv tray who has a bedtime routine to accompany they 9-5 desk job. Some have issues abandoned by relatives trauma mental issues to overcome without caring services

  2. Could you guys stop with the click bait ads every time I try to read an article? I’d donate if you just made the site a tad bit more legit. Please and thanks


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