12 Dumb Laws That Actually Exist


These laws are so outrageous they will make you wonder what the U.S Congress could have possibly been thinking?


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  1. you do realize that these laws have passed because someone, at some point, did it in such a stupid way that it resulted in pretty bad injuries..

    that’s how these laws actually came to exist. fighting stupidity is one of the HARDEST jobs out there.

    • So you’re saying someone could’ve got injured for having an ice cream in their pocket or having a cool cut for a party?

      • Why else would those laws be in place then? Sounds ridiculous to me to but evidently they wouldn’t be there for no reason.

        • They are made to control people. That they have harmed others but because others don’t like that fact that these things have or may happen. Silly laws? Silly leaders.

  2. Come on Anon, you guys are smart enough to know that US congress didn’t make these rules up, most of these are state and local laws. the fact that you think that it took the entire US congress to determine that it should be illegal to wear tight pants in Delaware discredits the organization.

  3. Just to put his out there, im a citizen of Alabama. The reason for an ice cream cone in your pocket being illegal is that in the 1800’s people would do this to lure horses away from their owners in order to steal them. This law was never dropped due the occasional horse drawn carriage for weddings and celebrations of the sort in small historical districts.

  4. In england it was illegal to die in the houses of Parliament!
    That law may still stand, I don’t know.
    Also, up until 1991 it was legal to rape ur wife in england too.

  5. In England it is illegal to urinate in public, but you are allowed to urinate on the rear wheel of a taxi cab.

    So many obscure old laws.

  6. And this is news worthy material? Wow, grasping at straws for attention aren’t you?

    As previously stated these are local laws, not laws enacted by congress. Get the facts/title correct

  7. the no wine in tea cups makes sense
    it’s probably left over from the prohibition era when speakeasies and such would do this to avoid detection.


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