Prisoner Murders Ex-Cop Convicted Of Brutally Raping A 9-Year-Old Girl


This is heinous or is it? On October 29, 2014, 51-year-old Steven Sandison murdered his cellmate, 67-year-old former Muskegon County Airport Police officer Theodore Dyer, at Saginaw Correctional Facility, Michigan, for continuously justifying sexually molesting a 9-year-old girl. On February 23, 2015, Sandison pleaded guilty to second-degree murder of a convict in prison for first-degree criminal sexual assault

Sandison gave a detailed account of the series of events that led to Dyer’s death that day. “The reason I killed him was because he was a child molester…That night he was trying to justify why he did it, and I told him to keep quiet and that he’d have to leave in the morning, find a new cell. But he continued to talk about it, try to justify it. So, he was a little bit bigger than me, so I got down, and I hit him in his face a few times. When he fell, I wrapped a cord around his neck and I took his life,” he told the Chief Circuit Judge, Fred L. Borchard, in a Saginaw County Circuit Court.

Dyer was serving a life sentence for his terrible act while Sandison is serving a life sentence without parole for a murder in 1991. He now faces the possibility of a second consecutive life sentence. Sentencing is scheduled for April 8.


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    • GOOD FOR YOU!! That piece of s**t deserved everything he got!. Please don’t punish this guy, think of that poor little girl, what she went through. Rot in hell!!!

      • I agree this guy did us all a favor and I’d like to see more predators leave prison out the “back door.” Your comment said “Please don’t punish this guy…” Don’t worry Marianne, they can’t do more than give him another life sentence and he’s already serving one life sentence. It’s not going to bother him at all since he can only die once.

  1. Good I’m glad the sick s.o.b. got what he deserved. Stop wasting tax payers hard earned money by housing these sickos. Ever hear of firing squad.

  2. “…Sandison is serving a life sentence without parole for a murder in 1991.”

    So, he will never be allowed out of prison, ever, and he now faces the prospect of “another consecutive life sentence.” What exactly has he lost for this? And in the meantime, he’s gotten a sub-human piece of $#it off the taxpayers account. Win-win it seems to me!

  3. This ain’t the first time shit like this happened, rapist and rippers get it all the time in jail, if they don’t get killed they’re life in prison is made hell, even the first second they get there, oh when you go to the Fed’s, you have a bigger chance of dying, but the ones that don’t get a permanent scar across the face, and everyone now’s what that scar means even outside prison

  4. Ty for killing him like jesse said saved alot of tax money and he will never get out now he died there now his sole lives there

  5. What did he care he was in for life.he got to take care of this pos.I’m sure the 9 year olds parents are thrilled this bastard got what he deserved.if I was the parent I would be putting some money on that man’s books!

  6. Good fucking job! Hahahaha should of tortured him a little first, sick sick man! How could you even hurt our babies! You got what you deserved!

      • And you probably not a father to remaining praising the humanity of a fucking child rapist… We, the humans, are not so evolved yet to be able to apply hippies laws (I wish we’d were ut open your eyes a little…)

      • But sometimes death isn’t a good enough punishment for people like him. He should of suffered just like how that little girl is going to suffer later in life because of terrible memories of that sicko.

  7. The bible says an eye for eye the rat got his rite wack good riddons to a bad seed l don’t believe these animals can be rehabilitated

  8. Child molesters, rapists(any age) and child killers should be shown ZERO mercy. Susan Smith who rolled her two boys into a lake and watched them drown, all the while screamin’ to her to help ’em, is safely tucked away all these years later to keep her away from genpop. The guards should open her cell and walk away. Little 8 year old girl just 2 houses up from me was gettin’ raped by her step dad. They determined he’d done it over 80 times!!! If I’d have known, I’d have walked down to the house and left him with no face, none at all! POS like those don’t deserve to live, let alone at OUR expense, and have it better than homeless people who haven’t done anything wrong. Our “system” is so screwed up it’s unbelievable. When we can, we have to change it. How it’s done doesn’t make a rats ass to me, but I happen to need the oxygen they’re usin’ up, and kids don’t need to be messed with, period!

    • I agree totally. I had a Niece who was molested by her stepfather My sister moved out when she found out and called the police to report it. When she told me I headed over there and the police beat me there by 5 minutes. I only wish she had called me first. He needs a medal not another life sentence.

  9. Why the heck do they even bother with tacking on a second life sentence???? It’s not like when he dies they’re going to clone him and pit him back in prison…

  10. I have no remorse for child molester they ruin a child’s life and there innocence something that can never give back but they keep there life’s yea so he got what he deserved

  11. I laughed when I read this story. This is awesome!!! He did a public service. He is not getting any more punished than he already was for the previous murder. This really was a win-win. The only thing that could make this story better is he gets a reward instead of no further punishment.

    What a minute, how could I ensure he gets a reward?

    Does anyone know how to find out someone’s prison address.

    I’m sending his reward in money to his books and a Thank You card!

  12. I am very happy with this punishment. Thank you for ridding us of a little less evil on this planet. God smiles upon you. There is no justification for killing an innocent child.

  13. This made me feel better that there are men out there who WILL stand up against these animals. In my case, I was 8 years old and the asshole that molested me was a church member who was forgiven by my father and made to move to another city. I could never forgive him especially after my mom explained to me at 12 years old that if I ever even let a man even touch me in my private areas that my future husband would know even if I decided to keep it secret. So that indicates that my own parents were in doubt if I was telling the truth being that I was so young when it happened. But it has affected me all my life. My parents say I should forgive like God forgave us. But its easier said than done when its not you it happened to. My hat is off to this man. I feel a little reciprocation knowing he saved another lil girl from going through what i went through.

  14. My hat goes off to this man!!!! Thank you for by taking his life I feel like you reciprocated for me in my situation. I was barely 7 years old when the church member who molested me was forgiven by my parents and asked to move to another city so as to not bring negativity to the church or God’s kingdom. I was obviously not taken seriously because when I was 12 my mom revealed to me that if anyone ever let a man even touch me in my private areas, my future husband would know it even if I tried to hide it. It made me feel like I would never be pure or worthy of love and it ruined my teenage years and still affects me to this day. It brings me to tears of gratitude that this guy would defend a child he didn’t even know, when my own parents were able to forgive my molestor. I still can’t forgive 🙁

  15. Linda, I am so glad you were able to overcome the abuse and your parents inability to accept the truth and give you the support you needed. I think some people just can’t accept the horrible truth and try convince themselves it just didn’t happen. You had to be stronger than them. Nobody has the right to tell you to forgive. You were the victim, and only you have that right. Don’t let anyone shame you! You were very brave to face the truth and none of guilt or shame is yours.

  16. finely someone who stood his ground I would have done the same thing and went right to lunch. there is nothing I hate more then a child molester. right on bro I give you so much props your my hero man I think every child molester must die and burn in hell

  17. I don’t know what he did for his original sentence but he chose to murder someone with the conviction that was in his heart. He will get his punishment that is waiting for him from the justice system but the “victim” got what he most likely deserved. It’s in God’s hands now.


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