14-Year-Old Was Given 3 Days To Live, But Then His Mother Gave Him Cannabis Oil


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At 14-years-old, he was planning his own funeral. So, his mother did something ‘drastic’ by using a 100% natural herb that has been cultivated for thousands of years.

Though there is a minimum of 60 peer-reviewed studies proving the marijuana plant to have substantial healing potential, the herb remains a classified Schedule I drug in the United States. In the UK and Australia, as well, use of the plant – both recreationally and for medicinal purposes – is illegal. This is a travesty, considering cannabis kills 0 people each year (unlike alcohol and opioid abuse) and has been shown to benefit conditions including cancer, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy and more!

Aware that components of the plant, primarily cannabinoid (CBD) oil, are incredibly therapeutic, some have gone to great lengths to procure the plant. A woman named Callie Blackwell is one such individual. After doctors told her 14-year-old son that he had about three days to live, she decided to go against the law and seek out CBD oil to give his body the best chance of fighting against a rare and aggressive form of cancer.

In a segment on ITV’s “This Morning”, Blackwell admitted that she risked getting into trouble with the law to aid her son, Deryn. At a young age, Deryn was diagnosed with leukemia and Langerhans cell sarcoma. After years of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, nothing was working and doctors had all but given up.

The concerned mom told the hosts that at 14-years-old, Deryn had started planning his funeral. It was then that she decided drastic measures were needed. In the book “The Boy in 7 Billion,” which Blackwell wrote about the experience, she explains that she contacted doctors and asked if they could prescribe a cannabis-based painkiller. They refused, as it wasn’t licensed for children.

Dismayed but not defeated, she conversed with her husband, Simon. Together, they purchased marijuana illegally then followed directions online explaining how to turn it into a liquid form so they could give it to Deryn. They asked the pre-teen beforehand if he was okay with the treatment, and he agreed.

“I thought what have I got to lose,” said Blackwell. “He’s dying anyway.”

Three years later, Deryn is alive and “perfectly healthy.” His mother credits the cannabis oil. However, she doesn’t refer to the plant as a ‘cure’ and wants to reiterate that while it worked for Deryn, it may not work for every child suffering from cancer.

“The effects of it blew my mind. It wasn’t what I expected,” she said

It is possible a combination of chemotherapy and cannabis oil is what allowed Deryn’s body to heal. However, more research is needed to deduce whether or not the herb is, indeed, a miracle plant, or whether or not a combination of cannabis and radiation ‘therapy’ could be a beneficial treatment for the majority of whom are affected by cancer. 

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  1. for VERY disease ; cancers ;
    4 EVERY illness we have there is a natural way 2 cure it…this is a fact…there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the cannabis oil waz the cure…
    n this is Y … he had this cancer
    4 yrs n all the radiation n drugs that were given 2 him failed…
    if they had worked they wouldn’t have given him just days 2 live…make no mistake
    that’s what cured him…problem is that if they gave people a cure then how would the the
    n billions of dollars from us…
    2 cultivate grow n make this oil
    would cost next 2 nothing…but
    giving us pills that they say can help or even cure us is gonna bring the pharmaceutical companies down on their knees…instead they give us pills that contain only half the medicine needed n the other half with fillers…n if that’s not bad enough … they make these people suffer in extreme agony…then they die n leave such a massive debt 4 others 2
    pay 4…our governments should b held accountable 4 these things…I can’t remember the name of this plant but their is a
    plant n people have started growing it…what u do is buy the female plant n u get the leaves boil them 4 bout 40 mins…u let it sit 4 bout 40 mins n u then drink it…apparently itz supposed 2 b the most disgusting thing u will ever drink BUT we know people that were at the end of the 4th stage cancer n I’m talking bout all different types of canceramic n these people r now cancer free n as healthy as a horse…my point is that we do have cures 4 everything but they don’t tell us
    because we r nothing but a $
    sign 2 them…there is this oil called black seed oil…they wanted 2 know y people in the Arab countries use it…so they done a scientific experiment n found that not only is it good 4 ur body n can cure lotz of different things they especially found it 2 b the best thing 4 ur mental health…it cures depression ; alhciemers ; demerit ; n many more…
    it disgusts me because they gave an actual cure 4 that suffer from these diseases n
    these people suffer grealty n
    itz such a terrible thing n yet they have the cure but don’t let people know…we r in an age were if want anything or find out bout cures out there all u have 2 do is go on the net n look n c what’s out there…even if something is illegal so fuken what…the fact is I find the pharmaceutical companies n our governments guilty of allowing people 2 suffer n die…when a loved 1 is dying
    fuk the government n itz laws n do what u have 2…


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