15 Year Old Invents A New Form of Renewable Energy?


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Imagine a world without the need to rely on building and, maintaining expensive power-plants to generate electricity. These power-plants are a necessity in our current time. Today, we generate electricity by processing water, digging deep into the earth for fossil fuels and, even making towering windmills to generate the electric power we can’t live without. But what if we can make that very same power, on the soles of our own two feet?

15-year-old Angelo Casimiro, whose from the Philippines, started working on a prototype ever since he was 11-years-old. In this time, he has earned international recognition and, he became a regional finalist in Google’s Science Fair. Angelo Casimiro invented a shoe insole that generates an electric charge every time that the person wearing the shoe takes a step. He has been perfecting his invention for the past four years, working diligently and, contributing to the study of what is called “Piezoelectricity”.

Piezoelectricity is an electric charge that is generated by crystals that contact certain solid materials, such as metal, as a result of mechanical stress. For example, if you’ve got a quartz watch, piezoelectricity is what helps it keep regular time. Or, if you’ve been writing a letter or an essay on your computer with the help of voice recognition software, the microphone you spoke into probably used piezoelectricity to turn the sound frequencies in your voice into electrical signals your computer could interpret. Also, if you’re a bit of an audiophile and like listening to music on vinyl, your gramophone would have been using piezoelectricity to “read” the sounds from your LP records. Piezoelectricity (literally, “pressing electricity”) is much simpler than it sounds: it just means using crystals to convert mechanical energy into electricity or vice-versa.

This may not be a big impact on society, but this is a huge innovation, that has a lot of potential! Once its further development allows it, just imagine never having to charge your cell-phone whilst you’re on the move! This concept could even surpass as much as never having to change the battery for your car! There are plans that Angelo has made, for this device to be open-sourced. Meaning, others will get the chance to apply their own ideas, or designs to further develop this device! Angelo states that this device is fully operational, although, it is not yet ready for mass distribution.





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  1. The same was designed by many Indian students a longtime ago, But recognition from the Indian government are many appreciation never happened, There are many such projects still waiting for recognition…

  2. He’s not gonna live enough. Since the government want humans to keep on using non-renewable energy instead of using renewable energy. So the government are going to make the product look bad or ruin his reputation than they’re going to make his death look like a suicidal attempt, food poisoning, drowning, ship wreck, plane crash, car crash, somewhere along there. Than the invention will be forgotten or seen as a lie or fluke.

  3. This, like so many others, is an excellent idea. I have seen similar designs before. Things like this are great but unfortunately there is no one who is willing to mass produce items like this. I hope that one day all the idiots who are now in control of this world are gone and ideas like this will surface again to actually be developed and used. However,there is nothing to stop Angelo from working on his device further and maybe even building and selling a few on his own. Who knows, he could be a success stranger things have happened. The very best of luck to him.

  4. What if we somehow hooked this up to say car tires or bicycle tires and used a different way to transfer electricity to the bulb? So as you run your car you are powering say your house lights or causing the battery in your car to last for an even longer time than what it already last.

  5. @James
    They already have something to capture the kinetic energy of vehicles. It’s called regenerative breaks and some electric cars usr them


  6. So allot of you don’t seem to really understand how any of this stuff works.
    Let’s first adress your statements about cars, for one there is already a device in your car that charges the battery, it’s called an alternator, it uses magnets and coils of wire to turn mechanical energy into electricity, the only thing the battery in your car is for is to run the starter motor to start the engine and absorb any voltage spikes that come from the alternator, everything else in the car, the lights the radio all of it is run by the alternator while the engine is running, when your car battery needs to be replaced it’s not because it has lost its charge it’s because it can no longer store a charge, either due to too much of the electrolyte evaporating, or the plates inside sulfating, I can explain this process and how the battery actually works if need be. So the idea that this would mean not having to ever change the battery on your car is not true in any way.

    Next up regenerative braking, this is a process that happens in hybrid and electric vehicles, the electric motor that is used to turn the wheels is used as a generator harnessing the momentum of the vehicle and rotation of the wheels to recharge the battery, an electric motor and an electric generator or alternator are essentially the same thing, it’s just a mater of how the wires are hooked up.

    Piezoelectric devices have been around for a long time, the issue with them is there low charge density, he was saying his may be putting out 36 volts or so, the push button ignitor on your grill is a piezoelectric device and produces 10,000 volts, same with the push button cigarette lighters, the voltage isn’t what does the work, it’s the amperage, and piezoelectric devices simply produce very little amperage, usually in the milliamps range, so using these things to power street lights or anything else that requires high wattages isn’t possible at this time, and people have already made shoe inserts that can charge your phone, the thing is you have to walk a couple of miles at a decent pace with the phone off to really get any kind of charge into the phone. So until they find a way to get piezo crystals to produce a large amount of amperage they are better off being use in sensors and microphones like they are right now.

  7. I dont know if this is already made, but i got an idea some months ago. Whats one of the biggest electicity sources on earth? Lightning! I live in norway, at the east of the country. Here we have alot of thunderstorms… So if we could find a way by using poles that the lightning will strike down into, and then we save this electicity, and puts it into the electricity network in small amounts, thats safe for us, then we will generate a lot of power, and we will make the world a little bit safer place to live, becouse the chance of getting hit by lightning and the chance of lightning to hit your house and simply blow up your tv etc etc would be alot smaller… Idk if it will work, just an idea…


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