Top 10 Facts About “Anonymous”


Anonymous seeks to demolish oppression, corporate power, and authoritarian rule both online and in societies all over the world. Targets include censorship and economic, racial, and social oppression. From its first attack to one of the largest data security hacks in history, we take a look at top 10 facts about ‘Anonymous’. Watch the video below:

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  1. The Little film just wanted me to support them not to miss me more.
    As for your allegations since they are nothing but your perceptions they proved to be bullshit and just like groups that I’ve tried before you’ll fail

    • Who is “you”? We are all Anonymous. Gain the knowledge. Take the initiative. Expose.
      On google play store there is an app called “StoryMaker”. This is app can help you learn a little bit about journalism.

      • I am proud to have a group of people like anonymous finally standing up, speading the knowledge, and taking action when ignored. Thanks for everything. Wish I could help.

        • As long as you think of Anonymous as “group of people standing up” nothing ever is going to change. You could help, and you should help. Remember the grouping up people with Guy Fawkes masks in “V” movie? Well that sums it up pretty much. There was no vigilante that fight for the people. People are that vigilante. All of them. Each of them. All hidden behind the masks and making it virtually impossible to be identified and killed for his crimes against the oppression. The fact that lots of Anonymous are tech savvy means nothing as there are lots of other things that you could contribute. Point is that unless someone organize you to go out and protest there is no “mastermind” behind it, thus cannot be apprehended. You can arrest one person who organized riots and sentence him to whatever punishment, but you cant do that with all 10,000… The moment you put someone in charge of the Anonymous is the moment when all hell will broke loose on that person, and the “organization” as well… Think about it…
          We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

          • I’m glad that people are finally standing together, me and other people have been at it for years, just going around opening people’s minds, explaining things in ways they were never explained. I learned through such things I have a good speaking voice, so I use it to answerc questions but above all else I always tell people to educate themselves and to stand up for what they believe. We are the people, we are change,this is our world and we control the actions in it, we simply have to stand up and believe in our abilities, instead of believing some faceless entity knows better, thanks to everyone who is anonymous you have reached people in a way I at one time only dreamed and you’ve done it in an amazing way!

          • well said brother.You ppl have to realize that anonymous is not a group.There is no place to put in a application for membership,because there is no group.We are a hive mind.plan and simple. The faster you ppl understand what the anon concussions is the faster we can change the world as humans. We Are Anonymous.
            We Are Legion.
            We Do Not Forgive.
            We DO Not Forget.
            Expect us.

  2. We will never lose you can arrest a person you cannot arrest an idea. Until every part of this super organism falls the idea will remane. Freedom will be acheved.

  3. Sad I posted a big reply but it doesn’t seem as tho it’s going to show up, oh well good job too all the anonymous, I’ve been at this for years I’m glad so many people are at it as well, it’s very nice. to quote the nightwatchmen project “I use to think I was alone, but Im not alone no more!”

  4. Anonymous will always be my number one source for journalism and realsm, because Anonymous is not corrupt and doesn’t lie.

  5. Anonymous, we decided to go to war over a 2% tax increase over tea. But we as a people or better put we as sheepeople are narrow minded and belive what the government says. That mass media is correct and tell you the whole story. But me as a person stands outside the box and watches sheepeople and try to pursue the truth and pass the knowledge along. That we are lied to. Forced into wars. Sprayed like cockroaches. Stripped of freedom. Brainwashed by public media. Spied upon. The government should fear us for we are many. Not we should fear the government for they are small. When we rise up against the NWO and the federal Reserve which is owned by 12 influential rich men not the government and our money is counterfeit. Not backed by anything. Then we will be free. But this can not happen with vast media pushing that anonymous is bad or evil or a terrorist. If these people had a leader that would speak for there best beliefs and intricate nature of there needs then we could rise. Remember remember the 5th of November.

  6. Thank you all that’s in Anonymous for all the news.That y’all been giveing us the people it’s really opening are eyes about everything that’s around us especially me I have always knew this government was corrupted and always wanted to know who would help us go deeper in this to expose the truth it an pleasure haveing Anonymous for the people.

    Thank you Windi annn Rudisill

  7. Anonymous is not a organization you can join you are one of us or you aren’t if you think like us you are one of us we are not a group we are an idea that is what makes us anonymous you do not join you just are

    • The innocent that have taken countless acts of cruelty and abuse. Those that feel the suffering for no reason and pay ultimately with there lifes… I am New to the Anonymous Movement and know that this path is one that I now know I’m not alone on. Being a victim not only to the government, but the corruption in our own front yards and the ones we Love and Care about. Too many have followed suit because that’s what is easily done. Do not become a product of your environment don’t do just because they are. We Must start with knowledge that Anything is possible And Break free from the buckets that contain your growth. And Let your roots Grow strong and Deep for we will are the foundation for Our future Together unbreakable. Correct me if this sounds wrong…… Based on my Belief I am Anonymous and I Can Change The World. HEAR ME NOW AS I HEAR ALL OF YOU. STAND UP AND BELIEVE WE ARE HERE.

  8. I would like some motivated prrson to help me get this fake company from stealing people’s money like they stole mine this person is a horrible person he stole from me and many others somebody shut this guys website down I’ll include a link
    Please somebody shut this guy down he stole a lot of money for me and others
    He lives off of Magic Mountain Parkway his phone number is 1 323 828 8742 Mike McLean is his name I’ve been watching him

  9. by saring. retwiting, letting people to know what is really going on in this world, thas how you become part of it.. you dont fill up a form or an aplication ,, do your part. wake people up.. thats all you do

  10. Anonymous has done things online that politicians governments corporations N G O s organisations are afraid to or won’t or can’t deal with.Their are too many people in this world who won’t voice their own opinion online or anywhere else…. The internet should be for the people to use and not be controlled by govt or any other entity with a hidden agenda. We not agree with what Anonymous does but they are individuals who have a belief that endears to all of us….

  11. If I was an annonymous then what should I do? And how could I know the event I can participate in. Do I get an email or something like that? Thanks, I ‘m very proud of what you’ve done


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