2000 Feared Dead in Nigerian Massacre By Boko Haram


Thousands of people have died – bodies still remain strewn in the bushes. It’s an attack that Amnesty International has described as the deadliest massacre in the history of terrorist group, Boko Haram.

The terrorist group based in Northern Nigeria, have attacked Baga town, where bodies have literally been left rotting on the street as others flee for their lives. Killing more than two thousand people, and leaving hundreds injured; the Boko Haram want to establish an Islamic state in the country’s western side, and have been actively doing so since 2009.



Image Source: Google Images – People waiting in lines for check-up

Reports  have been made of  militants torching buildings in Baga, and shooting civilians in the line of fire. The town has been reduced into a “virtual non-existence,” according to a senior government official speaking with the BBC, Musa Alhaji Bukar. The town that once housed an approximate population of ten thousand people is now gone.

1Image Source: Google Images – An Imam leading funeral prayer. 

“Boko Haram was now in control of Baga and sixteen neighboring towns after the military retreated,” Mr. Bukar continued, raising fears that the death toll was in the thousands.


Image Source: The Guardian – People seen standing outside burnt houses following an attack by militants in Gambaru, Nigeria.

Boko Haram have reportedly launched several new attacks around the defeated town of Baga, in north-eastern Nigeria. Fifteen to sixteen towns, and small villages, have been destroyed or damaged beyond livable conditions.  These include Baga, Dorn Baga, Mile 4, Mile 3, Kauyen Kuros and Bunduram.



Image Source: Mother Jones – Residents stand outside burnt homes in Gambaru, Nigeria after a Boko Haram attack in May 2014. 

Boko Haram has terrorized Nigeria, spilling blood where they go.  Established only in 2002, their reputation is notorious. According to the Council of Foreign Relations, they have killed an approximate ten thousand people. These are the reported killings. How many more bodies will our earth devour before they are stopped?








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  1. The only way to end all this shit is to take down every god damn religion in the world.

    And remember, you wont get rid of the canser unless you take it all at the same time.

      • Education is the key. These people need to get the same education as we do, the Internet and the understanding. That’s the solution to all problems.

    • We might wonder, if religion is a Godly thing, why so much hatred and killing? People devote their lives and become obsessed with unsubstantiated beliefs. The Christian Bible, in Matthew says:
      “You will know them by their fruits… … every sound tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears evil fruit. A sound tree cannot bear evil fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.”
      Ironic. Religion does so much harm in the world. We won’t see an end to the conjecture in our lifetime, but an eventual end may be inevitable.

  2. In 2015 there is a holocaust happening and the media is quiet about it. If you are a Christian in any of these places you will be killed just like the jews in Nazi Germany. Why isn’t the outrage the same as when in the 1990s muslins were being killed by Christians in Serbia?

    • Because the western countries needed the communism to fall apart completely and Serbs to get broken and separated as much they can be, so they could bring their own values and democracy and install it. That’s why.

  3. Islam is not a religion. Islam is a set of rules and laws that run in direct opposition of all free and peaceful, democratic societies. Mosques are not religious buildings. Mosques are headquarters used by terrorists to plot the death and destruction of modern civilization as we know it. People are starting to unite. Our Parisian brothers and sisters burned down a mosque in France. Our governments have failed to protect us. The mass media refuses to label Islam for what it really is. We, the people, are growing stronger and gathering together in our solidarity. We have had enough. We, the people, will grow faster and greater than any sect of Islam could ever dream. We will rid the world of Islam ourselves. It is inevitable. The count down to their extinction has begun. They brought it upon themselves. We are not Anonymous. You will see our faces when we come. We are not legion. We are everyone.

  4. If this Boko thing is taken out then his generals will be only to happy to continue. Can someone explain what the solutions to this continued mass murder is? With the ISIL idiots they can can be got to via the money trail which could be shut down. The promotion of their garbage could also be stopped thus reducing recruitment. Our counties can stop people from leaving to join them or stop them from returning. None of these things apply to Boko who recruits through absolute fear of the innocents who then become mindless killers. If anyone has a viable solution then promote it. It is not that people do not care but more that it is simply to big to get our thoughts around. Help.

  5. Now i made a comment about this yesterday on EuroNews.
    17 persons or there about (May their souls RIP) were murdered in cold blood in Paris, and the whole world has gathered to commiserate with the people of France, what then is wrong with the world leaders coming together as well to finding lasting solutions to mitigate and totally eliminate these muslim fanatics, thousands upon thousands have been dying in Northern Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan, what plans have they made to assist, why is the media just concerned about how the government of these countries manage the situation, and not support the call for world leaders to assist, what is wrong?

  6. Clearly these people will do everything and anything for their cause. Whether it be ISIS or Al Qaeda or Boko Haram, something needs to be done to prevent these terrorist organizations from uprising and gaining power. Perhaps find a way to cut their funding? I’m not sure but it’s hard to sit back and watch your fellow man get massacred on account of religion. FREEDOM OF RELIGION SHOULD BE A BIRTH RIGHT.


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