In 2009, McDonald Sold Its Last Meal In Iceland. And THIS Is How It Looks Today.


On McDonald’s last operational day in Iceland, Hjortur Smarason bought the meal as a souvenir as he saw it as a piece of history. McDonald’s last meal (a burger and French fries) sold in Iceland on October 31, 2009 is now a historic museum piece. Left to rot in Iceland’s National Museum for a year, the ‘fresh’ mold-free meal is now on display at the Bus Hostel in Reykjavik, where awe-struck people watch its extremely slow decomposition.




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  1. it’s a small meal with a large surface area so moisture left it well before it could mold. it has gone stale, not ‘refused to decompose’ or whatever

  2. It doesn’t decompose because its blasted with hydrogenated oils which turns your food into plastic, or one molecule away from plastic.

    • “one molecule away from plastic.”
      Water is “one molecule away” from being explosive hydrogen gas.
      Much the same as me saying water is the main component of urine and acid rain.
      It’s a meaningless statement.

    • Plastic OR one molecule away from plastic?

      You do know that it can be quite a difference, when you add or remove some parts of a molecule, even just one electron?

    • Salt is one atom away from being a poisonous gas.
      Nitrogen is one atom away from being a poison.
      Caustic lye is one molecule away from being salt and vinegar flavoring on potato chips.
      Water is one atom away from being an explosive gas.

      You’re one IQ point away from being brain-dead.

        • nope, BFR is a fear monger, and he’s out to scare the regular people of the internet into worrying about everything that the good people stops enjoying life altogether just to remain super-healthy and super-clean, he deserves every reply to his comment

          this article is also full of fear mongering, old people have eaten mcdonalds and lived well into their old age, unless you eat mcdonalds for breakfast, lunch and dinner, people have nothing to fear for their lives.

          heck just standing on the sidewalk of an urban city will kill you with lung cancer if you think about it

          • My neihgbour crossed the autobahn with closed eyes and survived… clearly its absolutely safe to do!

            Sorry, but Lemmings like you never die out 😀

  3. Eat it!!! It’s bad for your health the it’s still bad for your health so either way its still a damn good burger and eat it. But for the sake have an EMS ready on stand by…. Just in case

  4. What do regular burgers and fries look like after 5+ years? I’m not making a case either way; however, a direct side-by-side comparison is the obvious first step to see if McDonald’s’ products are not natural.

    • How natural is this steph

      You neglected to mention DiMethyl polysiloxane (found in silly putty) stops oil from becoming foamy when frying.

      Here are some others.

      Silicon Oil in McNuggets.

      Propylene Glycol as a preservative for Pre-packaged Salads.

      Cysteine L – (amino acid synthesised from human hair/duck feathers) in Apple pies/baked goods.

      TBHQ petroleum derivative in 18 McDonald menu items.

      Cellulose to replace flour and oil. Cheap thickener in ice cream, salad dressing, syrups.

  5. What do regular burgers and fries look like after 5+ years? I’m not making a claim either way; however, a direct side-by-side comparison seems to be an obvious move to determine how “natural” McDonalds’ food is.

    • Other McDonalds hamburgers also rot within days in the same environment, because the patties are thicker and they have other condiments that contain water. This particular meal does not because it’s already dried out in its current form. Basically like beef jerky and stale bread.

  6. It starts with beef not meant for human consumption and its mixed with several chemicals like ammonium nitrate and turned into a pink sludge and formed and flash frozen to look fresh

  7. Sainthood …. much like those bodies on display at the Vatican in a perpetual state of preservation… It’s Saint McDonald burger and Fries.

  8. I could put a lot of completely natural foods in a glass container, or even leave them out on a shelf, and they would never start to grow mold. What is it with you idiots and your love for moldy food, anyway? Are you honestly too stupid to understand that if you take some narrow little strips of potato, blast all the water and air out of them (necessary for mold and bacteria growth) by deep frying them- in addition to making sure the food is clean before it is served – then they’re not going to decompose in rapid and disgusting fashion like the crappy pestilence-infested food you bought at the farmer’s market?

    • Oh you mean the food that was grown without chemical pesticides. Or the food that isn’t pumped with preservatives so it can be shipped half way across the world. Or do you mean the food that uses organic rock and animal shit instead of non descript blue liquid. You ARE a moron. Eat better, you’re brain will thank you.

  9. hey. most of u didnt get the message: iceland kicked out fn Mc shit out of its country. Great-!!!! the day US will do it we all be fine.

  10. I have been to McDonald’s in Reykjavik and the food was not American, it was expensive. The employees were overpaid for a simple job and also not owned by Americans. So no loss to McDonald’s. I love the McDonald’s in Copenhagen. Extremely large, great food, great beer, great prices. Now lets talk about vegetables in Iceland Supermarkets, “they Suck”. They are overpriced, no flavor or almost rotten! The seafood however is great

    • Everyone needs to realise that the formulation of McDonalds food in Europe (which includes Iceland) is completely different from that of US although there some chemicals that I don’t think should be used. For instance Europe doesn’t permit the use of tran-fats or GM ingredients. Here in the UK McDonalds use British or Irish beef together with free-range eggs.

  11. Anybodyelse didnt get the message? That was the last supper of killer capitalism in Island and there is no better than the US sh… like Mac, CoLa, etc to show upfront. Silly comments on hamburgers is not correct because Mac isnt the only whom is selling milled carton for food and look at the millions of dump consumers. If I would clean my ass with US treasury bills or EZB promises it would have the same meaning!

  12. Dry aged big mac, damn son.
    Pretty interesting, I wonder how it is stored? If its airtight it changes a lot, but if moisture got in (this is iceland) I’m sure despite how dehydrated the food was, moisture would create mould or a bacteria build up.
    I do remember some bullshit I read years ago how scientists (who are useless) predicted our bodies would decompose slower due to all the preservatives in our food.
    Im not pretending to know it all but perhaps the preservatives in the food are actually more powerful than we think?

  13. Was in Bus Hostel Dec. 14 – 17, Iceland is a winter wonderland with Gulfoise Falls, the thermal pools, Reykjavik, the thermal region with geysers, and etc. But I missed this McD relic, it was in the guidebooks.

    Will see it next time, have to see Iceland in summer, so beautiful. Bus Hostel is the cheapest, decent hostel at downtown, $25 in a24 bed dorm.

  14. Salt is a preservative ;p. They used to ship fish across the bloody ocean covered in salt…. Yes this is what it looks like but any food with that amount of sodium would probably look very similar after that amount of time. Yes its bad for you, but this is nonsense and has nothing to do with the fact that it is bad for you… You should be discussing if you are worried about your health.


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