2015 the Year of Truth? Putin Reveals Possession of 9/11 Satellite Imagery: U.S. Complicit in False Flag Attack


Reports are slowly starting to flood unfiltered news sources that Putin is preparing to release evidence of the involvement of the US government in the attacks on 9/11, including satellite imagery. The original report was published on February 7th by the Russian political newspaper, Pravda (also in English).

Many have concerns of the validity of the report as Pravda is associated with the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Originating in 1912, Pravda was the leading newspaper of the Soviet Union, and even after it was sold off by Russian President Boris Yeltsin, it still sold millions of copies per day during its peak. The news source now only sells 100,000 copies per day and is considered by American critics to be a “conspiracy theory website that buys into everything anti-U.S. with non-satirical conviction.”

Regardless of one’s opinion on Pravda, the idea that Russia has been withholding evidence relating to the attacks on 9/11, and the U.S. government’s involvement, has been around for a while, even with reports that Putin claimed an inside job would be impossible. Some believe this is because it’s merely a rumor, while others believe Russia has been saving the evidence as political ammunition. Either way, Putin is bound to keep silent on the topic to the media.

It appears the first copy of this article to reach the U.S. was through Veterans Today:

“The article below was forwarded to us for publication in the U.S. and translated from Russian.”


Moscow (Pravda):  American experts believe that despite the fact that relations between the US and Russia reached the worst point since the Cold War, Putin delivered until Obama only minor troubles. Analysts believe that this is the “calm before the storm.” Putin is going to hit once, but he’s going to hit hard. Russia is preparing the release of evidence of the involvement of the US government and intelligence services in the September 11 attacks.

The list of evidence includes satellite images.

Published material can prove the US government’s complicity in the 9/11 attacks and the successful manipulation of public opinion. The attack was planned by the US government, but exercised using her proxy, so that an attack on America and the people of the United States looked like an act of aggression by international terrorist organizations.

The motive for deception and murder of its own citizens served US oil interests and the Middle East state corporations.

The evidence will be so convincing that it utterly debunks the official 9/11 cover story supported by the US government.

Russia proves that America is no stranger to using false flag terrorism against its citizens in order to achieve a pretext for military intervention in a foreign country. In the case of “the September 11 attacks,” the evidence will be conclusive satellite imagery.

If successful, the consequences of Putin’s tactics would expose the US government’s secret terrorist policies. The government’s credibility will be undermined and should bring about mass protests in the cities leading to an uprising, according to American analysts.

And as the United States will look on the world political arena? The validity of America’s position as a leader in the fight against international terrorism will be totally undermined giving immediately advantage to rogue states and Islamic terrorists.

The actual development of the situation could be much worse, experts warn.


Regardless of one’s position on the topic of 9/11, articles such as these have been appearing at increasing rates, as more people are becoming aware of the evidence that contradicts all the official reports. There are still those who fear that if Putin produced evidence of the U.S. government’s involvement in the 9/11 attacks, the U.S. will already have a plan to counter:

The U.S. government will attempt to use the Saudis and a few expendable individuals in the Bush administration as ‘fall guys’ to take the blame for an ostensibly unauthorized ‘inside job.’ According to 9/11 truthers, those officials in the Bush administration chosen to take the blame will be branded as rogue elements within the Bush administration who worked with the Saudis without the knowledge of the president and key officials of his administration.”

Only time will tell if the claims made by Pravda will come to fruition.

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Dinsdale, James. The Millennium Report. Feb 11, 2015. (http://themillenniumreport.com/2015/02/president-putin-reveals-911-satellite-imagery-evidence-indicating-usa-govt-complicity-in-false-flag-attack/)

Duff, Gordon. Veterans Today. Feb 10, 2015. (http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/02/10/pravda-putin-threatens-to-release-satellite-evidence-of-911/)


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  1. So weres the war crimes against the bush admin this country is fucked ran by power greed and ignorance it’s only time till were either destroyed by another country or more likely destroyed by our selves.. Revolution sounds legit between the police and the government lying to us we are heading towards something and it don’t look good

          • It’s the Internet. People have free licence to be rude when anonymous, although I am starting to wonder whether manners have become a quaint custom like afternoon tea. Get with the times, man!

        • It was a typo. It did not take away from his meaning. You must be one of the millions of trolls of the perpetrators of the crimes, so please go back to Israel and stay out of our country and stop trying to start arguments and in-fighting. ANY one is who rude to another and takes away from the goal of a new investigation should be considered a TROLL , and a part of the criminal internet soldiers trying to ruin our efforts of Justice and Peace for our World.

      • Good thing that wasn’t for you ya ignorant prick, there’s so many issues with this country and yet you single out a persons opinion haha people like you are what’s wrong with this country too blinded and self centered to look at a fellow person with respect sounds like you should be a politician.

        • They are not singling out your opinion. They are making the point that it is hard to put value on your statement when you write and talk like you are not smart enough to use basic English and grammar.

          Try sounding like you are smarter than a 5th grader.

          • This is the real problem with the world; people disregarding legitimate opinions because of a few grammatical errors. The only people we listen to are those with great speech, and many of those people tend to be people without great knowledge on the matter at hand. Many scientists (mostly chemists) that I know make quite a few mistakes in their writing, but are still some of the brightest people I know. While some of these people are hindered because English is their second language, others just struggle because their language skills aren’t up to par with everyone else. Once the world stops being run by English and Philosophy majors, and people that think they’re English and Philosophy majors, that’s when we’ll start to see some real change.

          • So we first have to study all kinds of languages before we may type over here? Fuck you, idiot. Maybe he IS a fifth grader or illigal alien. Who cares. All you control freaks are the problem. If one dont act like you would: it suddenly is a problem. Adapt, my dear fellow. Adapt and you will understand. Dont demand that the world around you adapt to you. Thats pretty much arrogant. But we americans are like that: everybody must be, write and act like us. Well: screw us!

            But i guess you stopped reading at my first sentence too. Again: fuck you. We dont care about your opinion about bad written opinions about other opinions about the opinion that bad written opinions fuck. And thats another (bad written) opinion. Sigh.

          • @Noice No, it doesn’t take a English major to take the time to proof read his statements for errors, this is just extremely lazy. Also, don’t put that something is the “Real problem with the world” this serves only to devalue your statement. After all such statements imply that compared to the rest of the world’s problems, this is the REAL one and if that’s true then I thank God that we don’t have any real, serious issues. Furthermore, both of my statements are dealing with conversation/Argument etiquette and they only require common sense.

      • You are resorting to a petty comment of lack of punctuation; where is your autocorrect? You are not discrediting his view point or statement; you are only showing the lack of intellect this country is downward spiraling to and the main reason that treason & subterfuge are easily exercised by our elected officials. In short, you’ve epitomized the asinine, self-centered/ obsessed asshole morality of our uneducated masses; whom are wrapped up in their own delusions. Congratulations (Askhole!) I would be more apt to peruse & comprehend your predecessors statement; post exposure to your drivel.

      • Your are a sad person who cares about that People like you need to learn that people who can’t write can still pull triggers,still burn houses,still save lives still give to others still care ect. Your sad sad life has no purpose only nitt picking at people . GET A LIFE SADO

      • ’tis true that Bush looked terrified where he sat there mesmerised. He probably would have been killed had he not towed the line. I reckon the powers and principalities (not the unseen ones, or maybe them too) were squeezing Mr. Bush. I don’t know why people vote – honest to G-d – in such good faith they do too. It’s not our place. I am of coursing talking from the point of a christian, a bad one, but a christian nevertheless and I do believe that ol’ book.

      • “Those who use their advanced knowledge to embarrass or humiliate others are the absolute worst. Yet, for whatever reason, language bullies don’t seem to get this, or they don’t care. ”
        You’re falling into the trap where you think everyone should have English as a first language. Mr Putin NEVER talks English and he was voted the most powerful person in the world. Young people probably up to about 40 just call you “old person” when you do this. In fact, they have a whole new language which you would not understand and it’s probably going to be the next great thing. American and England are the most single-lingual countries in the world. Expand you minds and don’t sweat the small things. It’s degrading, even for you. Net forums are conversational conduits, not classrooms.

      • it was a typo and he was typing quickly. Do not shoot the messenger over a typo. You must be one of the trolls. So bug out and go back to Israel.

        • I know a mensan kid who just cannot do language, no matter how much he is coached. But give him a math problem and he lights up like a bulb. Should such be banned from the net or should they get someone to write for them. All of his writ is in internet jargon. G-d help us against people who see grammar as the new frontier. Plus what about dyslexics? … aw forget it. U wnt undrstnd

    • I understood what he intended to say… English is my 5th language… stop crying and just listen what he has to say, if you don´t understand get some Hustler mag and have some fun

      • So you are a TROLL Too? This site if for 9/11 Comments and not for grammar corrections, so either please have kindness for each other and agree to disagree and honor the courage we all have to even post and stand up for Justice or please go back to your video games. It is past time for debates, It is time now for us all to Unite on the two things we DO actually agree on and that is #1 The 9/11 Commision was faulty and not the result of a Blue Ribbon Investigation and #2 It was a crime to remove the crime evidence from the crime scene. On those two points we all agree. And on those two points we can get into court and then all the rest will come out via science and witnesses What we need now, is a plan to get into court. We need to all unite across the Nation and the World, we have enough people who are awake. One suggestion and I welcome POSITIVE feedback only is this: We all go to a printer and have postcard sized or a bit larger YELLOW card printed with this wording: Dear _________ ( and fill in the government person’s name or attorney or professional you are sending it to ) and have 100 of them printed. Saying something to this effect simple and to the point. Possibly: I ______ ( full name) are writing to demand an investigation into the 9/11/2001 Attacks and the subsequent neglections and errors of the 9/11 Commission Report and further into the illegal removal of the evidence from the Crime scene. Use YELLOW Paper with large black font on a card. This card does not have an envelope and therefore does not have to go through such security as anthrax clearances as a letter does. And yellow is our international caution sign as we use on all our caution road signs. Send them to all your Senators and their dozens of representatives and to attorneys in your community and state for we do need them. And to any other important people who want. Send in mass numbers, the cost is your printing of the cards and the postage. Let us start this YELLOW CARD Campaign and get it viral. It is time for ACTION united As We the People. Will you do this good fellow Americans and Humans World and Country Wide. We have the internet to promote it. It can not hurt, and if hundreds upon thousands start pouring in, that may attack the main stream media as well. And it is certainly the Democratic Way for us to act, so we are following our laws and honoring our Constitution. Please reply and let us know what you think. Thank you for your time good people, and let us all be respectful, agree to disagree and unite so no more years go by with out action. Sincerely BenFranklin

    • If anyone thinks the U.S. government had some thing to do with 9/11 you are crazy!!!!!!!it was a real terrorist attack you fucking dumb asses !!!!!! And Obama had nothing to do with it .if you think so you must be a FUCKING RETARD !!!!!!!!we are not a communist country

      • I predict either of two things for you… either you will be very heartbroken when the truth comes out, or very angry.

        I also kindly suggest you try and look for all the information that is out there, watch 50 hours of youtube, read the things on the internet, and try to do so without any emotional attachment.

        Just watch and read, then see if you can see how all the puzzle pieces fit together.

        On the other hand, you can also just hang around doing nothing, but I promise you, it’s better to discover these things on your own terms.

        Best wishes.

        • I agree. If you hold any water with Ancient Greek philosophy, Aristotle once said and I’ll paraphrase what I remember: “Intelligence is being able to entertain an idea without accepting it.”

        • No matter what really happened, the public will only believe what the government says. Billions of tax dollars are spent every year programming publicly educated students to believe whatever is written in their text books. Please keep deflecting and avoiding these type of topics, the world would be upside down if the masses were expected to come up with their own conclusions.

      • Dave you are the FUCKING RETARD!!
        Open your fucking eyes dipshit. Ever wonder why less than 5 minutes after the buildings were hit EVERY news station reported Osama Bin Laden was to blame?
        OR how 1 news station reported building 7 collapse before it actually happened. FIGURE OUT RETARD.

        • Which networks were reporting that Bin Laden was to blame?

          WTC 7 had been severely damaged by debris and fire. The are around the building had been cleared of people already due to concerns about the building. No conspiracy necessary.

          • All of them were. One nobody at ground level said the buildings fell from office fires. Look at the hotel in dubai. Did that fall in its on footprint?

      • Oh Davie boy you have been ill informed. Don’t you understand the concept of manipulation? It’s a scientific fact at this point. The way those buildings fell was an utter physical incapability. Unless….

        • Smaller buildings have been hit by bigger planes and did not turn to dust and rubble. it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know thea was a bomb in the building.

    • Just use auto punctuate like the rest of of superior beings choosing to complain about something like punctuation instead of offering a quality response to what reads to me as a perfectly fine example!!!! Didn’t think we were here to address people’s grammer. I thought it was a place to chat about interesting topics and events!!! I myself couldn’t hold a candle to 99% of you on this site education wise. I do however thoroughly enjoy reading the daily Q&A’s. So some of us lowly bugs out here spent more time in the field doing what some of you have only read about!!! Punctuate away!!! And feel free to needlessly criticize!!! I promise I’ll try my best to properly punctuate ur million dollar towing bill when ur proper punctuation fails to fix that simple leak that has you stranded roadside!!!!

    • If you actually did your research you would conclude that the zionist party of 1911 in cooperation with Terminator did 9/11 as well as blowing up many layers of the ozone layer
      Open your eyes sheeple
      The end is on us.

      ALso how do I run away from Nasa?

  2. this has been reported dozens of times from different media outlets over the past 2+ years. I looked into it a few months ago. Hope its true, truth shall set us free. Politicians – do time.

    • Disappointing that AnonHQ doesn’t double-check each information against duplicate, false news or badly documented news. And any “Anonymous” should know that the .RS domain extension is for Serbia not Russia (.RU), also note that the website page is written in srpski (serbian), not russian. So Pravda isn’t a russian newspaper, nor a political newspaper 😉

      “Hope its true, truth shall set us free.”
      Yes me too, but we know how successful the urban legends are on the web, above all about conspiracy theories. So it becomes more difficult to don’t mix those informations between what is true and what isn’t to usual next-door peoples. Because urban legends often say what so-called revolted peoples sitting in their comfortable sofa want to hear, this kind of false news may have more and more success.

      Thanks for sharing this info, joe

      • Thomas:

        The website’s page is written in Cyrillic not srpski. It is used in both Russian and Serbian languages. Srpski itself is just a dialect of the slavic Yugoslavian language which is also comprised of Bosanski, Montenagrin, Macedonin, Croat, and Slovenski.

        • Brym, seems you mixing things about former Yugoslavia …
          First of all there is not only one Cyrillic alphabet but more, for example a Russian Cyrillic and a Serbian Cyrillic alphabet. both look similar, but are not the same …
          Secondly, Srbski (or Serbian to use the correct English name of that language) is not a dialect only. Here you have to look into Yugoslavia history. Yugoslavia has been formed by Tito combining a couple of smaller countries / counties with their own herritage: Slovenia (spoken language: Slovenian, Slowenacki), Croatia (spoken language: Croatian, Hrvatski), Serbia (mainly spoken language Serbian, Sprbski), Bosnia and Herzegovina (mixed culture with 3 main languages: Serbian, Croatian, Bosnakian), Montenegro and Macedonia. Part of Serbia from History was Kosovo (now mainly people with Albanic herritage) and Vojvodina (multicultural area with towns and cities of Albanic, Hungarian, Slowakian, German and other herritages. Tito and his government built up the SerboCroatioan language that combines Serbian and Croatian in one language.
          Pravda is generally a Russian newspaper, but there is a Serbian version (or branch or whatever you might call it) in place.

          • Voievodina=Banatul de Sud
            Voievodina a devenit o zona multietnica prin colonialism . In 1919 a fost complect ramaneasca .

    • You are truly insane – regardless of what he reveals – it’s a son of a bitch. Number of people that died because of him is unfreaking belivable – you obviously posted without thinking much.

        • U dnt perchance think they’re all (ALLLL!) in cahoots and serving other bosses? ALL of them? How do you guage who to stand in line for to vote. How much do you know about the left and right wing of a vulture – okay so Hillary is outright pro abortion, then CNN tells us a moving story re 3 embryos (blastocysts??) BABIES they were called who were saved during Katrina and now they’re happy children. Clinton News Network showed THAT?? wow sometimes I stand in wonderment. Was a moving story though, even though CNN reported it. Strange how THOSE were called babies.

        • It’s a fact that zero american soldiers have died since Obama has taken office. Any time they report a us casualty, its a phony report.

          • Truth be told; the only casualties that count seems to be American soldiers?? It comes off very narrow-minded Nary. VERY.

          • Wow proves what you know. Yeah no westerners may have died,but how many Afghan people have died from drones sent by him? Ps answer is thousands.

          • U have lost your Damn mind….many troops have died under Obama’s watch….i can think of 6 right now ….the six men searching for that traitor bo bergdaul. ….I don’t know what u been smoking or how far u have your head up Obama’s ass but u need to pull it out and look around and play catch up…..people like you is how we got this sorry ads president!

          • You are so very wrong! I have been there and lost very close friends! Obama took office while I was deployed in Baghdad, since that time I can count 9 soldiers from my sister unit that were killed in Afghanistan. You my friend are blinded by liberal smoke and mirrors!

      • i have to wonder.. have you counted the dead bodies since 9/11 that the US and her allies are responsible for? please remember to factor in the soldiers that have committed suicide as well.. tho not dead, there are countless innocent people that are physically and mentally damaged for life.. don’t be pointing fingers when your own are covered in blood and the likes of Cheney, Silverstein, and their buddies are rolling in the billions…
        (if you don’t like my grammar i really don’t care..)

    • Interesting statements…History has a way of repeating itself, wether for individuals or nations. Historically, nations controlled by the very few mega wealthy are also manipulated by forces of higher intelligence that give these few knowledge the masses are not privy to. This is the basis of Illuminati, in itself illumination is not evil, but then where is goodness to be seen without evil known? In other words, knowledge is Both good and evil, not separate. It is the decisions made from knowing that counts most. There is a much deeper scheme and agenda going on that most are either ignorant about or are overlooking. There are less than 1% persons on earth who hold the most wealth, power and even knowledge the remaining 99.999+% do NOT have. Obviously by the overall conditions of the world they are abusing that Power… that is what makes the Illumination “evil”, not the knowledge itself or even the power. The use of the power. Satan is a force of evil yet also The Revealer of truth. Same coin with two sides… that Satanic force is the evil of knowing yet against love/The Creator and mankind. This Lucifer or Illumination is not a person, but a spirit, the spirit of knowing and yet against The love that unites and makes things grow into blessings. It is not one nation or one person behind this plot to rule earth with a dark hand, it is the combined effort of many yet few, they are amused at our bickering about who is to blame, because meanwhile the scheme is playing out into their hands almost flawlessly… but WAIT, divine order has Already ruled that the end results will NOT favor them! The Creator has already chosen His Kingdom Power that will rule the earth in love, power and true peace. Read the scrolls of,Daniel ch 2 and 7. Their are prophecies from various tribes that explain the similar just using a different language context. The hoppis and Mayans saw a vision of Gods chosen luminous ones who will usher mankind into a New Erra of Goodness. Same themes exist in various places of prophecies among nations. The power misused by The Satanic forces of this cosmos ultimately will not deter the Universal Plan… in fact they are KEY PIECES actually designed into its manifestation. No threat or power has seen or heard of The Divine Plan, not even the forces,of good (many call them angels of light) can detail the mighty hand of The Creator at work. Do not fret the puny plans of the power mungers among this world, their schemes are as we speak undoing their own safe havens, as you read this many of them are already trying to hide from the inevitable conclusion… no nation or power or person can undo The Mighty Plan of The Universal Soverign and All Power, we have come to call Yaweah or Jehovah. The evil schemes are parts of the very story already written.

  3. bill maur tv host-actor said the usa had to have involvement we strongest nation in the world to allow this,he said some groups in usa did it blame it on a hermit man overseas…it was in the game ps 2 the date,time plane going in the twin tower in a secret room on a dark poster in locker room this was before 911 also bug bunny cartoon dog go crazy talks on world twin tower going down plane comming to it i said wtf…also was other cartoons and stuff predicting it…why this happen read this These Journals are the words of Truth which God promised he would send forth at the endtimes

  4. I respect you guys, I really do. Keep up the good work. That said, I think it is highly unlikely that Americans will ever find out the real truth. I think the “best truth” we could hope for would be revealed in the money trail. I believe that 9/11 was used to move massive, and I mean MASSIVE amounts of money from USA to ???? If it is even possible – can the money trail ever be validated? I think it’s not likely. I’d bet dollars to donut-holes that the govt can’t/won’t account for even a small percentage of the funds. I’ll bet it just “disappeared” because it certainly didn’t rebuild any “infrastructure” or any hospitals, or….. well, what DID it rebuild? For all the truckloads of $100 bills we sent them, what do we have to show for it? 9/11 was the biggest money scam in all of history. That’s my nickels worth. -SF

    • it was not because of money it was created for israel to mobilize christians and others against the islamic believe… 4.5 trillion – war on terror cost to us taxpayers thats true but mainly it was not that…LAWS CHANGED!!! precious civil liberties removed by the patriot act, military commissions act, department of homeland security, TSA and NDAA!!!
      today americans can be subject to search and seizure without a warrant – detained and imprisoned indefinitely without charge, evidence, lawyer and a fair trial… or even tortured (guantanamo) or murdered (drones) merely for being accused of being associated with terrorism… same with hebdo and europe… its all part of the plan to create a world government or NWO

        • I second that motion.

          I remember the day I put all puzzle pieces together.
          For the first time in 15 years, I cried, could not stop for 20 minutes.

          And I think that would be my advice for the people here in the comments. Tone down the aggression, uncovering the truth is difficult, painful and it F-ING HURTS.

          So instead of raising the emotions, try to tone them down and show people where to look. Do not ‘engage’ in a discussion, just lead.

          • Actually, cried is an understatement.

            I was bawling, streams down my face.

            I think my soul was crying.

      • Anyone who thinks that 9/11 was NOT for the MONEY are ALL idiots!! What does money do? It brings power and with power comes control. Through the events of that day things happened that “the powers that be” cannot explain. Why were certain people told not to fly? Why was the Strategic Air Command told to stand down that day? How exactly does a plane get NEAR the Pentagon? WTC #7…how did it exactly fall? No one EVER explained that one! And what did it hold inside? Records that someone wanted to BURY! The Pentagon was hit by a “plane?” With NO video evidence or any debris of anything resembling a plane EVER found…not ONE witness who claimed to have seen the plane anywhere NEAR that airspace…yeah…nice “story!” And guess what was destroyed in that tiny, little hole made in the walls of the Pentagon…? Yep…computers that held records of financial transactions. Do the research. Follow the money…the trail is there. Go to YouTube and watch the Jesse Ventura conspiracy show on 9/11. How do you think “the powers that be” have made money EVER since WWII?!? Yep…it worked to get the U.S. out of the Great Depression so hey…why not use it as an excuse to make MORE money? Keep the wars and conflicts going so those like Haliburton can keep making money off of WAR!!! That is TREASONOUS and deserves DEATH!

        • Yep yep yep…money buys power & POWER buys EVERYTHING ELSE! Control of global resources, blanket dis-info campaigns, ability to quell or squash any organization that attempt to uncover their truth, total media ownership, and murder….just to name a few. That is why Anon and others are so terribly important. WE ARE AWAKE. WE ARE MANY. WE DO NOT FORGIVE. WE DO NOT FORGET. Everyone keep doing whatever u can to expose this world cartel of criminals!

        • You remind me of Drunk Uncle from SNL…expect more drunk. You have a few valid points, but you sound like a maniac.

    • I couldnt agree more…WTC 7 housed tons of financial documents..and what about the announcement on 9/9 or 9/10 that a ‘sum’ of money had gone missing? I dont have sources right in front of me now but over the years the evidence is piling up…much like the $$$ that was made from instigating many of the world conflicts then and now. ALWAYS….FOLLA THE DOLLA!!!

    • Of course it was for the money….and the continued reaping of $$$ and fraudulent justification to overthrow smaller countries/govts for their resources. When there is no $$$ left, the final global power will be COMPLETELY in the hands of only those with water, O2, sunlight, trees and the systems infrastructure to distribute those absolute necessities. As if anyone will ‘take care’ of us?? Does anyone on this site actually believe that will occur?? NEVER. We are disposable humans to the Illuminati…no more relevant than a broken laptop. Once its usefulness is exhausted, into the landfill it goes. ALWAYS….FOLLA THE DOLLA!!

  5. Personally I think Bush, Cheney, Rice & Rumsfeld should be hung, in public on live TV
    for crimes against humanity & high treason, followed by a large procession of bribed traitors to the citizens of the US, Boehner, like the French did

    • So I assume we should get our torches and pitchforks,and go about like we’re in godamm Braveheart? Might as well, it would go along with public hanging and anarchy and such

    • You are forgetting the Rockefellers, the Clintons.
      Basically anyone in the Bilderberg group.

      (if they meet up a few times a year,
      how difficult would it to be to drop a little (or not so little) bomb there?)

    • Holen Sie sich das Chrome-Browser, und geben Sie die Google Translate Addon, um Webseiten zu übersetzen. Sorry, wenn mein Deutsch ist ausgeschaltet, verwendet übersetzen für diese Nachricht.

    • Did you mean the Reichstagfire? I don’t know whether they burned churches as well (very likely)
      But the Nazis(not all German people)are best known for allegedly burning the Reichstag and blaming it on a Communist called van der Lube. Never proven though.

    • YouTube in Britain here there was a reporter telling us that wtc 7 had collapsed and it was as clear on the nose on your face that it was still standing perfectly in the background when she was reporting it. So the script was made out for her but she read it out too early. Checkout sandyhook also actors laughing before they came on camera claiming to be the father of one of the children then when he thought the camera ws rolling he went into his dress rehearsal. WAKE UP USA the world is laughing at you

  6. EL Baghdadi the so called ISIS leader is but a US man brought in through Muslim names to pitting Islam against Christianity( Freemasonry by theosophy – the Biblical false Prophet to Zech 5) This thug on whom is written the words “American” all over, clearly reflects Obama unto the No. of the beast, as revealed in Daniel “He will not regard the god of his fathers but a strange god, a god of forces” that is saying of the present US Pharaoh whose deceit becomes revealed by the said Prophecy.

    • I think you are connecting the wrong dots.
      No question the whole administration is horrible, but you should demonize the system, not the person.

  7. I just fear not enough people will believe it, cant see how sattelite imagery will confirm an inside job . Unless it showed a missile really hit the Pentagon, and a Jet fighter shot down that plane that crashed into the ground, it wont show anything else about two planes that hit the twin towers as everyone knows and has seen that, though building 7 is still a MYSTERY?.

  8. Hard to understand what satellite imagery will reveal which on the spot pictures didn’t catch? Unless they can show that the planes were missiles? Or even that there were no planes or missiles (and that opens up a whole can of photo-shopped worms!) and it was all done with internal explosions? It would be interesting to see this if this satellite evidence exists.

    • I don’t know if you are ready for this:

      1) The columns of the towers were weakened with thermite.
      2) Two thermo-nuclear bombs were detonated
      in the towers to bring them down.
      3) Tens of thousands people that helped with the clean-up
      are now dead or dying of radiation related sickness.
      4) Satellites can track atomic radiation.
      5) They can tell where the bombs were stored before they
      were moved into the towers.

      Yes, I am aware that this all sounds totally nuts.
      But there is more prove of this, than that there is for the weapons of mass destruction…

      • That is absolutely spot on. In order to bring those towers down, there would’ve needed to be an incredible amount of heat produced to weaken the steel framework of the towers. A commercial airliner would’ve never reached the temps required at the peak of any explosions the fuel could produce.

  9. Good article, even though it’s just a reminder
    I’ve known about this sattelite imagery for 10 years, but I’ve never seen it myself.
    Note that General Leonid Ivashov, who was chief of staff of the Russian armies on 9/11, and therefore had access to all military surveillance data, has long been publicly saying and writing that 9/11 was an inside job. He actually participated in a conference in Brussels in 2005 (“Axis for Peace”) that was organized by Thierry Meyssan, the first and best debunker of the 9/11 official story. As a 5-star general, Ivashov would not communicate in such a way without Kremlin approval. In fact there was a deal between Putin and G. W. Bush on 9/11, basically “don’t mess with us and we won’t go public”.
    But the CIA and MI6 did mess with Russia too much, in particular by giving a green light to Basaiev, long known as a MI6 asset, for carrying out the Beslan school massacre in Sept. 2004.
    So Ivashov going public about 9/11, in 2005, was no coincidence. Let’s wait and see.

  10. If you really have the TRUTH, why on earth stay anonymous. Completely illogical. The whole world would back you up and you could earn a lot of money. Your being anonymous bears witness that you are very uncertain about your Truth.

    • We may know the truth, but we are not organised.
      This is both a strength and a weakness.

      As a collective (meme) we are powerful.
      But each individual is weak.

      What is needed is a critical mass of individuals,
      enough of them that you can not disrupt the collective
      by taking out an individual.

      That is what the internet is currently building and the time will come when we succeed.

      The tone of your comment seems to be a bit antagonistic,
      I would kindly request you keep an open mind and try to do some research yourself.

      One of the more entertaining ways to learn more is to take a look at the trews channel of Russell Brand, if you can stand him.

      His mind and mouth are very fast working, so it’s not for everyone.

      If you want to learn more, reply to my comment.
      There is plenty of REAL information I can guide you to.

  11. It would be nice if its true but I dought it will come to light. There are many Americans who believe it was bullshit. Like someone said you just follow the money earned. Our Vice President made two fortunes, the Bush Family been tied into Saudi’s for years. During the war a trillion dollars went missing and was never found.

  12. Watch the 9/11 video footage of one of the twin towers collapsing. It is very obviously a controlled demolition. Anyone that watches the footage can tell.

  13. I hope it happens. I have been donating $ for years to AE911Truth waiting for this day as it could wake a large number of people up to the truth of the US government. I see it as our best “hope” for change. If this is released, can you imagine the propaganda that will be released by MSM to counter this info. If Bush, Chaney and the bunch could be labeled as the terrorists they are, they have no legal rights, the result of the legislation that has been brought about to protect against terrorists (LOL). That would be a boomerang to put it mildly. This could create a much better future than we are now facing. YES! My guess is that the plan is already in place to protect the 9/11 perpetuators.

  14. I don’t know why all of this is just now coming out on here. This was brought out back in early Feb! All of this is OLD NEWS!!

    • The whole world is moving in on exposing 9-11.

      Don’t you think the people who are not carrying guns in the middle east are not sick of the fighting? One way of exposing 9-11 should be to use television, since American television has about the same level of censorship as RussiaToday has on anything negative on Putin, no American will see that.

      And it’s the American People that need to know the truth, the rest of the world already knows but does not have the power to make a change in American politics. So what is happening now is, as I said in a comment elsewhere in this thread, is critical mass building.

      Flood the internet with as much information as possible, at the off-change that you will reach Americans that were ‘ready to wake up’.

      If that required the re-hashing of some old information, why not.
      It’s effective.

      This is the most active comment thread in ages.

  15. I’d be more than happy for the U.S to fall and for Russia to become the world’s new #1 superpower. I have seen first-hand what the U.S has done to the middle-east in their hunt to for precious resources to bail their country out of poverty. I thought it would end after Bush but what Obama started in Syria was even worse.

    Bring on the red and gold.

  16. The Zionist Central-Bankers have caused and profited from each and every conflict of the past 350 years. 9/11 and the UK 7/7 was a Zionist Jewish plan to further the aims of “Planet Israel”, the ZioNazis are hellbent on fulfilling the Talmudic plan of 2000 goy slaves working for each Talmudic-terrorist.

  17. I must say I find it hard to understand why there was no video of the pentagon “plane” hitting and no video evidence of plane debris.you would think there would be banks of cameras pointing at the pentagon not to mention tourists taking pics etc? that makes you wonder.

    • The FBI secured video tapes from 85 surveillance cameras within 30 min’s after the attack and the contents are of course still classified… They also captured tapes from a nearby gas station and a hotel. IF those recordings actually proved that Flight 77 slammed into the Pentagon they would’ve shown us all long ago. That they got away with the most obvious lie of them all on that day just shows how easily you can cheat the ‘sheeple’ when they are scared…! Look at the evidence – holes in the E, D, AND C ring of the Pentagon, the hole in the C ring even circular as if the fuselage of the 757 made of fairly thin aluminum could penetrate 3 massive concrete steel inforced walls, it’s ridiculous! Plane allegedly hit in a 45 degree angle, not even straight on! Rumsfeld announced the day before that the Ministry of Defence couldn’t account for 2.3 TRILLION $ spent. The offices that were blown up housed – yeah – the accounting dept.! Employees with knowledge were destroyed, so were computers and documents! Rumsfeld 10 – 15 min’s later walking around on the lawn, obviously well knowing that the attack was over with no more to come… The whole plane vaporized into the building yet they managed to identify all passengers by finger prints and DNA! Listen to Barbara Honegger’s 3 hr ‘lecture’ on this if you wanna know the full story in details…

    • What hit the Pentagon was a CruiseMissle, fired from a German build, Israeli submarine, as a demonstration of the Israeli capabilities.

      Israel is currently receiving number 4 out of 6 of these.
      It was Israel’s way of saying, ‘Obey’, or we can send a nuclear bomb anywhere we like.

      If you have been following the actions of American Congress lately, you can see that it is dancing to the tune of the Israeli Piper.

  18. People will believe what they want to believe, this is an independent video from a french & swiss firm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVDdjLQkUV8 showing the plan did hit the pentagon, not what others want to believe.

    Sat images can be altered, if this was such a big deal they would of leaked it immediately.

    Opinions are like A**h**les they all stink, and there is only one truth out there, and I remember that day. The people that actually saw the planes know the truth. Can’t change that.

    Then people will say the pilots were.. because they have to change what they believe and tried to purport, don’t be stupid. What happened is a tragic attack.

    • Excuse me but watching that video proves you wrong. You can see people at normal speed going twords the explosion. Have you ever seen what a plane looks like? Huge! You would have seen a much much much larger object hitting the building if it where a plane even at full speed,. The poles where most likely rigged. Nice try though. We aren’t that stupid…

  19. How about stop talking about doing it, and do it. Stop saying you are going to release info, and just release it. Ugh.

  20. Mossad would have to be worried about this if it’s true, seeing they were the main player in the 9/11 op with CIA, FBI, Bush/Cheney… help

    • Many ‘pressures’ are currently building up in the world.

      Good forces,
      bad forces,
      unseen forces,
      visible but hidden forces.

      Anyone who can not feel we are reaching a boiling point needs to get his radar checked.

      So here are my (totally worthless) predictions.
      We WILL reach a boiling point, but when?

      a) before the end of September. Us military is going to do an ‘exercise’ that is going to ‘occupy’ 6 states for a period of three months. Some feel this is a ‘dry-run’ to see how American people feel about Martial Law. On the other hand, at the end of three months they will ‘own’ those 6 states, who says they’ll stop? ISIS anyone?

      b) The ‘exercise’ is just that, the boiling point will be reached when the dollar collapses. Max Keiser says it will be within the next 18 months (buy physical gold), he has been right on quite a number of issues, you might want to look into that.

      c) The NWO is not yet ready with their preparations for the boiling point, and they will wait until after the elections (incidentally, also 18 months) when the rigged elections have been able to put the most war-mongering president possible in place. From that point it is likely less than a year before a new ‘false flag operation’ will ignite the situation.

      d) the internet is successful, critical mass is reached, many heads will roll and one country (state really) will be wiped of the face of the earth.

      Obviously I am hoping for (d), but as my earlier prediction/options show, I think we are on a very short timeframe.

      About (a) I suggest people just start shooting, they’re supposed to be carrying blanks. If there ever was a chance…..

    • Actually, if you follow the lyrics of the song,

      It’s about a man that is going through a (probably drug induced, likely LSD trip) experience of euphoria and depression.

      He sees insincere people around him (jokers, clowns) and is losing touch with reality, but he is too scared to act, and so, he is stuck in the middle.

      By quoting the lyrics, you are saying, YOU ARE THAT MAN.

      It’s a wonderful song.

  21. Even if this turns out to be true (which it most likely is), everyone will put the blame on Obama even though the Bush administration were the ones that did it… ijs

  22. The difference between Americans and British is that we british never believed in a foreign Attack, we always knew ist a inside Job.
    The Fakts are that your moving towards a Police state with no rights and no future, unless you belong to the rich 1% of Americans.
    How many of my brothers from the USA joined the US-Army and went to fight a war in two countries and died there just because the top 1000 People wanted more Money. Iraq and Lybia was a currency war and Afghanistan was and is for Lithium and other resources. Thats what your brothers, your sons, your husbands are and was fighting for and ist not over. Wake up, there is no Politition who tells the truth.
    Oh by the way I have a 100 Pound Sterling bet on Hilery becomming the next president and the Quote is realy bad, therefore more or less a safe bet.
    I hope it changes to the good for my American brothers and sisters

  23. It’s time to remove the whole Saudi Regime. We as a people can bring these criminals to Justice! Time to change the country’s name back to the original. Arabia!

  24. Lol all of you idiots give me such a good laugh! Then the realization kicks in that you people actually believe your own nonsense. How boring and sad your lives must be to actually think the horribly stupid things you do. Whats scary is how many of you idiots there are. 9/11 was a terrorist attack. Thats the only truth there is. Move on with your pathetic selves and try to find some other meaning in life.

    • Let me teach you the most important rule of online-discussion.

      He who resorts to NAMECALLING first,
      LOSES !

      Now that is out of the way, I am free to react on your diatribe in a manner fitting to your attitude.

      This was the most ambiguous, self contradicting, nonsensical and uninformed comment on this post. Going by the flak ‘sam’ received for his contribution, I would have to say, congratulations, you have reached a new low.

      See how much more fun it is to insult somebody if you are capable to string a few sentences together in a meaningful manner?

      Now ask yourself, what have I achieved by insulting you?

      a) Nothing
      b) I won
      c) I made sure you will never listen to anything I say? (I lost)

      Now I ask you, to please ignore anything I have written in this comment, and ask yourself this question.

      “Am I hateful or a loving person?”
      “Why am I reacting in such a aggressive/antagonistic level?”
      “What about these events angers me to such an extend, that I feel the need to assault/intimidate/name-call total strangers on the internet?”

      Or, you can start calling me names.
      The choice is yours.

  25. There couldn’t possibly be anything from a satellite image that could tell a story about what happened. Give it a rest, runt dog putin.

  26. how can I join you anonymous I am really sick over the corruption in the world
    and is there anyway I can support you anonymous through bitcoins or other means of donations and payments like I said I will support you in any way I can even let you use my computer use

    • The point of anonymous is to be anonymous…. anyone can be, because it’s no religion, no “club”, it is simply an idea….

  27. This is Pravda we’re talking about…. They’re made up of lies and bullshit, if Russia had legitimate evidence of the U.S. using a false flag then this would have been released to the International Community 10 years ago… Pravda has been reporting this crap for years with no evidence backing their claim, all they do is promote their communist regime, Anonymous already knows that Russia employs people to specifically promote Russia through proxies and supposed legitimate news sources. This crap is no different, don’t fall for it my fellow Anons.

  28. Hi,

    Firstly! I’m sorry for my bad English as it’s not my mother tongue (I’m French) and be tolerant:)

    After I have watched several video about what happened in the 09/11, I personnaly think that this attack is a perfect false flag attack from the US gouvernment!

    Who can beilieve that Planes can be taken on a city and land on towers in the US ? The NORAD should have seen it hours before the attack and the process in this case is to send F16 or others to intercept and destroy if needs. However the same day, there was a “simulation on an attack” at NORAD at the same time and we the same amount of planes and the same target !!

    Who can seriously believe this ? The same thing happened in London in the Metro Attack in 2005.. Same simulation of an attack on the metro, the very same day at the same time !!

    If you country can loose planes for hours, there is a problem somewhere and your country is not safe at all!!

    Anyway, Im not a hater of Americans and I can say that if I could go to leave there (love it :)I would do it.

    But come on! Bush did the same shit with the Irak and month after (when it’s far too late)we got to know that it was bullshit and they never found anything !!

    Poutine won’t show anything as he is scare of what USA can give against him and they can even make him broke, they all are just fucking retards with power!!

    If we had enough balls and a minimum of organisation we could shut downm all this bastards.

    I see people clapping about Obama, in the system as you have in US, whatever the candidates say during the election, it’s the one with more money who win! That should make you think who pay for that (so for who is the benefit) and you will get your answer of who Obama is speaking for.

    Anyway I don’t coment a lot as my English is bad but from my point of view USA gouverment killed his own people.


  29. Europa ruft Amerika !

    Hallo ! In dem Artikel steht die Jahreszahl 1912. Das war vor dem I.Weltkrieg. Da gab es noch keine Sowjetunnion.
    Und wir hier in Europa kennen das Kasperleteater, was die US-Regierungen mit ihrem Volk macht.
    Bevor eure Regierung euch verscheißert hat und den Rest der Welt damit auch, war die Geschichte mit “Antrax” ! Die so schlimmen “Top-Terroristen”.

    Alles nur weil das Volk der DDR die Grenze aufgemacht hat und damit für die Kalten-Krieger ihr Arbeit zu Ende war, mußte sofort ein neuer Feind her !

    Der militärisch industrieelle Komplex (MiK) nagt am Hungertuch. Und damit das nicht so bleibt, geht er über Leichen. Selbst die des eigenen Volkes.

  30. This is an old report from a year ago. Never happened. I’ve always wondered about stories like this, what do the people who genuinely believe them do when they invariably turn out to be untrue? Do you admit you were wrong? Does it make you question your preconceived notions? Or do you just immediately forget it and move on the the next conspiracy, because this one is like, *totally* true, man!!!! Honest question.

  31. I’m not sure it would have the impact that he hopes for. Most people are aware that the dots don’t line up on this one (whether or not they admit it). I don’t think anyone would be all that shocked.

  32. I feel a loss of hope that the paradigm will ever be shifted or broken, it’s just repeated “this is happening soon” stuff, over and over. loss of hope.

  33. For all those one this forum who think it was a terrorist attack i say this to you… ahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha ignorance is bliss.

    Your own GENERAL said it was an inside job, financed by mossad to install proxie regimes in the middle east.

  34. Just saying both IRAQ wars had noting to do with 911 really they were to do with saddan hussian and the one in afghanistan was mainly to get rid of the Tailban not the one the USA said did the attack.

    Looking at the most likey reason the USA government did a inside job was so they could buy oil off saudi arabia and sell them military hardware.

    However the UK’s relationship with Oman dates back to 1798 and is do to with the fact Oman helped the UK with oil and India and also supports the UK,Oman
    Has noting to do with 9/11.

  35. Any one who thinks this was anything but an inside job has absolutely no clue what they are looking at. Example: The towers hit the ground in free fall after a single plane hits 2/3 rds of the way up or more! These buildings fell as fast as if a rock was dropped from the top of the building in thin air. Geez! The truth of the matter is no longer the issue. We are most likely going to experience things like never before shortly. Also forget this event. Regardless of the results of the truth, there is no stopping what will go down globally within 35 to 50 yrs. Only a miracle from external help will alleviate the course we are on and betting on our nature to do a 180 in this time frame is highly unlikely unless again a miracle occurs. This species is most likely here for reasons that have nothing to do with our visable history or what most think. I know this sounds crazy but so didn’t the earth being round only a few hundred years ago.

  36. BRICS and IMF are in war and the IMF is like a child who cry, because it lose his toys(a lots of money),it’s alright if putin said the truth about the black operations of the pentagone.

  37. Even though I was only a year old by that time, learning about that event made my heart break into little pieces. So many lost their lives that unfortunate day, and I’ve always prayed that they were okay already years after.

    But it makes me sadder that this report may be a large probability after all.

    American… USA people always astounded me, but truthfully not the government. It’s like my country; lots of normal people to admire, but not a good government and reputation to back it up. I’ve met a few of normal Americans, and they’re nice. Call me naive, but with US history, it’s help to families and the efforts of normal marines, armies, and even normal people makes me happy.

    Getting news that an ‘inside job’ might have happened or the government actually arranged all of this makes me angry. How could they do that? They lost thousands of people to something like that?

    It’s sad. I don’t want to see US fall because it’s government was too controlling… but I don’t also want to see it fall because of the ignorance that surrounds the whole country.

    I hope that even all throughout the reports, troubles, and even reformations that may probably happen… the US will still be that amazing country that fought for liberty and freedom.

    Because I know that the government is not the base of all Americans.


  38. Anonymous is Full of shit , they are Agents working together with the governments , deceiving everything into thinking they’re on our side. this is a LIE!!! do not be taken by these dumb bastards calling themselves Anonymous . just cause the media reported on this and don’t know whom they are makes it all more Believable , well its not . they are Agents !!!. in time you will see the bull shit that these people are.

    • All I can see is how blind, unread, and thick skulled you are. You must really believe what you type on that keyboard of yours, IRL, and the crap you spew to support our crooked govt. Your asshole must be jealous of the shit that pops into your head, and comes out of your mouth. I can buy the fact that you have been dumbed down, but cannot fathom the thought that you choose to believe the govt line. May your brain awake someday, and fill you in on some basic truths about this world. Not knowing the truth is not what makes you ignorant; Refusing to know the truth is what makes you ignorant.


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