Germany Angry At NATO For Lying & Propaganda In Ukraine Crisis


As indicated by a media report, NATO, in their open evaluations of the Ukraine crisis, has found out that Russia could not have played less than an enormous part in this war. This wild accusation is what drives the incomparable commandant of NATO, Philip Breedlove, and the endeavors of the central government to conciliate the Ukraine emergency. Breedlove and Americans would fuel the conflict, as opposed to adding to its possible resolution. Furthermore, they put the validity of the whole NATO organization at risk because of military promulgation.

Towards the beginning of the emergency, Breedlove sent forty thousand soldiers, which in collaboration with the Ukrainian forces, stood at the border ready to assault at anytime. Intelligence services of the NATO nations disagreed with this action as it had acted to fundamentally lessen soldiers and their arrangement, as it is not indicated as an intrusion.

In November of 2014, it was reported with reference to the OSCE, that tanks, gunnery, air safeguard frameworks and battle troops had crossed the fringe. However, the OSCE only reported that units had moved inside Eastern Ukraine.

Later, discussions were had with Russian military advisor(s) in the Ukraine, and in February when Angela Merkel in Minsk arranged a truce, fifty Russian tanks and many Russian rocket launchers crossed the border into the Ukraine. The German Secret Service (BND) could not confirm this, in spite of the fact that it has its own satellite imagery and exchanges with United States intelligence organizations.

March brought some hope; generally as hope emerges in Germany on a lasting holding truce, says, Russia was with more than a thousand battle vehicles, battle troops and gunnery brigades in eastern Ukraine.

The Federal Government was persuaded that Russian supporters and the separatists direct military. It depends on the knowledge of the BND.

The Mirror stated, that in a sufficient point of interest, the area of the Chancellery, that it can be accepted that the administration has the medium to fuel this secret data; with the intentions to apply further pressure without taking any chances. The Embassy of the Federal Government to NATO and the US stated that the disputable appraisals of the circumstance could harm the reputation of the West. However with established contentions, its messages simply are to spread peace. The Federal Government urged allies to support the peace process.

Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier tried not to take the differences too highly, because it was true that he had twice, inquiries can be imposed because the private information with those of NATO or the United States are not entirely consistent; it should not arise dispute, Steinmeier stated.

Nevertheless, the impressions that the differences between Germany and the United States are now held by improper means were formed. Germany wants a militarily intervene in the Ukraine and does not want to damage the relationship with Russia further. The United States wants above all to prevent Russia to continue to expand its influence and are willing to take drastic measures. Barrack Obama would agree to the delivery of weapons if it weren’t for Merkel, especially because the Republicans who controlled congress are urging him to do so.

Breedlove is one of the agitators in this matter. He demands that the West should not exclude arms shipments. The suspicion is that they want to influence those associated with acute situation assessments and political decisions.

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  1. It is ridiculous that the journalist is still arrogant enough to use “the Ukraine.” I couldn’t take the article serious after a minuscule, yet grand informality.

    • If you actually studied Ukraine and Russian history, you’ll realise The Ukraine is the proper term for things. but anyways nowadays things are not defined by truth, but what is convenient for the west ))

      • ha, you couldnt be more wrong friend. ‘the’ ukraine was used by the USSR as an attempt to remove the foreingity from ukraine, to remind the people that ukraine is a part of russia.

        people of ukraine are actually offended by the use of it.

      • Buddy, I am an Ukrainian myself and I know the right term to say my own country. “The Ukraine” was a term used for Ukraine in USSR and prior to its independence. After the fall of the Soviet Union, “The Ukraine” became merely “Ukraine.” And in all official English documents, it is written as “Ukraine,” not “The Ukraine.”

        Furthermore, if you actually did study Ukrainian history, you’d know the reason for people using “the Ukraine” is because Ukraine is transliterated as “borderland.” And it’s wrong to say, “I’m going to borderland.” Instead, the correct way to say it is, “I’m going to the borderland.” That’s why “the” was put in there, and it has been maintained that way by the Germans (oh, yeah, the west) and the Russians (merely to say that it’s not truly independent.) This is the way with many examples, such as Maldives doesn’t have a “the” in front of it. However, you don’t say, “I’m going to Maldives.” It’s grammatically incorrect. Instead, you should say, “I’m going to the Maldives.” Yet, Ukraine is not the same. It is grammatically right to say, “I’m going to Ukraine.”

        Ha, why would you even bring politics into this? This question has nothing to do with the west. And furthermore, I’m politically pro-Russian in the whole Ukraine crisis. So your point “anyways nowadays things are not defined by truth, but what is convenient for the west” is irrelevant and more so, completely arrogant.

  2. This article is difficult to read- grammatically and rhetorically. Poorly written with paragraphs and points all over the place.

  3. It would really add something to the quality of this article if it were edited by an English speaker rather than run through Google translate. Sadly the sense is lost and the odd sentence construction and grammar works against the believability of what is probably a serious article.

  4. К единому мнению не придти! Что я знаю о Украине, так это то, что они с давних времен дорожили лишь своей шкуркой. Доказательства достаточно найти в их старых учебниках. Они считали себя твердо стоящим государством, но сами вырыли себе могилу. К власти пришли новые люди, которые решили показать себя героями в глазах людей, но всё вышло наоборот! Власть стала скрывать свои следы, прятать неопровержимые доказательства, обвинять не виновных что бы отвлечь от себя подозрения. Нет оправданию им. Что я знаю о России, так это то, что большинство людей привыкли к жестким мерам. Многие выживают, а не живут и это делает их сильнее. Шли годы, росло поколение и в итоге можно пожинать плоды бесчувственных и безжалостных людей, которые ценят своё пространство, которые не раскидываются своим доверием. Можно многое описать о странах! Но не стану.Лично моё мнение об Украине! Нет оправдания им в стрельбе по своим (данные подтверждены не единожды) нет им пощады за уничтожения деревень. Платят наемникам с разных стран включая и США, что бы те продолжали варварство и провокации. Люди не хотят в это верить и думают, что это пустые домысла. Тогда почему ДЕСЯТКИ ТЫСЯЧ людей бегут из страны?! Почему они негативно настроены на своё государство?! А Украина продолжает оскорблять и провоцировать российских граждан не только ради своих целей в политике, но и ради того, что бы беженцем покинувшие Украину был жесткий приём в России. Находящиеся беженцы в России просят помощи и им отвечают “Иди работай и не попрошайничай” это говорит о том, что большинство озлобленны на них. У них нет выбора, как смериться с этим. Но, есть люди которые обязательно помогут им и предоставят крышу над головой! В 90-е года Россией правили не депутаты, а воры в законе! Люди привыкли уже ко всему. В чем же отличия между этими двумя странами? Оно только одно. Россия не станет стрелять в своих и не сможет заставить военных пойти на это, так как даже простому парню из подворотни известно, что сила в правде! Тем более вы только представьте, если освободить большинство Российских тюрем, что тогда будет?! Россия упадет на лопатки? Нет, она склонит колени, но когда криминал возьмёт своё место в депутатских креслах, она встанет с колен и напомнит обидчикам где их место. Тем более сейчас активно Украина пытается переписать историю ВОВ им это точно не простят. Жалкие судороги умирающего государства. Такого моё мнение, извиняюсь если вдруг кого-то задел. Мира вам! И Добра!


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