250 Pakistani Websites Hacked By Indian Hackers


In retaliation for the attacks by Pakistani hackers on a website of the Kerala government, Indian hackers have now attacked and hacked more than 250 Pakistani websites. These websites included several government websites of Pakistan, including the website of the President of Pakistan and the Pakistan Railway website.

The groups involved in these hacks on the Pakistani websites go by the names, “The Mallu Cyber Soldiers,” and, “Hell Shield Hackers.” This counter-attack was launched after a user named “Faisal1337” hacked the website kerala.gov.in and posted derogatory messages against the Indian government. The message displayed the name of the hacker group, “Team Pak Cyber Attacker.”

Immediately and in retaliation, The Mallu Cyber Soldiers claimed that they hacked over 100 Pakistani government websites… within the proceeding 24 hours, more than 250 Pakistani websites were hacked by the Indian hackers.

The turf war between Indian and Pakistani hackers is a very common one. In May of this year, Pakistani hackers hacked the website Gaana.com and stole data belonging to more than 12.5 million subscribers. Prior to that, Pakistani hackers stole sensitive government information, which was detected by FireEye — an IT security firm.

Unlike the real world, where there are various physical constraints, the cyber world has no boundaries. The fight often becomes intense when in cyberspace and there have been numerous instances when Pakistani hackers have attacked Indian websites and Indian hackers have retaliated. This time however, the retaliation of the Indian attackers was swift and severe.

The cyber world is full of such instances where websites belonging to government bodies are hacked frequently. There have been several incidents of US government websites being hacked by Chinese hackers, as well as Russian hackers. The external conflict between India and Pakistan, however, is the major reason behind the animosity between Indian and Pakistani hackers.


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