Man Shoves Muslim Woman Into Oncoming Train – London Underground


Some new CCTV footage of a man who appears to be pushing a woman in front of an oncoming London underground train was released to the public recently, exactly 2 days after the Paris Terror attack.

The man is seen standing next to a wall at the back of the station, staring in the woman’s direction. As one of the London underground’s Tube trains arrive at the platform the man is seen jolting forward and shoving the woman right into the side of the moving train. It seems as though the man was planning on the train actually hitting and killing the woman but was too late.

The woman hits the side of the train and falls back, falling onto the ground as many bystanders rush to help her up.

The incident took place last week, Tuesday the 10th of November at Piccadilly Circus station on a Bakerloo line platform.

Why did this all happen? Well… She was apparently a Muslim…

You can watch the video for yourself below, don’t worry it is not graphic.

A spokesman for the British Transport Police announced that the woman surprisingly escaped with only minor injuries. She was treated by paramedics then further assisted in hospital.

According to the Director of enforcement and on-street operations at Transport for London, Steve Burton, “This type of shocking incident is extremely rare,” also adding that “Our staff acted quickly to assist the woman and other customers at the scene, and we are working closely with the police as they carry out their investigation.”

A British Transport Police spokesperson noted that “Officers are currently working to build up a picture of exactly what took place and would like to hear from anyone with information.”

Japanese national Yoshiyuki Shinohara, 81, of no fixed abode, the attacker, was brought forth to Westminster Magistrates’ court last Thursday and has been charged with attempted murder.

The attacker is now to appear at Blackfriars Crown Court on November 25th where he could end up facing anywhere between 12 and 25 years in prison.

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  1. Honestly, this is not the answer and will only cause further Muslim outcry and disarray between the Muslim community and the rest of the world.

    Just because someone may be Muslim, that does not warrant someone to assault or to make an attempt on their lives. It’s not like the world even cares about Christians and the kkk so, why is it so uncanny for someone to be a Muslim?

    Why is it always blown completely out of proportion when a Muslim commits an act of crime or terror when there is far worse out there we either are unaware of or do not take that seriously?

    Why is it that the whole world is in outrage when France is being attacked but not the gaza strips or Syria? Real crimes are committed in those countries against the Muslim community and the rest of the civilian population, yet? No one seems to care even when our own government and the Israeli government are committing war crimes.

    I am going to now just ignore this whole subject and if the world wishes to tear itself apart, atleast I will be ignorant to such things by that time.

    • Because unlike people in most Religions islam has a strict code of cobduct set for a man and woman to live by,and following it ptotects one from many negative influences like alcohol,pork, adultery etc things like those that many other religions forbid but arent ad strict as muslims are.Muslims are hard to negatively control or divert away from their beliefs and that is a threat to the elites,the devil fears the truth thats why he is so hell bent on having the world against islam because its the only religion that refuses to conform to western influence.

  2. I just want to applaud your efforts and inquire on how to join the group. I am growing tired of this rampant hatred and intolerance. Stephen Harper and his Conservative cronies are responsible for the upswing of both in Canada. Please follow through on the revelation of the information you gleaned from the hack on their emails, etc… Make them pay!

  3. You cannot be uncivilized in the wake of world events. All we have left to fight evil and bring the world to peace is our humanity. You must act from the heart and not from hate or you will be just like the people who terrorize the world. Do not become what the terrorists are. Not every Muslim is a terrorist and not every terrorist is a Muslim.

  4. At 81 years old, and facing the threat of a long cold winter outdoors, an 81 year old Japanese warrior attempted to take his last final stand, and fight in the only way he saw open to him. While he remains cold, homeless and hungry the news is splashed with headlines of spending an the new shiny immigrants and refugees. A warrior to the end Yoshiyuki Shinohara was forced with a choice – To spend another winter on the streets, or to seek refuge in any manner he could. While the reality of government funded shelters being past capacity, retaining a limit for the number of days consecutively used, are less than secure and offer no privacy, the issue remained he needed reliable housing, he was 81 years old, and he was willing to go to any means.
    It was with this in mind we turn to see Mr Shinohara push a hijab wearing lady into the side of the arriving train, missing his timing and yet showing his intent.
    He has been charged with attempted murder, and while facing 12 – 25 years in warm, well lit, secured, fed and watered, freshly laundered quarters, he is not likely to feel any regrets, save for being a little slow. He has been abandoned by a system which caters to others based on need. He was tired of waiting his turn, forever being bumped to the back of the line. He stepped up and took a single action, an action which many others might have envisioned or dreamed, but at 81 years old he felt it was his turn to at least try to go out – Samurai stance intact. Mr. Shinohara failed in his attempt to kill the lady before him, and who knows perhaps that was his intent as well, after all he doesn’t need to harm her, only to give others cause to believe he would have, or was trying to harm her in order to be charged, and the climate being what it is and examples being needed and all; this was a pretty succinct shoe in for a long term bunk in the government sponsored Hilton – even comes complete with healthcare, TV, and internet.

    You are 81 years old – you are homeless – you are penniless – you are without hope
    You stand in the subway station pretending to take a train hiding from the weather
    You are seeking an answer and looking for hope when a report comes over the speakers
    You listen to them talk of the lives lost and investigations in the neighboring lands
    You feel the need to act, to do something, to speak out, and when you look up the hijab wearing lady stands there
    She is so close to the edge of the tracks you know it wouldn’t take much for you to appear to be ….
    She is fully cloaked and impersonal to him, there will be no eye contact, no curl of hair like a daughter, or posture like a grand daughter
    She awaits the arrival of the train – He awaits the arrival of the train …
    And with one push he earns himself a retirement dream assurance … and l eaves society as a warrior.

    Society failed him, society failed her, and if we are not careful, society will fail us all.

  5. It looks like an impulsive behaviour, therefore I think the person who pushed her could well have been someone with autism, with severe learning difficulties or he’s just a bit mental. Also, how can you tell she’s Muslim? This is a farce.

  6. SECRET SALLY Oh please what bullshit you have just written….stop grandeuring his stupid behavior, homeless or not, who gives a shit, its your actions that count not where you live. Would you like to pin a fn medal on him. 81 years old, should have known better.

  7. This is what you get when you combined ignorant, misinformed racists with panic inducing hysteria being spewed out from mainstream corporate news outlets… Thanks FOX!!!

  8. I honestly do not understand how anyone could do such a thing! But what we are doing/not doing in the USA is about equal… If we had turned away the Jews during & after the 2nd world war, like we are trying to do to the Muslims today we would have been part of Hitler’s plan. Or how we interred the Japanese because we couldn’t trust them. Were none of them good enough… and you call yourself Christian? Well I don’t believe in any god, but what I see happening is a disgrace. States saying we don’t want those people… unless, maybe they are Christians. What like you? Seriously I don’t understand what you think love is… love only suits you if you have something to gain!

  9. This shows us the severe strength of the western media’s ideals: Breed a division, and grow it to a hatred.

    Let us all love one another instead, and birth a companionship of humankind through it. Forgive, forget, learn, teach and educate of loving ways. What goes around comes around , so let us send love.

  10. Are we not all human first! Growth begins in the security of the womb and continues in the warmth of cradling arms. Humans are love it’s part of our beginning.

    Religion is taught and yet so is hate. Being taught religion without being taught tolerance is teaching hate. In ancient time religious leaders publicly tortured nonbelievers by disembowelment, beheading, and burning them alive. And for what but only to increase ‘their’ power their cause.
    When we believe in Religion, Love, Hope and Peace… And when religion fails, love and hope are lost and soon peace disappears.

    Can we go back to being Human!


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