[Video] Hilarious: Bumbling “Spy” Gets Busted While Sneaking Up On Putin And Obama



There are plenty of movies depicting a hilariously inept spy who manages to accidentally save the world; from Johnny English to the Pink Panther to Austin Powers… who knew they were based on real life?

While Putin and Obama were having a pleasant chat at the last G20 meeting, before all the ugliness of Turkey downing a Russian jet, a man was filmed inching his way towards the two leaders while being careful not to look in their direction… Even walking backwards at one point.

The security detail was not fooled, however, and was keeping watch as the man tried his best to conspicuously look inconspicuous while clutching a purse that was most likely holding some form of recording equipment.  He even attempts to engage a bodyguard in some small-talk. Finally he is approached by a guard who takes hold of his arm and whispers something in his ear.

We’ll probably never know who this man really is, though that hasn’t stopped people from speculating in the video comments section:

“Thats Obamas personal bodyguard and make up artist.”

“probably some MOSSAD operative. They are totally shameless.”

“Shame on all of you for making fun of this poor woman.”

” “Just act natural.” ”

Sources: RT

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  1. I find it so hard to see what any leader of any country can find to talk to the president of the USA about KNOWING that 9/11 was beyond doubt an inside job, the knock on effect of which has dragged other countries into unnecessary wars which don’t look like ending any time soon. The American way is just so do as we say not what we do it’s just complete and utter bollocks. What has the world come to when such atrocious crimes can be committed, there is over whelming evidence of foul play but nobody can be held responsible because the USA is such a super power. I will go bald if i keep scratching my head like this lol. ;(

    • Tony, even if we accept the ‘inside job’ theory to be fact . . . Do you not think the major world leaders would not have been informed about it beforehand? That would be why they all still talk happily.

  2. Tony, you guys still talking about 9\11 had your chance already, even tho there was a ton of evidence that we didn’t get the whole story (and that’s putting it lightly) people just don’t give a fuck. Everyone’s too obsessed with work, so they can buy the new Lexus bullshit. People are too fucking stupid for democracy.

    • But they pretend to give a fuck when it happened. As long it’s not a Middle Eastern country it’s fine right? It’s pretty fucking wrong to not care that it was controlled demolition. People just believe that there is nothing they can do about anything like that. Well, are you living in democracy still then?

  3. I think what’s great is they’re just two dudes with interpreters sitting at a table having a talk. If Russia and America did that more often – despite the years of animosity – a lot of the storms that the media create in their teacups will slowly pass. I’d rather them do that than call each other names on the news, or worse yet, chuck a nuke at each other.


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