Angel of Death: The Man Who Killed 1500+ ISIS Members


Since there is an ongoing fight for Tikrit, in which the Iraqi and Iranian armies and associated Iraqi Shia and Sunni soldiers are making an effort to eliminate hidden Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant attackers, contributing to increasing deaths along with the materialistic damage of their metropolitan land. Also, there is a synchronized war that is being and has been conducted around the online world and via the mainstream media, which causes the development of combatants which both the Iraqis, as well as Iranians, can core too.

Image Source: Google Image – A picture of Abu Azrael standing in full gear and showing the victory sign.

Pictures from a variety of internet sources show a man who is a hero to some and some merely a cause of death to other. Named, Ayyub Faleh al-Rubaie also known as Abu Azrael, which roughly translates to Angel of Death, once an average man now partaking in the battle for Tikrit, is definitely no less than a superhero character to arise with what has developed into a lengthy struggle in Iraq. Worldwide media maintains up this information, together with its love affair together with the climb of ISIL as well as its utilization of social media.

However, Ayyub Faleh al-Rubaie happens to be a fabled Shia (mostly* minorities around the world) fighter whose courage plus his notoriety have also gained him the recognition of Iraqi Rambo. He’s come to be the people’s supporter in standing up to the ISIL in the Iraqi territory. His practices and his visual appearance accommodate the barbarity of the so-called Islamic State, also known as Daesh and ISIS. Such as, he has photographed carrying guns, daggers, axes and holding swords and in many cases maltreating the dead bodies of ISIS soldiers.

Image Source: Google Image – Abu Azrael picture in crouch position taken possibly in the middle of a battle or perhaps training.

The question we elevate is why him, seeing as there are thousands and thousands of people struggling and fighting in the cause they believe in just like him – to this we can only say being in the right place at the right time. To merely express the emphasis on this subject or his identity raises a wider dilemma of the fusion amongst cyberspace and real violent clash, where it is now much more challenging to split actuality from the mediated adaptation created in the online world.

Fighting the enemy has grown to be – fair to say, postmodern, be it if they are the Shia side of fighters building an idol in order to be similarly preferred as similar to what the State Department is creating strategies of Twitter posts to disrepute ISIL. Needless to say, with such a significant breakthrough of new techniques along with the beclouding of truth, there exists facts above any uncertainty on the soil that features people of Syria and the people of Iraq that continue to be and are being forced out and thrown into the streets (in their country as well as the countries that have granted them asylum) considering the Syrian civil war as well as the surge of ISIL.

Image Source: Google Image – A cartoon depicting Abu Azrael holding the flag of Daesh (ISIL or ISIS).

Allegiance, irrespective of whether it is the army fighting Daesh or with ISIS, itself, should not be based on social networks, but should be a result of a long phase system of acculturation and character development. However, things the social media is doing has authorized individuals away from the combat zone to turn into ‘look and judge’ type towards the present war, which allows to facilitate the development of digital personalities that are to commemorate or compel, you be the judge.

Source: Elite Readers, Wikipedia

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  1. I’m begging you, have someone proofread/edit your posts before they go live – I can’t tell if the text was converted to English via an online translation app, but it is almost illegible. Posting online to spread your message shouldn’t be subject to readers guessing what you’re trying to say.

    • well guess what in 2025 this same guy will be the face of terror in the united states and we wil be hunting and blaming him am i the only one who can see the vicious cycle that we keep repeating when it comes to the middle east, i dont personally have any answers but i have seen what glorifying people who are killing our enemies when we dont really know anything about them has done for us before , so maybe im wrong but lets just report what is truly going on for a change and let people decide who the heroes are after getting the facts.

    • By that comment, it seems you are smoking a joint. if you are sober now, let me explain it to you as easier as possible for it to make sense, because it’s oh so hard to understand. Basically, there’s an Arab Shia(type of religion of Muslims like Catholic for Christians”) guy who is not cool with ISIS going around making us Muslims look bad and hated and not cool with those ISIS killing other Muslims and taking over their homes and destroying their families, so he hunts down ISIS and kills them slowly, he’s a professionally trained GOOD killer.

      • It seems that you are unable to take critics. But really – this article is hard to read. You can improve your way of writing a lot. Try reading it to yourself aloud. I guarantee you that you will loose the meaning halfway in most of the sentences you’ve created. Even in those which are correct 🙂

      • Ameer, I think the issue is that the author should be better at spelling and grammar. A great command of the language one decides to publish articles in adds to the credibility. Therefore poor grammar and spelling skills can actually detract from the credibility of the article. Naysayers with a bit of intelligence will use the omnipresent spelling and grammatical errors to point out that this particular organisation is ran by a bunch of kids and / or idiots who don’t even know how to use spell check before hitting the publish button.

        When you’re fighting the mainstream media and are trying to convince people to join your side which represents real truth rather than lies and deceit, people who might be convinced to open up their eyes to the truth could be dissuaded by the fact that an organisation seems not to care about correct language. It’s all about the total package when it comes to credibility unfortunately.

  2. It might not be good english, but the information is there if you want to get it. It’s very pedantic to harshly criticize someone making an effort to communicate in a language they don’t master instead of appreciating the effort, specially if you demonstrate yourself unable to understand except in the way you’re used to. Open your minds.

    • Arturo, this isn’t about being open to understanding what he says, we all are or we wouldn’t be on this webpage.. right?

      Surely, when trying to provide information, one should make it clear.. What does this sentence mean: “Worldwide media maintains up this information, together with its love affair together with the climb of ISIL as well as its utilization of social media.”? What is to maintain up information? together with, together with.. These are all mistakes that make understanding the information, ALL the given information, impossible for people who don’t speak the language very well. You might have understood what you feel it means from it, but because the language is so vague and wrong, yes I’ve said it, wrong, everybody will interpret it differently. I am a linguist, I value being able to write a language properly and using it to its fullest extent possible to convey a message as clearly as possible. I think that ought to be the goal of an organisation that provides news and information too.

      When dealing with a group who stands for clarity I find it almost unbelievable that you would say it’s pedantic to criticise their use of vague language. 1. Criticism is one of the things that helps people advance. If no one mentioned this, the author would continue to write articles at this poor standard. 2. Surely, in a group like Anonymous, people aren’t going to get criticised for criticising?

  3. “…he has photographed carrying guns, daggers, axes and holding swords and in many cases maltreating the dead bodies of ISIS soldiers…” hahaha this guy is beast, ice cold killa

  4. “he has been photographed carrying guns, daggers, axes and holding swords and in many cases maltreating the dead bodies of ISIS soldiers” uahaha this guy’s beast, ice cold killa

  5. “…he has been photographed carrying guns, daggers, axes and holding swords and in many cases maltreating the dead bodies of ISIS soldiers…” haha

    Obama give this guy tons of money, weaponry and tanked vehicles, he’ll win the war alone!!!


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