Israel Finds Oil in Occupied Syrian Territory


Different governments in the world or at least the ones involved in the war – and their interests in the Middle East are becoming tensed and tighter. Think about a small New Jersey petroleum business, their challenge Golan Heights that happen to be located between Israel and Syria, include a discovered big oil finding in that part of the country nearly as Russia’s bombardment plan in Syria enters into maximum gear, shingle it intensely, and now we have a possible dynamite for a great big war or even World War III.

To begin with lets go back at least ten years to twelve years when Washington old fashioned research groups along with the George Bush and Dick Cheney’s government was formulating their enhanced Middle Eastern switch the government agenda contending gas pipelines via Syria to Turkey etc. that had a distinct promoting part in Washington’s battle with Assad. Finally plenty and plenty of oil enters into the action, which Israel claims to be theirs. The sole issue is that it is not. The crude that they are claiming to be theirs in the ‘Occupied’ Golan Heights was unethically taken from Syria in a six-day war that took place in 1967.

The Big Oil Company

genie page 1
Image Source: Genie – A screenshot of Genie Fuels for Global Energy Markets web page.

What is common about Jacob Lord Rothschild, Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdock, James Woolsey, Larry Summers, Michael Steinhardt and Bill Richardson. All of them are on the advisory board of that little not so popular New Jersey oil based company named as Genie Energy.

Image Source: Wikipedia – Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild, Bt, OM, GBE, FBA is a British investment banker and a member of the prominent Rothschild banking family. He is also Honorary President of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research.

Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild happens to be a one-time business associate of a condemned Russian oil fascist named Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Before his charge Khodorkovsky privately directed his stocks of Yukos Oil to Rothschild. Charles is also a shareholder of Genie Energy, which was issued specialized gas and oil research liberties around the Occupied Golan Heights by the current Israeli Prime Minister.

Image Source: Google Image – Former vice president Dick Cheney speaks during the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce annual meeting at The Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs.

Richard Bruce “Dick” Cheney, prior to being George Washington Bush’s vice president in 2001, had been a Chief Executive Officer belonging to the industry’s greatest oilfield solutions business, Halliburton, and according to some reports the company happens to be Central Intelligence Agency connected business associated with the Bush family faction.

Image Source: Google Image – Rupert Murdoch posing for a picture with a possible painting/image of Menorah (Hanukkah) lamp in the back.

Keith Rupert Murdoch, who owns leading media in the United States and United Kingdom such as the WSJ, stands out as one of the leading investors.

Image Source: Google Image – Former CIA director Robert James Woolsey has said that Edward Snowden should be hanged.

Robert James Woolsey, Jr., Ex-Director for the CIA at the time of Bill Clinton, enjoys his position today as the of chairpersons for the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, as well as being a valued contributor to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy or WINEP. Having been a fellow member belonging to the shocking Project for a New American Century (PNAC), together with Cheney and Don Rumsfeld, who eventually manned the Bush governing administration.

Image Source: Google Image – Lawrence Summers, former Treasury boss and Harvard president.

Former United States Treasury Secretary Lawrence Henry “Larry” Summers helped in drafting the rules from 1933 Glass-Steagall Act that remove imposed control systems from the banking institutions based in the United States, which resulted in the United States economic turmoil of 2007 and still happens to be in effect.

Image Source: Forbes – Jonathan Steinberg (left), CEO of WisdomTree, and his biggest investor, Michael Steinhardt.

Michael H. Steinhardt is born and bred American hedge fund manager, investor, trader, publisher, and contributor active in supporting the Jewish cause. He is the founder of Steinhardt, Fine, Berkowitz & Co as well as a panel member of R. James Woolsey’s Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.

Image Source: Google Image – Former US Ambassador delivering a speech.

Finally, we have William Blaine “Bill” Richardson III a former Governer of New Mexico who maintained that position from 2003 – 2011. On top of that he was a United States Ambassador to the United Nations and also enjoyed the power of being the Energy Secretary at the time when Bill Clinton was Americas President.

Occupied Golan Heights and The Breach of International Law

The Israeli authorities presented the agreement to Genie during the controversial Golan Heights in the year 2013 as soon as the United States contributed to the instability of the Syrian government. Quickly, Israel additionally started placing fences and electric wires in those days to blockade the unlawfully engaged Golan Heights that happens to be a part of Syria. And in 2013 Israel did what it does best, as Genie Energy started stepping into Golan Heights, the army technicians improved the seventy-two kilometers boundary wall with Syria, upgrading it to a metal barrier that features barbed wiring, atmosphere detectors, motion sensors, night vision and infrared cameras and land scanners, something that is similar to the wall in the West Bank.

However, as the capital of Syria combats for its existence, evidently, an ‘important’ oil company has found a huge oil field just there. The Golan Heights, are unlawfully populated by Israel. Back in the early 1980s, Israel handed the Golan Heights Law, commanding the Israeli legislation, legal system and government to the Golan Heights. As a result, the United Nations Security Council approved the resolution that announced Israel is required to retire from all territories engaged during the 1967 battle with Syria, even the Golan Heights.

Image Source: Google Image – A view of Syria from the walls built around the occupied Golan Heights.

Then again in 2008 an unqualified meeting of the United Nations General Assembly approved a decision favoring an action for the Golan Heights which acknowledged the Security Council R-497, which had been adopted in 1981 following the Israeli de facto take over, proclaiming Golan Heights Law, void and vacant and lacking worldwide lawful impact and told Israel to abstain from modifying the actual characteristics, statistic structure, organizational framework and lawful position of the occupied Golan Heights and, especially, to refrain off the place(s) of establishments after distinguished Israeli legal status and their ID cards upon the Syrian people throughout the occupied Golan Heights. Israel ended up being the only country to cast a vote resistant to the resolution. Since lately as of June 2007 – Ehud Olmert the Prime Minister of Israel directed a classified statement to Bashar Assad the President of Syria proclaiming that Israel will surrender the Golan Heights in return for an in-depth peace settlement if the Syrians were ready to cut ties with the Iranian and other activist organizations in their area.

Your Wish Is My Command Master

On 8th of October 2015, when Russia was already in Syria, and they were going for the second wave of bombardment over Islamic State of Iraq and Levant along with other ‘terrorists’, Yuval Bartov, head scientist from Afek Oil & Gas (Israeli ancillary of Genie), informed that his team have discovered a massive oil layer in that occupied area that happened to be 1148.29 feet deep located in the South of the Golan Heights. Since the ordinary, layers happens to be 65.6168 to 98.4252 feet deep. This crude field has turned the Golan Heights into a very prominent location that evidently has the Jewish government more motivated than ever before to propagate disorder and dysfunction in Syria and apply it to build an Israeli permanent establishment in the occupied Golan Heights and their oil. Naftali Bennett, a proponent member in the Netanyahu’s administration who is the Minister of Education and a head from a right-winged Zionist political party known as the The Jewish Home or HaBayit HaYehudi, has provided a suggestion in which he states that they should settle more than 90,000 people throughout the occupied Golan Heights in less than five years. His reason for that is because Syria broke down after a period of civil conflict, it is hard to picture a steady county. Additionally an increasing unpleasant sound in Tel Aviv disagrees that the Israel’s Prime Minister should mandate American acceptance concerning Israel’s 1981’s ‘conquering’ of the Golan Heights as a rightful salvage to Israeli safety issues during the period of the atomic programs deal with Iran.

Image Source: Google Image – Afek Oil and Gas say findings have so far revealed a ‘very robust oil-bearing strata. Oil drilling site on the Golan Heights.

Energy warfare remains an important part of the United States, Turkey, Qatar, Israel and, now the fresh Saudis approach towards Syrian government. Prior to the most recent Golan Heights petroleum findings, the main objective on Assad relied on a massive territorial gas sources concerning both the state of Qatar and Iran, consisting of the biggest identified gas finding on the planet so far. During 2009, the governance of Qatar, nowadays the location of the Muslim Brotherhood together with a great money provider of Daesh, went to meet the Syrian President. The rich country recommended that Damascus should participate in an arrangement to permit a pass of a pipeline for natural gas from Qatar’s gigantic northern gas field. They purposed that the gas pipeline would have gone from Saudi Arabia and all the way to Turkey for supplying the gas to the European Union. Most importantly, it would have bypassed the Russian soil and Assad justification was to safeguard the motivations of his Russian friend, which happens to be Europe’s number one provider of compressed natural gas. During 2010, Assad was adamant on united discusses alongside Iran and Iraq to start an all new ten billion dollar pipeline project that would have allowed Iran to provide natural gas to the European continent. The three nations finalized a Memo of Understanding in the mid of 2012 – the same year when the Syrian civil war started to spread to Aleppo.

Image Source: Google Image – Afek oil well in the Golan Heights.

However, a noticeable findings of enormous quantities of crude oil by an American based oil corporation whose panel consists of Iraq’s warfare designer, Dick Cheney, previous Central Intelligence Agency head James Woolsey along with Jacob Rothschild, business partner of Vladimir Putin’s most hostile annotator, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, test the limits of the Russian interference on account for Assad versus ISIS, Taliban, Al Qaeda along with other CIA-supported created or altered terrorists to another land. America’s coup d’etat in Ukraine last year, together with its funding and preparation of ISIL and similar terrorist groups in Syria, each and every one of them have got a single primary aim that happens to be Russia as well as its circle of alliance, a system, absurdly, that the American and Israeli strategies are helping widen virtually every day.

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  1. it’s amazing what a history lesson can do for a dumb american subjected to propaganda from mainstream media all the time…jeeze!!!

  2. Big factual error here, Israel is *legally occupying the Golan heights. The 6 day war was initiated against Israel, unprovoked, with intent of executing a genocide. When you lose a war and lose your land, you can not claim it back as yours, especially when you were the aggressor.

    And as the author mentions, israel has offered back land on condition of a peace deal and severance of ties with openly terrorist entities. ..okay… so why does Syria not agree with that?

    The slant of this article is so twisted, it tries to make a terrorist goverment as bad as ISIS seem like the victims here.

    And then “fucking jewish zionist pigs!” And raise your swastika flags.

    • Anti-Semitic diatribe from Anonhq
      Disappointing, slanted.
      Agree with Dan – when a nation attacks, and loses, it forfeits its right to any land that is lost in the battle. Just like Native Americans had to forfeit their right to North American land, when the Europeans landed!(Hold on, they never attacked ! They were invaded!. I think its time we all went back to Europe, since we illegally occupying North America.
      Its obvious the hatred, and Jealousy that is displayed in this article. Sorry it is so obvious

  3. It’s amazing what a piece of raw propaganda can do to completely misrepresent what actually happened. Too many inaccuracies to list here, but one paragraph was particularly typical of the sloppiness of the writer, more eager to write for effect than bother with truth: “Back in the early 1980s, Israel handed the Golan Heights Law, commanding the Israeli legislation, legal system and government to the Golan Heights. As a result, the United Nations Security Council approved the resolution that announced Israel is required to retire from all territories engaged during the 1967 battle with Syria, even the Golan Heights.” While it is true that Israel, after several attempts to negotiate with Assad (the father) a return of the Golan to Syria against peace, and that it finally gave up and decided to simply annex it to Israel (something that Israel had every right to do anyway since it was the aggrieved party against Syrian aggression), to mention that the Security Council approved “as a result” Resolution 242, which had been adopted after the Six-Day war in 1967 makes absolutely no sense. In addition, 242 never said that Israel was to relinquish ALL the territories it acquired legally while defending itself against Arab aggressions. All it said that Israel was to give back SOME territories, but not for free. It had to be done in exchange for peace, something that the Arabs always refused with the eventual exceptions of Egypt and Jordan. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, do your homework. Or better yet, stop writing irresponsible creeds.

    • Hmm if I follow you, Israel don’t have to give back what they won with wars!! What a stupidity !!! So Israel should not have been able to return to Israel, they lost it at war in the past. Without the American and the Nazi, they would not have been in Palestine in the first place .. If there is one population in the world that should not be where they are, it’s Israel !!!! the Jewish religion is the only religion who claim to be a country ahhhhh no in fact now there is ISIS too……so you can say the author is lying but you are not being I return your “do your homework ” or better just shut the fuck up.. Im not English so don’t bother me with my poor level of english..

  4. This news sparked the following event at our HQ…. “Holy crap Shitman. Oil in Syria? Who would have guessed.” shrieked Chow (obviously a jew zionist) “We are rich – there is oil on a turd (Greek food last nite) and there it is in the communal no 3xplus sex discriminated toilet. (the only toilet we have) – an unflushed legacy of immense wealth that will justify the annexation of all toilets in the building” The spoils of war….”

    The rest of HQ led by the Lam faction (obviously Palestinian freedom fighters) cried out

    “death to all light skinned variants of men with facial hair….”

    “Leave that turd alone its not yours it belongs to Allan.” (obviously a good guy being forced out of his crash bunk by the american zionist ISIS International Socialists In Sleep network)

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    Alan wakes up (consciousness) and becomes naturally a Lam-ite and asks, “The zionists want my turd, we must fight them… did our struggle make the news? about the zionists wanting to annex my turd. No?!!! No one cares about turds in our toilet cos we dont live in the first lost bullshit world… But we need world support on this (except jews too light skin with facial haired for us) we gotta film the funeral of my turd, it will be sensational and expose the arse producty conspiracy ‘Defecation by flushing – another zionist conspiracy defeated’….directed and produced by we the one sided bigots of what ever we wish to be used for by other people who hate gays who hate Androgyne who hate Jews who hate Rroma who hate women…. but love turds…. (tears at the speech) “We have to have fearless reporting in the face of sanity.” admire admire (flush noise) ‘Allan’s aquatic squat is great’ (crowd repeatedly chants) ‘death to secret zionist anarchism agenda for annexing floating turds covered in olive’s oil…’

    Crowd stops. all ask each other who the fuck is Olive..

    “it was Allan’s shit, no?” asks a UN (UnderNourished) comrade, “the zionists got no right to annex shit, the palestinians got no right to take shit from the zionists” the UN comrade stated….

    We all decide to eat Humus tonite and flush before AnonHQ finds out and dsitorts fact so we at least can get back to the real fight without having some of our group slandered and upset again…

    Moral of teh story is, we have been at war since 2012, we are ladyboys, tomboys, straights and queers and work with SIU86, OPSEC and try our best to defend our comrades and fuck capitalism and ISIS (not teh socialist ones) to fight what happened to most of us and we support anyone who fights with us. In that we feel it is important not to slant media to suit a political agenda. All terror is terror, all lies are lies, all capitalists are the enemy, all nations are prisons, all prisons must be burned down…. we are a world people that includes arab, jew, palestinian, chinese, filipino, black, white, pink, blue and we faggots. keep news honest, keep your agenda out – lest we chop you pricks off and make u like us….

    Anyone interested in the screenplay please contact ‘truth is not to be used as a deceit in one sided racist shit dot com’.

    Thankyou. From Anon not Anor Anarchists and Communists in Hong Kong – (I need to stop now)

  5. Dear ed. sorry… not really, test of moderation. please be straight and if not be queer but dont lie by omission… please please please….


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