Poland Contemplates Making Request For NATO Nuclear Warheads



The act of destroying a Russian jet, and the  subsequent act of killing two Russian soldiers in cold blood,  has been apparently interpreted by NATO members as an example of Russian aggression; Poland is debating whether it should ask for access to nuclear weapons under a NATO program.

Poland’s Deputy Defense Minister has stated that his ministry is debating whether to request for access to nuclear armaments via a NATO program which allows non-nuclear countries to borrow nukes from the US.

Oh look at Russia, menacingly approaching our nukes with her borders…

Putin said as much in June:

“If someone threatens our territories, it means that we will have to aim our armed forces accordingly at the territories from where the threat is coming. How else could it be? It is NATO that approaching our borders, it’s not like we are moving anywhere,” he said.

Does nobody remember the Cuban Missile Crisis? Well, the US government does; with US-Cuban relations normalizing, it seems unlikely that Russia will be able to mount a similar response.

Poland had already green-lit a US anti-missile base; if it does make a request for nukes, it would be able to simultaneously launch nukes while defending itself from enemy warheads.

The anti-missile system was installed ostentatiously to defend Poland from a missile attack from nuclear-capable “rogue” states like Iran or North Korea.

Of course North Korea is nowhere near Poland, and Iran (that anti-missile system would have done a better job in Turkey) is quite a ways off compared to the great big elephant in the room.

“We all probably remember that in April 2009 in Prague [US] President [Barack] Obama said that if the Iran nuclear program issue is sorted out, then the task of creating the European segment of the missile defense system would disappear,” Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov noted, adding that Washington’s missile defense plans were no longer justified…

Don’t fret Lavrov, NATO will eventually move those missiles out of Poland… and into Ukraine.


Sources: The Guardian, RT

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  1. Can you research please?
    Poland DOESN`T have anti-missile system!

    It was scrapped off after agreement, which wasn`t fruitful afterall.

  2. First of all, dear anons the anti-missile system that is to be installed in Europe does protect western countries, not Poland by itself (as there are plenty of missiles able to get through this system in a short time). Secondly the whole plot is just one nostalgic sentence said in an interview by one politican. Poland’s official stance is not even remotely close to asking for nukes. In fact the former polish minister of defence (for the last 8 years) said that such things only matter, when carried out SECRETLY. He also pointed out that if this was really an official bid for US nukes then the allies will probably not even let the poles borrow a play-station, not mentioning weapons of mass destruction…

  3. Russian new missile system s 400 is rocket system and its to fast for any antymisle NATO system- max speed is 4800m/ sec. with max range 600km its data from 2014

  4. Wow! Anonymous spreading false info? WTH guys? The only part that’s true is that nuke request which is well… a plain stupid move.

      • The US anti-missile system that was supposed to have segments placed in Poland and/or other countries of Central Europe was never meant do defend those countries against anything. Officially it was to be a system of early detection and interception of ballistic missiles shot from the Middle East at the US. The Russians were strongly opposing the idea as they suspected the system would also by capable of defending the US against missiles shot from Russia.
        As for the defence of Poland against missiles, the former Polish government negotiated with the US on Patriot batteries purchase. These was indeed supposed to protect Poland against possible missiles shot from Russia. The present Polish government declared however it would cancel the contract, claiming that Patriots were obsolete and not capable of intercepting modern Russian missiles.


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