UN: Universal Biometric Identification For Everyone By 2030




The UN’s so-called Global Goals were launched in September of this year. Though the stated intentions sound grandiose,  further examination reveals that some goals possess a darker tinge.

For example, goal 16.9 sounds harmless enough: “By 2030, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration” .

However the UN has decided to achieve this goal by working with Accenture to implement a biometric identification system. Ostentatiously, it will be used to document refugees, but implementers of the program hope to deploy it worldwide.

The system will send data back to a central database in Geneva, and is able to collect facial, iris and fingerprint data. While traditional IDs have often been issued in the form of harmless plastic cards, which in theory should be much cheaper than this biometric database, this new means of identification allows people to be tracked like so much chattel.

Although a universal biometric ID system might sound like it will solve a lot of problems, such as by allowing refugees to access essential services, it also solves an important problem for the government and the corporations- you can be tracked 24/7, which will neuter any activity they do not approve of (such as whistle-blowing, or joining protests, or complaining loudly about the government)… at least more so than dragnet surveillance by intelligence agencies like the NSA and prosecutions of whistle blowers already have.

With the ever-growing wealth gap, we have also observed an alarming increase of the use of dragnet surveillance (blamed on terrorism, though incapable of actually stopping terror attacks), militarization of the police, and now possible implementation of a system which could turn every CCTV camera (now with extremely accurate analytic technology) against you.


Sources: Zero Hedge, SciDev, Accenture

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  1. FYI almost all phones track your location all the time so….. plus they still use most of the other things mentioned in order to verify the data they already have.

  2. This is not good at all. People believing they are free when they are actually sheeple? Dissenters would be rounded up for re-socialization and behavioral modification! This is bad, very bad.


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