US Cops Kill Four Times More Over Christmas Than German Police Did ALL YEAR



In this season of love, peace and giving, the police have demonstrated their own Christmas traditions. Instead of giving a piece of coal to the naughty or a tacky sweater to the nice,  they have decided to send a bullet to one and all to commemorate the festive occasion.

For the year of 2015, American police have killed almost 1,200 people according to The Guardian’s The Counted database has the number at a slightly lower 1,125, and the Washington Post believes that 965 Americans have died at the hands of cops.

Nine people were killed between December 24th and December 26th, while only two people have lost their lives to the German police FOR THE ENTIRETY OF 2015.

The Christmas Spirit

1, 2) A mother of 5 and a teenager were killed in the morning after Christmas by Chicago police; the mother, Bettie Jones, was shot through the front door. Her upstairs neighbor, Quintonio Legrier, was shot seven times. The boy had been threatening his father with a baseball bat.

3) An unidentified 30-year-old man was shot and killed by the Phoenix, Arizona police on the 26th of December. His crime? Throwing a brick at a police car.

4) An unidentified mentally-ill man allegedly charged the Palo Alto police with a knife… after he had dialed 911, apparently to lure them there. Police killed him on Christmas night.

5) Terozza Tyree Griffin was allegedly breaking into a home on Christmas Eve, when he was killed by Michigan police.

6) Omar Ventura was killed on Christmas Eve by Fresno police who were responding to a domestic disturbance call. He had allegedly been armed with a knife.

7) 54-year-old Gregory Sanders was killed by the Baton Rouge Parish police on Christmas Eve. He was allegedly threatening to commit suicide, before pointing the gun at police officers.

8) An unidentified man was shot by Franklin Parish deputies on Christmas Eve. They were in pursuit of a reckless driver who was about to pass through a road block. For that crime he was shot and killed.

9) 18-year-old Daquan Antonio Westbrook was shot and killed by an off-duty Charlotte-Mecklenburg officer on Christmas Eve. He was allegedly firing shots inside a mall, apparently retaliating against a shooting that had killed his brother. He had apparently turned his gun on the police when they fired on him.

It is unknown how the German police react to teenagers with bats (Germany is also filled with knives, producing some of the deadliest). However, their track-record of only two police killings in a year shows that the solution to a confrontation should not begin and end with “shots fired”.


Sources: US Uncut

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