Bodycam Shows Police Tasing Armed Woman in Florida Walmart (VIDEO)

We live in a world where people walk around thinking they can do whatever they please. We have law and order for a reason. All that lady had to do was cooperate with the deputies command to drop the knife in her hand. She never would have got tased and probably could have avoided being put in handcuffs.


Shocking video shows the moment a Florida deputy tased an allegedly meth-addled woman who threatened customers and staff with a knife inside a Walmart.

Marion County Deputy Christopher Witte is heard in the bodycam video ordering the woman multiple times to drop the knife during the recent dramatic confrontation inside the Summerfield store, WWSB reported.

The woman, identified as Brandy McGowan, was threatening people with a knife and a brick, store managers reportedly told authorities.

Witte and his partner, Detective Pamela Thomas, located the suspect in the clothing department, where she brandished a pocket knife and spoke incoherently, the news outlet reported.

With his handgun drawn, Witte repeatedly instructed McGowan to drop the knife, but she ignored him for several moments before he finally switched to his Taser and deployed it.

The shock caused her to fall backward as the two officers rushed to cuff her behind her back.

Brandy McGowan was allegedly threatening customers at a Florida Walmart with a knife and brick before being tased by police.

It was later determined that the woman entered the store holding the brick and began threatening customers, WWSB reported.

She later located a pocket knife on display, opened the package with a pair of scissors from the store and continued to threaten employees and customers.

After McGowan was arrested, it was discovered she had ingested about four grams of methamphetamine earlier in the day, according to the outlet.

Marion County Deputy Christopher Witte drew his gun and ordered Brandy McGowan to drop her weapon, and when she did not comply, he deployed his Taser.

The shock of the Taser caused Brandy McGowan to fall to the floor.

It was later determined that Brandy McGowan consumed meth before entering the store.

McGowan was transported to a hospital for evaluation and was then charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill.

She was held at the Marion County Jail on a $1,000 bond.


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