WARNING: This Is How Your Kids Will Look Like In 2030 If You Don’t Act NOW


This shocking video, which features a 32-year-old 300-pound man in the emergency room having a heart attack as his life of unhealthy eating and video-game habits, which began in childhood, flashes before his eyes, sends a powerful message. The Public Service Ad, Rewind The Future, aims to warn parents to make changes in their kids’ lifestyle while they are still young so that the kids don’t have to carry the weight of an unhealthy lifestyle with them into adulthood that can cause serious obesity-related health problems.

In the video, the doctors ask Jim, the man on stretcher, “How the hell does that happen?” Jim then goes back in his childhood where he is sipping soda on the couch, playing video games, eating French fries and cookies in the office, and gasping for air as he pushes his child on the swing. His parents are shown ordering the pizza, pouring his breakfast cereal and feeding him juice as a baby. Do you think changing Jim’s unhealthy ways at a young age could have prevented his obesity and heart attack at 32?

The PSA was created by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. The organization explains, “Don’t worry, we didn’t create the video to make you feel guilty. We created it to fast forward to the year 2030 to show you what the future might look like for kids if we don’t act now.”

Will the parents get the point, or is this anti-obesity ad unnecessarily stressful and will scare parents?




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  1. Well, Niki, growing up in the United States would not have done this to you, only YOU can do this to you, and this PSA is useless…no one cares about it to be honest. USA has nothing to do with Obesity. We as humans control our Obesity. We have plenty of people here, like me, who can eat as much as they want, all day and play video games with no exercise and still be just fine. I weigh 135, all my life, and all I do is crack out on games and snack. That is MY decision, nothing my parents did as a child would have changed that. Nor to this man. He would have eaten himself to death even if his parents forced good food on him.

    • Well that’s a load of crap; I know plenty of people that had healthy upbringings and while they do occasionally treat themselves to things like pizza and fries, most of the time they choose healthier home-cooked options involving vegetables and lean meats.

      Simply feeding a child a certain way won’t cut it, they have to be educated; to know why they’re eating what their parents are feeding them and understand nutrition on a basic level. Then you’ll change the future of people like the man in this clip.

      • And I know plenty of people who were given (gasp) juice as a baby, and cereal for breakfast, and even (OMG) pizza, and grew up to be reasonable, intelligent people who know what is good for them and choose to eat healthy. Unless you’re cognitively impaired there’s no excuse once you’re past 16 or so. There is no such thing as “I’m a morbidly obese 30-year-old and it’s all my parents’ fault.”

  2. i find that offensive on so many levels especially the fat fuck was not watching sports instead playing video games im used to fatter sports fans than video game players

  3. This IS offensive …and for those who think otherwise I am underweight. Everyday you folks post stuff that only leads me to believe even further that Anonymous is a govt plant

  4. It looks like this man had a problem with food. Hiding snacks in his drawer and eating way more than he needed to get full are bigger issues than his mom giving him a cup of juice when he was a toddler…

  5. This guy obviously had a mental problem related to food if he was like that since he was a baby. Stop blaming the parents on a mental problem.


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