Iraq War Veteran: “I Helped Create ISIS”


“After fourteen years of the War on Terror, one thing is clear: the West is great at fomenting barbarism and creating failed states.” This isn’t the statement of an ignorant civilian. Two weeks ago The Pontiac Tribune published an article by one U.S. ex-solider who served in the Iraqi War, claiming he helped create ISIS.


Vincent Emanuele served with the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines in the years 2003 to 2005. The article reads somewhat more of a cathartic story by a pained author. Documenting what it was like to be involved with the barbarity of the war, the author accepts that the retribution now witnessed by ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, is not unexpected.

“As we patrolled the vast region of Iraq’s Al-Anbar Province, throwing MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) trash out of our vehicles, I never contemplated how we would be remembered in history books; I simply wanted to make some extra room in my HUMVEE,” he says. “Examining recent events in Syria and Iraq, I can’t help but think of the small kids my fellow marines would pelt with Skittles from those MRE packages. Candies weren’t the only objects thrown at the children: water bottles filled with urine, rocks, debris, and various other items were thrown as well.”

In the ‘confession’ he wonders “how many members of ISIS and various other terrorist organizations recall such events?”

Emanuele has since educated himself at university, and has engaged in the work of anti-war activists. Speaking in an interview with RT, he recalls when he started seeing his service from a different perspective.

“I knew what I was seeing was wrong, I knew it was immoral, I knew it was unjust, I knew it was illegal,” said Emanuele to RT, “and I knew that we would pay severe consequences in the form of the blowback as we are seeing with groups like ISIS. I knew those things were going to happen back then just from being a self-conscious person.”

Emanuele told RT that his only incentive from the release of his article was to better inform people about U.S policy and the decision making that is affecting the world.

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  1. the governments plans are becoming weaker… their war forgeries are being discovered… people have to be able to prove their entire plans and show their plans to the world, so they can’t move or repeat the plan.

  2. if we want to discover and destroy the power of evil from this world we need to stand up and fight together , freedom and justice for everyone can not be obtained just by a small group of heroic humans ! It can be obtained jus if enough people wake up and fight together !


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