RFID Tagging Chip is Here for the Human


It’s about 12 millimeters in size, and embedded under your skin, most likely in the hand. The RFID chip is here. Swiping cards when we make purchase transactions will be a thing of the past. A ride on public transport, simple tasks such as accessing the photocopier at work or sending a business card to a client’s phone at a literal tap of the finger.

The RFID chip stands for Radio Frequency Identification, and a company in Sweden, Epicenter, is embracing the new technology for their employees. Co-Founder and CEO of the company Patrick Mesterton says their employees have a personal choice to be chipped or not, it’s a voluntary decision.


According to Mesterton, the chip is used to operate secured printers, open office doors and run photocopy machines. The hope to also use it in the future to purchase food from the office canteen and health care purposes, isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds.

“I think also for health-care reasons…you can sort of communicate with your doctor and you can get data on what you eat and what your physical status is,” Mesterton says. “You have your own identification code and you’re sending that to something else which you have to grant access to. So there’s no one else that can sort of follow you on your ID, so to say. It’s you who decides who gets access to that ID.”


But not all are convinced of the looming technology that could be seen as common place within two years. Security and privacy analyst John Kindervag of Forrester Research, is acutely aware of the ramifications of tagging humans.

“[RFID implants are] “scary,” and will pose a major threat to privacy and security.

Sjöblad, founder of the Swedish association of Biohackers, Bionyfiken is a staunch supporter of the chip, believing the technology is here to stay, after he organized an “implant party.”


Sjöblad (pictured with his thumb up in the back) and his “implant party.”

“I fundamentally believe that smart implants are a technology of the future,” he says of the RFID. “But this is really just the beginning. I believe it will be possible to use them for riding public transport within a year or two. I believe it will be possible to facilitate payments with implants within two years…I believe they will have the capacity to replace fitness trackers within 3 years.’

“I believe we have just started discovering the things we can do with this. There is huge potential for life-logging. With the fitness-tracking wearables at the moment, you have to type in what you are eating or where you are going,” he said. “Instead of typing data into my phone, when I put it down and tap it with my implant it will know I am going to bed.”


Whether you are a supporter or not of such technology, other companies are racing to develop their own interpretation of tagging. Bio Stamps or more commonly known as a digital tattoo have been developed by MC10, a US firm. Proteus, another US company, has developed an FDA approved pill embedded with a sensor to measure body functions when swallowed.


“We’ve been putting chips in animals for 20 years,” Sjöblad reasons.

Now it is time for humanity.

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  1. until the cancer cluster reports start coming in and gangrened hands have to be chopped off….. and wouldn’t you know it…

    Sharia Law after all!!! (in a roundabout kind of macabre way…)


  2. These Swedish people are crazy,not realizing what they are doing to themselves.That will be the day i or anyone else tries to microchip me . Little by little the 1% are gaining ground to enslave us all..See U Tube and Arron Russo, who warned against this technology .

  3. I hope most people have read the ACA. RFID chips have already been put in this law. However, some states have banned implanting them in humans.

  4. I was under the impression that swedish people are smarter than this.Because it doesn`t take a smart person to see the implications of this.After the biggining impression of ” how cool it is” to open the door only by reaching your hand (god forbid u will use the clutch or use a card) or by paying at the supermarket without any card ( god forbid u will swipe the card, maybe u will burn half a calorie), so after this first impression u begin to realize how many ways they have to use this tehnology in a detrimental way for us.First they will say that is not mandatory,its only optional,then they will make laws that u are not allowed to travel with the airplane without a chip, or u`re not allowed to get your driving license without it.This swedish guy says in the end of the article that we are using chips on animals for a long time,and its time for humanity now. What a stupid dork! Good example! Why we are using chips on animals? So we can control the cattle better,and we will have easy information about them.Same will be for us probably

    • Animals are chipped because they cannot communicate and say they are lost and where they live,or their name, you cannot reason with a dog and explain why you need to shove a thermometer up it’s backside so chipping makes sense to overcome their lack of communication. Humans however don’t have this problem and have very good communication skills so don’t need chipping!

  5. As long as you believe that for the remainder of your life, your every thought and action is and will continue to be approved of by our authorities, it could be that you have little to fear from this. The problem is of course that when this miraculous little device totally replaces the random, undisciplined nature of the traditional money we are now all so familiar with, you might one day mistakenly spend some of your allowance in a way that, due to some high-level policy shift perhaps, is no longer permissably.

  6. This isnt Right. these chips will soon be forced on people… i pray people will never be forced to do this… this is absurd in my opinion but i have been warned of this happening… this is sad…

  7. Please understand that the Word does say it will be inplanted in Right arm or forehead….ss# can be lost or stolen so would not work as well or even close to how the beast needs this thing to work….remember technology is satans best friend…
    Numbers simply wouldn’t cut it

  8. Why is this generation so willing to give up there rights. How very fast this slippery slope will sneak up on you. I mean a chip that is part of you , something you cannot turn off . And if the people who are using this chip to track you can do it why can’t someone else track you for all the wrong reasons. All being said I am a Christian and would never do this because of my believes , not to mention I grew up in the 60’s and spend a lot of time protesting for our rights and privacy from big brother. Its bad enough that I am never really sure if my phone is tracking me even if I have that feature turned off, but at least I can turn it off when I want to . Smarten up folks sometimes easier is not better.

  9. I am not as bothered by Big brother or modern slavery or any of the other concerns mentioned above as I am about something foreign I can possibly see or feel being put in my hand. Just creeps me out. No way would I do this.

  10. one of the easiest hacked items on earth is the chips with rifd frequency. stupid people will get this. the smart ones will start their own gardens and drill wells and have solar and wind generators

  11. Lets Mark up the THE REAL BEAST The Elite and then we will know where they are when they are doing their dirty deals against Humanity

  12. All very well while it works the way it is “designed” and marketed to work. Abuse? Wide open. It doesn’t even have to be as sinister as “Mark of the Beast” or “totally controllable humanity”. If your boss decides that you are fired and locks your office against you electronically – what recourse? Or if your landlord decides to lock you out of / even into your apartment? Criminal abuse? People murdering you to get access to your chip and therefore your bank account? C’mon now!

  13. they want to control us like cattle, the chips will do more than let you buy and access things, they will show your location you every where about. We don’t know whats in them and they probably will never tell us. how do we know there safe to put in our bodies, adding technology to the body is a bad idea we dont know how the body will react with those chips operating under our skin, long term effects could be cancer due to the radio signals. The government have tried to find a way to keep us in line and be controlled like cattle, if they start to force this cruel act on humanity then we must be able to draw the line and fight back to stop this because i wont be some controlled animal.

  14. It’s a mind controlling chip used by illuminati. And they, who denies to follow commands, will be killed immediately using those chips.


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