Report Finds Putin Accused Of Pedophilia Months Before Litvinenko’s Death

Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) smiles as he looks at Dima Ismatilov, dressed in a 19th century uniform, during the opening ceremony of the riding school for children outside Moscow, October 20, 2002. Putin presented an Arabian horse to the new school. REUTERS/Alexander Natruskin --- Image by © Reuters/CORBIS

Alexander Litvinenko’s death may be linked to accusations four months before his poisoning that Vladimir Putin was a pedophile. The inquiry, which has shed some light on the former Russian spy’s death has been conducted by Sir Robert Owen.

Four months before the poisoning of Litvinenko, the FSB agent had made public attacks on Putin’s character that finally culminated in an article published on the Chechenpress website, 2006. The article eventually was published as evidence in the investigation, which recounted Putin and a meeting with a young boy “aged four or five” near the Kremlin.

“Putin kneeled, lifted the boy’s T-shirt and kissed his stomach,” Mr Litvinenko wrote. “Nobody can understand why the Russian president did such a strange thing as kissing the stomach of an unfamiliar small boy.”


It was also claimed by Mr Litvinenko at the time that Putin had discovered “videotapes in the FSB Internal Security directorate, which showed him making sex with some underage boys,” that he eventually took and hid.

Sir Robert has suggested that there may be a very strong possibility that these accusations against Putin may have been enough to put Litvinenko’s murder into action, and said there were “several reasons” why the Russian state would have wanted to see Litvinenko’s death eventuate.

In a 300-page report, it has been concluded that Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitri Kovtun were responsible for the radioactive polonium 210 poisoning that eventuated in Litvinenko’s death. Since findings and the report, the Russian Foreign Ministry have dismissed it as “politically motivated, and warned the UK that this may overshadow their relations.


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  1. If I was there and saw him kissing that little boy like Putin would have gotten a punch in the face. Why did people just stand there and let this happen?

  2. World leaders involved in pedophilia reaches all around the world then. HUH? Could that have something to do with human trafficking, and the destruction of evidence. GO Figure! Where’s Obama, he has to have caused all of this. I kind of liked Putin, and I figured him to be a ladies man, but kissing a boy’s belly in public, he must have been desperate or maybe the boy was sick. The world is getting sicker and sicker.

  3. British Propaganda, otherwise Litvinenko would have said it PUBLICLY. He didn’t die right away, he could have said that publicly if he had nothing else to lose.

    • Ok so lets say it was a double of Putins.. why does Putin not publicly denounce his “double” to prove it is not him? Is he protecting the guy for his crimes? Or has he already shot him for doing this to a child? Because surely if he is a double of Putin then he is representing his image in more than just looking like him.

  4. I don’t believe that Putin as a pedophile and maybe this is only West Propagandist. And why the west launching this news after 9 years and not for 2006 ago ?

    • I take it you didnt read the article to see that it was published in 2006 by the “Chechenpress website”. Once again it seems that the Russian trolls are everywhere, all hail the glorious leader of the New Soviet Republic? The information is now coming to the main stream media as it was part of the report that was released by the judge in the case, which he couldnt do before hand as it is illegal to release information/evidence in a case that is pending.

  5. Oh of course! We live in a world where people, mature adults, think that kissing a boys stomach means he wants to have sex with him!! If I kiss my mother’s stomach, does this mean I am guilty of incest? I wonder who the sick ones are… I think it’s the ones who are able to conjure a connection between kissing someones stomach and a desire to have sex!

  6. WTF is wrong with you anonhq? You western people are so brainwashed. Putin is not a pedo, or gangsta, or some sort of KGB godfather. If, and i stress the ”if”, there really was a need to remove someone, do you imagine for a second anyone would have thought of putting polonium in someone’s tea? What sort of a plan is that?! Use your brains for half a second people!

    As for the stomach kissing, it really did happen, and left everyone mostly amused. In Russia, physical contact is still allowed, unlike in your western ”civilized” society.

    P.S. I am a Russian myself, so i do actually know what i am talking about.

    • Us western people are so brain washed? wow.. and you admit you are a Russian too. Remembering what your country “allowed” you to know about the west under such glorious (cough cough) leaders like the murderous Stalin and then successive leaders like Khrushchev and Brezhnev. Your own state was very restrictive on what it told you about what happened outside the USSR. Even now you have a leader that can never and will never be voted out of power. And you say the west is brainwashing people.

  7. Even if Putin is a pervert as implied, does that mean that America should start launching missiles on the Russian people tomorrow afternoon? However nasty our leaders really are, we have no alternative other than to support them when they spout arguments we agree with and object when they don’t, and hope that one day they will get the message. By either granting or denying them the reward of our approval in this way maybe, over time, they will come to live up to our expectations. Do we have any practical alternative?

  8. Maybe the little boy told Putin he had a stomach ache. I don’t believe the pedophile story because Litveninko would have certainly repeated that on his death bed which would have been widely publicized and he did not. Also, Litveninko’s brother in Italy says that Russia had no problem with Litveninko. Also Putin uses body doubles, or people who look very similar, just as most other world leaders do. His body doubles could have unpleasant behaviors.

  9. I am starting to wonder if Anonymous has been usurped, and is now under the control of forces that also control mainstream media and its propaganda machine.

  10. So this guy said he has footage of Putin engaging in acts with boys…where are they? Why haven’t they been presented to authorities? Could it be that they don’t exist…coz he’s lying???


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