Montana Judge Refused to Convict Anyone for Marijuana Possession


It appears that trying and convicting a person for the possession of marijuana is becoming extremely difficult in the American court system. Recently, in Montana, an arrest was made for possession but the man barely had enough to role a single joint.

The state, known for its conservative views, had the man arrested, but by the time it reached court, the judge was unable to find a single person to sit on the jury willing to convict over a small amount of personal possession marijuana. The debate on marijuana laws throughout the U.S. has been in the media for a long time, but the more recent cases are highlighting the ridiculous nature of criminalizing personal possession.


Cases are not going to trial simply because jurors are saying they will not find someone guilty for minuscule possession. The Montana judge has stated he has not seen something like this in his 30 years on the bench. In comparison, alcohol related health issues such as liver cirrhosis, violence related issues, and mental health problems outweigh those issues related to the use of marijuana. Unless it is the legal seizure causing synthetic marijuana*, according to health professionals, the alcohol related deaths that plague the world over far outweigh documented statistics revolving around dope smoking.


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