Rapper Prince Ea’s Eye Opening Video Throws Light On The Real Reason Behind Wars, Racism


American rapper and activist, known for speaking his mind on issues like politics, society, environment and lifestyle, Rapper Prince Ea is back with an inspiring yet hard-hitting video.

Before concluding that human beings were not meant to be slapped with labels like groceries at supermarkets, but were born and meant to be free, Ea asks some very relevant questions.  Who would you be if society never gave you a label? Do the labels of race, color, gender and economic status really make you who you are? Or are they just labels used by society to put people into boxes to divide them from each other?

When you let an artificial label define yourself, you choose smallness over greatness. These labels blind you from seeing a person for who they are. It is these labels that distort your vision and force you to see each other through the judgmental, prejudicial, and artificial filters of who YOU THINK THEY are.


Ea insists on the undeniable fact that where there is a division, there will be conflict and conflict starts wars, therefore every war has started over labels – it’s always us versus them. The answer to war, racism, sexism and every other ism is so simple that every politician has missed it – it’s the labels. It’s time we acted as one – the human race – and stopped separating ourselves from each other.

Ea and a diverse group of people make an important point: WE are NOT what we LOOK LIKE. I Am NOT Black, You are NOT White. What are your thoughts? Comment below and share this piece…

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  1. It’s not the bodys(or cars) that cause the problems.

    Its the culture, Believes and holding onto of past history and grudges and unwillingness to forgive the actions of our four fathers that separates us and causes us to judge each other..

  2. if we could go back in history and delete someone, who would be your top choice? and how do you think the world would have turned out? i say no one, cus we refuse to see the flaw in ourselves, we’re imperfect creatures that take the path of least resistance, instead of swimming against the current we all go the same direction only to realise that once we hit the end of the line, there is no turning back.

  3. demonizing, misinformations, , false informations, ,black propagandas, half truth, control and management of mass media, mis-education, false prophesies, unfounded accusations, partial truth…….are some of the evil/wicked strategies….of evil government to mislead their own people…. for going into war w/ other countries….just like what have been happening since d end of ww 2….all wars after d surrendered of japan & death of hitler…. were created / initiated by america…. d super-terroristic nation of planet earth……since the history of mankind…..!
    god have mercy for mankind….! amen…!


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