The X-Files 2016: “And a Final Takeover Begins”


When asked if I had viewed the new X-Files by a friend, I answered “no.” Their eyes widened; the normally casual voice heightened. “But you have to, it’s something else this time!” I sighed, rolled my own eyes – thoughts about the articles and other deadlines piling up, crossed my mind. “Yes, yes, another alien invasion TV show.” I remembered its debut frightening the crap out of me when I was a sleepy adolescent kid.

But back when the X-Files originally debuted in 1993, the world was still moderately naïve. If anything, the X-Files, perhaps unintentionally, woke us up to other possibilities. Perhaps the governments around the world held an agenda we knew nothing about. It was a thought worth thinking. It was a thought that sometimes kept me awake.


Fast forward to the second coming of the X-Files, still with original actors Duchovny and Anderson; and the show seems to be hitting on the questions pursed on everyone’s lips. The broadcast of the new X-Files, which reaches millions across the globe, has already hit on taboo subjects the government prefers us to ignore. The opening 2016 episode is a description of our fears and (hopefully not) a confirmation of our suspicions.

The surveillance state, the military state, the elites, and how a potential mock-up of Russian invasion could be used to shut down the United States as part of a bigger plan to shut down the world, is uttered by Duchovny’s character Mulder and co-workers, in a warning to all. The police have been militarized; the EMP used to shut down the grid… “It’ll probably happen on a Friday…digital money will disappear…”

Anderson’s normally skeptical character utters “You can’t say these things.”

It’s enough that I’ll take my friend’s recommendation on board. “A government that taps your phone, collects your data, and monitors your whereabouts…with impunity. A government can use that data against you when it strikes, and a final takeover begins.” It’s enough that I’ll watch the X-Files with a brand new perspective, as I prepare for more sleepless nights.

The clip in question, taken from WTFRLY:

#NWO: Watch as characters in the first 2016 episode of The X-Files describe the #NewWorldOrder

Posted by on Monday, February 1, 2016

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  1. I watch this serial and it’s speak a loot of true,just think at the present time where you live right now,the USA and EU make big pressure on Russia,because they have the natural gases and oil and they don’t want to share all resources with USA and EU,then the corporations will try to invade Russia.
    The WWIII is closer and it can start whenever 😉

    • Yh, that’s the thing usually with these types of shows or movies. Try to go to talk about these issues to the young ones and they be like: “Lol, you been watching too much x-files and movies” The other view is that this really is not the hidden agenda and it’s just to empower rebels beliefs about the situation that’s going on in the world. High risk programming or just the way to get rid of the rich so the wealthy can rule alone.

  2. u must be fucking dorks.. get a life.. this is pathetic.. X-files a tvshow. u have to little in your life, when starting makeing conspiracy.. fuck the internet, it has ruin the world..

  3. I find this interesting, that the film industry is allowed to let this film out in the public knowing the possible implications that it will imply. will it help resolve the fear out there that it is only a fabrication of what is really happening out there? do they think that people will still be gullible enough to think this is fiction or is there another agenda to create more fear for other purposes? The fact that these newer movies depict apocolyptic movies, alien invasions and the movies that will desensitize people so much that when real stuff is actually happening the psyche will have all ready been prepped and herded to act with a sense of slow reaction to stimuli and hence non caring going about their daily dead eyed look in life. the prefect workers.

  4. THE TV X-FILES MAY be closed for a while – or forever – but the REAL FBI X-files are still available. You have plenty of time to read the FBI “flying Disc” file, #62-83894, which contains UFO investigation files classified as “SECURITY MATTER – X.” These are the real X-files! You can find them – not in historical order (mixed up)- at the FBI web site (Google FBI UFO). The CIA recently announced their real UFO “x” files (Google CIA UFO). These documents were released under the Freedom of Information act. They are discussed in their proper historical order and their importance is described in the book “The FBI CIA UFO Connection ” (Google FBI CIA UFO)(get the book at Amazon). The files discussed in this book show that the top Air Force Intelligence knew the truth and covered it up. The truth may be “out there” but it is definitely “in here.”


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