Three Stabbed at KKK Rally, as White Supremacists get Mobbed by Counter-Protesters


Ku Klux Klan members stabbed three counter-protesters during a clash at a rally in an Anaheim park. Thirteen were arrested, including six KKK members and seven counter-protesters.


The incident began as the six KKK members started their “White Lives Matter” anti-immigration protest at the park. They had announced their protest beforehand, which ironically attracted dozens of counter-protesters who had started their own peaceful protest three hours earlier. According to Anaheim police sergeant Daron Wyatt, they were attacked by 30 of the counter-protesters.

One person was critically injured when he was stabbed by a KKK member armed with a confederate flag tipped with an eagle figurine. Others were stabbed, or cut by a knife.

As soon as they got out of their vehicle, immediately they were attacked by counter-protesters and this caused a melee down the block, Wyatt said. They tried to get back into the car as it drove away, abandoning them.

Credit: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times- A Ku Klux Klansman is kicked in the face by an angry protester

“Even if the vast majority of our community disagrees with a particular group who visits our city we cannot stop them from lawfully gathering to express their opinions,” said Police Chief Raul Quezada.” Violence is not acceptable, and we will arrest anybody who assaults another person or commits any other crime in our city.”

Suspect Charles Edward Donner was determined to be responsible for one stabbing with a flagpole and was arrested on assault with a deadly weapon charges.

Protesters taunt an injured Ku Klux Klansman


The incident was partly filmed, and shows counter-protesters rushing the KKK, though it is unclear who started the fight first.

Ironically, the Klan leader was apparently saved by a Jewish man who pulled him from the crowd. Brian Levin, director of California State University, San Bernardino’s Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism asked the KKK leader “How does it feel that your life was just saved by a Jewish man?”

“Thank you,” said the Klansman.

The KKK made the news recently when their head, David Duke, said he backed Donald Trump; Trump rejected his support, and kicked out a man wearing a shirt reading “KKK endorses Trump” from an Oklahoma rally.

Sources: FOX 11, LA Times, Daily Mail

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  1. As a Canadian, it’s my personal belief that the KKK where ever they are found, should be systematically eradicated at all cost.

  2. Why are blacks allows to throw “Black Lives Matter” rallies but white people can’t be proud of who they are and their heritage? Hypocrisy at its finest.

  3. Retard raises a valid point but racisicim is stupid, last I checked we where all born here on planet earth. We all have equal clame to an equal life, if you want more out of life then work for it. Now I personally don’t give a flying fuck about things that you have no control over, IE. Race, sexuality, birth gender, extra toes, the list goes on endlessly. NO ONE SHOULD.


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