80-Year-Old USA Map Shows Americans Bought Cannabis As A Drug In 1932


An amazing 1930’s Pharmacist Map of Herbal Cures, has been released to the public and clearly shows that natural cures, including Cannabis Sativa, once ruled the land in the USA before big pharmaceuticals took over. With the map, printed by the National Wholesale Druggists’ Association, pharmacists intended to boost the image of the profession and emphasize their ability to understand and manipulate the familiar medicinal plants that yielded reliable vegetable drugs.

LgMedicinalPlantsThe map, under the heading ‘The Service of Pharmacy’, states:

“It is important that the public does not lose sight of the fact that the professions of Pharmacy, Medicine, and Dentistry, each give an essential service, which must not be impaired or destroyed by commercial trends. The public and the professions will suffer equally if these services are allowed to deteriorate. In pharmacy the public should understand something of the breadth of knowledge required of the pharmacist. Few people realize the extent to which plants and minerals enter into the practice of pharmacy, and how vital they are to the maintenance of the public health. It has been stated that upwards of 70 percent of all medicines employed are plant products.”

The text in the map’s lower left-hand corner reads:

“Intense scientific study, expert knowledge, extreme care and accuracy are applied by the pharmacist to medicinal plants and drugs from the point of origin through the intricate chemical, botanical, and pharmaceutical processes employed in preparing medicine.”

Unfortunately, today the FDA’s very definition of a drug now precludes the use of natural substances. This map sheds light on the massive database of natural substances, including marijuana, that can be used to treat a staggeringly wide range of health conditions.

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