African Big Game Hunting – The Business With Endangered Animals


Image: Innocent elephant killed while eating.

The African elephant is a nearly endangered species due to the value of their ivory tusks. However, there are still several companies who offer expensive hunting safaris just for the purpose of killing these elephants. The picture above can be found here, along with pictures of hunters posing next to lions and other great animals. Why would a company, in 2015, still advertise to hunt these magnificent animals?

In Sri Lanka, killing an elephant will get you the death penalty! These companies who are hunting in Africa are professional hunters and their job is to control and maintain populations. The White Rhino made a comeback due to protection by hunters and conservationists, so why are they hunting elephants? Is it just for the thrill of it? For those who can afford killing an elephant (it costs up to $100,000), I believe hunting can be a great experience as it will bring out your “inner caveman,” but paying a team of professional hunters to track and trace these great animals and then to just pull the trigger? It should be illegal. And not only do African elephants need this status of protection, all over the world people are still hunting endangered species of all types. At the link below, you can find a list which shows the most endangered animals.

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    • I totally agree. Its people like that family that need to die to make the world a more peaceful place. Elephants are highly intelligent creatures that actually understand the concept of peace unlike most humans whos morals are flipped turned upside down in today’s age. Elephants don’t pick fights and they actually have been seen helping other species of animals out.

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I read an article on how the white rhino several months ago and I think it will help shed some light on this. I read that they still sold “hunts” on these animals(over $100,000 and some auctioned way over) to help the locals in purchasing oxen and other farm animals. But there were VERY STRICT stipulations placed on these hunts. You could only shoot the exact animal your guide pointed out. The one key stipulation I read was that the animal had to be old enough where he/she wasnt able to reproduce or close to death. I know in some cases that even the meat was donated to local villages. Needless to say, there is still work to be done to stop the poaching and hopefully with help from the local government, conservationists, and hunters; we will be able to stop it.

    • There are about 20,000 white rhino’s, the only one not endangered. 20k is not a lot, and barely above the endangered thresh hold. As far as they only shoot what is pointed out, the old ones, I doubt that. The more the hunter can kill, the happier the hunter is, the bigger the tips and more people show up the next time.

      There are plenty other animals to murder if that’s their thing.

      Anonymous, take their hunting sites down, please. Danke.

    • It isn’t the safari game hunters that bring these animals to extinction or making them endangered. It is the poachers and farmers who shoot the animals for be a nuisance in their crops and fields. I did read a while ago exactly what you were saying in your post, Economics thrived once tag hunting was introduced. Some tags were costing $150,000.00 for a rhino.

  2. Please share as much as possible. The guys at #vetpaw and @medic_oz are doing everything in their power to save these helpless animals. Thanks

  3. and you don’t tell the poeple where the money is going?….. allot of those company’s are using the money to help these animals and prevent them from extinction.

  4. Unfortunately, these people know exactly what to say to make it appear like they are doing the country a service by killing. I’ve seen and heard it

  5. j espéré que les coupables seront trouvés un jours , on ne tue pas parce qu il est vieux ne peux plus reproduire ou ou je ne sais pas quoi d autre ,si on inverse les rôles sa vas pas faire pareils je crois.tout ceux qui touchent a un animal sans défenses( je veux dire pour se defendre) me touchent personnellement..

  6. I wish you could attack any hunter with your cyber intelligence, hate animal cruelty of any kind. You would win over millions if you did.
    Keep up the good work that you do anonymous.
    Love ya’s

  7. To play devil’s advocate, most big game parks contribute to conservation more than you would realise. It is their lively hood. So to be clear, they protect the animals from poachers. Once killed the meat is then given to nationals along with monies in some instances for compensation. Not using this elephant as an example, though captive bred animals are the ones being hunted. Either way, I couldn’t do it myself.

  8. What is the point of hunting other than for the ‘thrill” and monetary reward? There is no NEED for western society to be hunting and killing this magnificent animals. We no longer need there coats or meat for survival like our primitive ancestors. It seems so pointless with the only outcome being a negative impact on the animal kingdom and a blatantly obvious result of human greed and indifference.

  9. Nick, we have heard all of the supposed reasons to kill these innocent elephants. To thin the heard, the older, past mating age. But these animals form close bonds to one another, the feel and have deep sorrow when one of their clan dies or is murdered. Think of how that would be with people, just start killing off all of the grandmothers and grandfathers. You cannot justify killing these endangered animals to feed locals,or buying oxen. Just like here in the west, while the BLM kills our horses,for the ranchers.

  10. Actually in a lot of countries in africa it is illegal, the tusks are worth millions, same with hippo teeth as they are also made of ivory.

  11. Youve made a typo in the topline. You’ve put that the african elephant is nearly endangered when actually the african elephant is seriously endangered. Can you please correct it as this could cause some confusion.

  12. i wish most people who reply and post comments here had a smidgen of knowing what in the hell they’re talking about..

  13. i wanna kill those ppl pictured them. dont they feel bad after looking at the dead elephant?? anonymous, feel u r doing a good job of letting us know whats hapenning around.


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