Grey State; RIP David Crowley. The Death of a Film Maker.


“I am executing my 1st amendment right to free speech with this post.” It is a quote direct from the above clip, made by Rob Ellis.

David Crowley, 29, resided in Minnesota where he had filmed Grey State, his latest film venture. He was reported as being a family man, a beloved husband and a doting father. One neighbor had told CBS that they were a “picture perfect family.” This week he was found dead beside his wife and daughter, with a possible cause as murder-suicide.


Crowley was an ambitious filmmaker/producer. His trailer Grey State denotes a militarization of the government and the consequences for the American people. The trailer made wasn’t shy in representing his concerns and views of the world surrounding him; featuring the FEMA camps and police brutality, electronic branding of citizens and the overall downfall of the state. According to one friend, Thomas Austin, production with a $30 million budget[1] was about to be commenced after a Hollywood studio picked it up. The fate now of the film is yet to be decided. [2]


The deaths come as a shock to those who know them. Noticing packages piling up at the front door of the Crowley’s house, neighbors went to investigate, to see if they could raise someone to the front door. When they decided to enter after hearing only the pet dog bark from inside, they found the bodies of Crowley, his wife and five year old child dead in the house with a gun beside David’s hand. Unopened Christmas presents still remained under the tree, and no sign of a struggle.


The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office are helping with the investigation, and told the Daily Mail that they are treating the death as “suspicious,” but also as a possible murder-suicide ruling.[3]

Getting the attention of the media, ex Iraqi and Afghanistan veteran Crowley was no stranger to attention. Interviewed by none other than Alex Jones in 2012, on, the scenario of a crumbling United States in a New World Order was reaching the attention of the entertainment industry, alternative and mainstream. Voicing his concerns to Jones, he cited that it was his responsibility as a filmmaker to get this important message out – that he could “see the consequences of these kinds of trends playing out and not being corrected.”

Crowley was destined to become a great filmmaker with the release of his movie. Now with the fate of the movie uncertain, only time will tell if it will ever reach our cinemas.



You can watch the Full Movie (unedited version) Here:


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[3] Robinson, W. (2015, January 23). Gun-enthusiast, his dietitian wife and their five-year-old daughter lay dead from murder-suicide in their suburban home for WEEKS before neighbors discovered them.[Daily Mail].


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  1. There is no way he did a murder suicide, high likelihood of gov’t/spook operation to take him out.

    Such a shame lots of attention needs to be called to this.

  2. Hmm, if this guy killed a little kid and his wife maybe it’s a dumb idea to be giving him props. I thought Anonymous was about protecting innocents, not pretending their killer is some kind of hero.
    Just because a guy shares some of your general ideas doesn’t mean he’s not a child murderer who snapped.
    If you’ve got any evidence you’ve uncovered clearing him I’m all ears, let’s go after the real killers. But if you’re just giving a scumbag props based on completely unsubstantiated accusations of hit squads than go wear a tinfoil hat in the corner.
    Anonymous should be better than this groupthink.

  3. It was a COINTEL assassination 100 percent. The government probably outsourced to a undisclosed group to do the assassination, so it couldn’t be traced back to them (them meaning CIASAD). And if it went sour, they could kill the people that did the assassination(s) to clean up ties pointing back to them.

    The reason David was killed, is because he was going against the grain, and he did something that had the potential so sway public opinion so greatly, that the only way to stop his future “mishaps”, was to kill him.

    Whenever you hear about a murder suicide on the news, don’t believe it until you have done your own research. This means do your own research about what i have written in this statement, and come to your own conclusions as to my accuracy in this statement.

    And for the people that are on anti government websites, don’t do anything that has the potential to sway public opinion and reach the masses, unless you are willing to become a targeted individual, and quite possibly lose your life.

    be careful. Don’t do anything that has the potential to be identified as “terrorism”. Anything that even remotely smells of this will be detrimental to you. David was willing to lay down his life, and he had to have known by making the video, he would be targeted.

    PS. Snowden did not pose a threat, like the above guy. Thats why he is still alive. If he did pose a threat as bad as david, he would be killed.

    Stay safe my fellow patriots.

    The thinking man.

  4. There is a serious effort to silence anyone questioning the official story about the alleged murder-suicide of the Crowley family. That alone raises a red flag. There are people creating fake social media accounts with the intent to harass, make false allegations, call names and destroy the credibility of those asking questions. Others are spreading disinformation. And one site posted a link that contained a computer virus. Why is there so much effort to silence people?


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