Amazon Is Not Testing It’s Drone In America. But Why?


Financing keeps on flowing to drone developers all over the globe, even as news from the Federal Aviation Authority proposes it will take many years before true flight will be permitted in the US. In the mean time, Amazon feels they must add to their drone development and are thus testing offshore.

Furthermore, DroneDeploy, a San Francisco start-up, got nine million, as well as an additional two million, in seed financing. DroneDeploy is aiming to make drone technology accessible to industrial users, who for business needs could benefit from outdoor mapping and monitoring of their landscapes. Compatible applications on smartphones and tablets have also been developed to make the product easy to use and manage.

Another company named 3D Robotics, got fifty million dollars in February, to quicken the pace of development in the thriving new automaton drone industry.


Image Source: The Guardian – A now outdated iteration of an Amazon domestic delivery drone. The company keeps its new models strictly under wraps

Companies across the world, as well as organizations of different kinds, are discovering esteem in the utilization of drones and the information coming from their flights. As per the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems (AUVSI), the UAV business is assessed at eleven billion, and is required to develop to one hundred and forty billion through the following ten years. However, the Federal Aviation Authority has implicitly consented to commercial use under specific restrictions. The rule limitation is that the drone should always be in visual sight of the operator.  Anyhow, this does not work for big farms and organizations with delivery services such as Amazon.

In February of 2015, the Federal Aviation Authority reacted to a waiver demand from Amazon, by giving a waiver restricting Amazon’s drone to line of sight. They said that, operators of commercial drones want to see the craft equipped with unaided vision. It has also been said that the drones will not be flown over people. Amazon’s solicitation was for the FAA to permit Amazon to lead open air trials at a unique site in Washington State.

An uncovering story by The Guardian, a UK daily paper, depicted a British Columbia site, where Amazon’s robots developers and specialists are presently working on their unmanned delivery service.

Image Source: The Guardian – Amazon employees look to the skies at the company’s secret Canadian drones site somewhere in British Columbia, only two thousand feet from the United States border

“Amazon is testing its drone delivery service at a secret site in Canada, following repeated warnings by the e-commerce giant that it would go outside the US to bypass what it sees as the US federal government’s lethargic approach to the new technology.

The largest internet retailer in the world is keeping the location of its new test site closely guarded. What can be revealed is that the company’s formidable team of robot engineers, software engineers, aeronautics experts and pioneers in remote sensing including a former NASA astronaut and the designer of the wingtip of the Boeing 787 are now operating in British Columbia.

The end goal is to utilize what Amazon sees as a slice of virgin airspace above 200ft, where most buildings end, and below 500ft, where general aviation begins. Into that aerial slice the company plans to pour highly autonomous drones of less than 55lbs, flying through corridors 10 miles or longer at 50mph and carrying payloads of up to 5lbs that account for 86% of all the company’s packages.

The company’s decision to set up camp in Canada, after frustration in its attempts to persuade US regulators to allow it to launch its drones in Washington state, takes Amazon’s quarrel with the federal government to a new level. Last week a senior Amazon executive appeared before a US Senate subcommittee and warned that there would be consequences if federal regulators continued to act as a drag on its ambitions to launch a drone delivery service called Prime Air.

Image Source: Google Image – Gur Kimchi is the architect of Prime Air, Amazon’s planned domestic drone delivery service. ‘We do what is necessary, we go to places where we can test outside.’ he said

What Paul Misener, the company’s vice president for global public policy, did not tell senators was that at the very moment he appeared before them, Amazon drones were buzzing in the skies just north of the border.”

The Federal Aviation Authority has expressed, that at the present time, it does not accept that drones can be flown securely under self sufficient control, consequently demanding that people must keep them in visual perception at all times. That does not work for Prime Air, subsequently the genuine continuous campaigning exertion by Amazon. This story will play out over the long run, on the grounds that Amazon is not the main organization constrained by the viewable pathway administering. The inquiry is whether the recipients of the deferral will be American purchasers and organizations, or their offshore rivals.

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  1. Ah what we need more junk flying around. With it will come new laws and new law enforcement issues. The drone police. I see a kid with a pellet gun or 22 getting to play anti aircraft gunner with the drone. Ah if you shoot it down you get a prize! Red necks with shotguns claiming anything that fly’s over their property is theirs to shoot at. New Laws a Felony to shoot down little toy helicopters. Police ok’d to have neighbor hood patrolling toy copters carrying cameras.. ah big brother will be watching you. What bull amazons not doing it for the customer they want to do it to save them money in shipping cost. Why don’t amazon open a small storefront where customers can drive down and pick up items bought locally as all these can be used for is local. Ah they would have to hire people no profit there. I wonder what the insurance will cost to cover a flying vehicle carrying 5 lbs. going 50 mph. copters got to weigh about as much or more. lets say 10 lbs. total traveling 50mph clips something or gets shot at and goes through you window in your house taking out your cat. Will amazon send you a free cat replacement?


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