American Ex Mayor Who Raped a 4-year-old Girl Shamefully Claims Little Girl was “Willing Participant”

American ex mayor

Richard Keenan was the mayor of the city of Hubbard in Trumbull County, Ohio, United States. He served from 2010 to 2011. He claimed then, to have dedicated his life to Jesus Christ.

He is married with three daughters and three grandchildren. Upon being sworn-in as mayor of Hubbard in 2010, Keenan told the Youngstown Vindicator  that he was a devout Christian, and will not just preach the word of God with his mouth, but will do all he can to live what he preaches.

American ex mayor

But unknown to the public, Keenan was just making those statements from his mouth, without it coming from his heart and reflecting his life on Earth.

In August 2016, it emerged that 65-year-old Keenan who claimed to live a pious life has been sexually assaulting a little girl, beginning when the girl was aged only 4, in 2013. Keenan was later indicted on eight counts of rape and 12 counts of attempted rape and gross sexual imposition, by the Trumbull County Prosecutor’s Office.

During the investigation of the case by the Prosecutor’s Office, it was found out that Keenan started raping the little girl as far back as 2013, lasting until June 2016, when the little girl told people about the cruel acts of the pedophile.

The Trumbull County Assistant Prosecutor, Gabriel Wildman revealed that investigators have enough evidence to prove that Keenan committed the barbaric act against the little girl. It said Keenan told several people about the horrible acts he committed against the little girl.

American ex mayor

Mr Wildman said Keenan’s wife told investigators that her husband told her the truth when she confronted him on the issue. She revealed Keenan told her that he did rape the little girl, adding that it was the little girl who initiated the act.

Apart from telling his wife, Keenan reportedly also admitted the abuse during group discussions at the Valley Care Trumbull Memorial Hospital psychiatric ward, where he was being examined. Investigators said Keenan told a social worker he was feeling suicidal because he had been molesting the child victim for approximately the past two years, and that the child was a “willing participant” because she initiated the act.

Investigators again found that Keenan had told a local pastor about the crime he had committed, saying it began when the child walked in on him in the bathroom

American ex mayor

After gathering this evidence, investigators thereafter moved quickly to bring Keenan to justice. In a motion filed in court, the Trumbull County Prosecutor’s Office asked a judge to decide if some of those admissions of guilt will be allowed in court, or if the statements are privileged and thus, not allowed in the jury trial of Keenan.

It is said Keenan’s wife could be called as a witness in the case. According to the Ohio Rules of Evidence, a defendant’s spouse can be a competent witness if the alleged crime was committed against him or her or their child, or if he or she elects to testify. Per the law, if Keenan is found guilty of rape, he could face life imprisonment.

American ex mayor

Meanwhile, Keenan has pleaded not guilty to the case. The court has freed him on a $75,000 bond. Despite enough evidence to prove that Keenan committed the crime, the victim will not have immediate justice due to needless legal challenges. The court has scheduled a hearing on the prosecutor’s evidence motion on January 20, 2017. The actual trial of the case is set to begin in April 2017.

This decision would ensure that the pedophile will at least have the freedom to mingle with people, even including children, until the court determines his fate. It is even possible that the court will hand him a lesser sentence, despite the grave nature of his crime. Many pedophiles in Western countries have been left off the hook in the past, due to manipulation of the law.

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