Ancient Coins Depicting Alien Head And Spaceship Discovered In Egypt, Claim Conspiracists


The Internet is going crazy over the discovery of mysterious ancient coins, depicting an alien’s head and a spaceship hovering over the Earth, in Egypt.

Does the discovery prove an alien race visited Earth thousands of years ago and helped the Egyptians build the pyramids or is it just another conspiracy theory?

Mysterious Earth, which reported the discovery, is literally a conspiracy website. Though, the ‘proof’ is pretty convincing, the writers do not elaborate, except noting that “someone found mysterious coins while renovating a house in Egypt”, and that one of the coins has “OPPORTUNUS Adest” carved on the back, Latin for “it’s here in due time”.

But The Mysterious Life, another conspiracy website, has some information to share:

“This ancient coin seems to show the head and shoulders of an alien being. Another seems to show the head of an extra-terrestrial being, with huge hollow eyes, a bald head, and thin cheeks.”

Could these creepy coins prove aliens lived among the ancient Egyptians or do they point to a planned return of the alien race at some time in the future? The Sun says it could all be an elaborate hoax as “no experts have verified the coins are real”.

Mysterious Earth notes no one could explain the origin of these coins. Probably because they’re so unbelievable, you literally can’t believe this shit.

But now that we know a secret Pentagon program existed for at least three years and spent more than $20 million in research on UFOs, nothing seems hard to believe.

Truth-seekers: let us know your thoughts in the comments below…



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