Android Users Casting Harry Potter Spells on Their Phones, Seeing the Magic Happen

Google designs function that allows spells to be cast from your Android phones, bringing the magic to life.

harry potter

Fans of Harry Potter will be pleased to hear the latest on Android phone additions. While some of you are still waiting for your Hogwarts letter, so you can learn some magic, why not try some spells before going there? According to Google, users can now cast spells like actual wizards and witches from their phones, finally witnessing the magic happen.

To get started, all you need to say is “okay Google,” or if you don’t have that feature on your Android phone, then simply touch the colourful microphone icon placed at the end of the Google home search bar; swish and flick your phone and say “lumos” or “silencio,” which will trigger certain functions in your phone.

Now if you remember the Lumos spell that lit the top of the wand in Harry’s world, while he was scaring away Dementors, the spell will now give you a similar effect on your phone, physically engaging your flashlight to light up. However, be mindful that “nox” will shut it down.

In addition, if you use the silencio spell – a charm used to silence the opponent – it will switch your phone to silent.

These new features have been added as a way to promote the new Harry Potter spinoff, The Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. If that creates any hype, then Google has also added a hidden feature in Google Maps, where if you type “Fantastic Beasts,” the maps will take you on a magical journey through a 1920s street view of New York, showing you the film locations that were based in the United States.

Also worth mentioning is how Google, during the time of the Star Wars releases, added to the hype by designing a Jedi game for the Android phone, using it as the lightsaber via a website where you had to fight the stormtroopers.

Source: International Business Times, Tech Mic

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