Animated Map Shows How Five of the Biggest Religions Spread Across the World


Did Christianity develop out of Judaism? When and where did Islam, the second-largest religion, originate?  How did Hinduism, the world’s oldest organized religion, followed by over 950 million people, grww and spread without a founder? Was Buddhism a government-sanctioned religion?

This 2-minute video by Alex Kuzoian shows how five of the biggest religions in the world spread around the globe — through countless conflicts, conquests, missions abroad and simple word of mouth.

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  1. sorry but the video is historically incorrect. Country Georgia has been Christian since 3rd century, while this video states that for the most part Georgia had no religion and afterwards became Islamic, which we actually never were (we were concurred and were force to accept Islam and it happened several times but for short periods of time). century ago only one part of the country, Adjara, which was taken from us by Turks became Islamic and to this day there are people who follow Islam.

    • well actually if you knew the religion nobody was actually forced to accept the religion because the prophet actually forbid the act of forcing a person to accept islam because it was unjust, and if I were you I wouldn’t trust historical textbooks from any European country actually scratch that any country that was influenced by Christianity mainly catholic countrys because most off the time the Vatican would influence the textbooks to suit their needs.
      reply if u wish

      • most of the time conquerors placed heavy taxes on those who didn’t follow their religion and offered them a way out by changing their religion. technically we weren’t forced and were given a choice but it was strategic move to change a lot of people’s religion without brute force.

      • Let us not forget the options that non-Muslims were given;
        Join Islam and all will be well, keep your religion and either be Beheaded (happened a fair amount,) Fully Castrated (look into the Janissary’s,) or heavily taxed for being “non-Muslim”

        a brief look into History shows this, after all it isn’t exactly hidden away
        not to mention the things that were called for within the Qur’an itself…

        things to think about before you assume that someone doesn’t know about Islam;

        Mohammad is a title not a name
        Mohammad was a White Christian Scholar from Petra who took Religion to the Arabic Pagans
        Islam is perfectly suited for Conquest
        Islam is a young religion who’s History is documented fully
        There are 26 version of the Qur’an each differ fundamentally
        Islam is Based on Abrahamic religion

        “In the age of the Internet, Ignorance is a choice”

    • you are right, Christians existed long time before Islam in the middle-east and north Africa, but they were murdered by Islam !!

  2. This map is not true, the Christianity spread all over the middle east way before Islam, and from there it was spread to the rest of the world, but this is typically, the Christians of the middle east are hated by the Moslims and some groups of people/organisations in the west, and with this map they are trying to eliminate them from the face of the earth, crazy

    • The Koran came before the bible, so how you can think christianity came first in the middle east only god knows 😀

      Listen to your self, you dont know anything about history, only time christianity was in th east was when the crusaders hold land for some years down there before it was lost. And yes some adopted christinaity down there afterwards…but Islam still came before Christinaity 😀 😀

    • to be frank the quran (actual spelling of the koran) did come before the bible and we did conquer most of the world why because it was fair game, if we didn’t conquer those countries first they would have probably tried to conquer us first

  3. illogical thing is you are all thinking hinduism is religion…No, it is culture followed by who live in Hindusthan(India). People think it as religions and hates it too much . Infact every living being even the dogs and plants in India are Hindu. It never changes unless we worry more about religion than lives

  4. Being English I thought I was familiar with Christian ‘principles’. In other countries, do their dominating religious principles tend to evaporate in times of stress as quickly and completely as Christian principles appear to?


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