Anonsec Declares Cyberwar on ‘ISIS Puppets’


Yesterday, Anonsec declared cyberwar on the ISIS “puppets” (#opterror4isis). Anonsec hackers will be sharing secret information about ISIS militants on the internet as well as targeting all the countries that are supporting or funding ISIS militant groups. They will also be targeting all ISIS puppets present on social networking websites with the help of other Anonymous hackers. Anonsec briefly told about their operation and about the ISIS militants and have released the operation details on the internet.“To fully understand this problem of terrorism in the world, you need to look at the bigger picture!

First of all, ‘false flags’ are very real things that countries do and aren’t some conspiracy theory, as mainstream media would have you believe… just research ‘Operation Northwoods’! They basically either cause an event to happen or allow it to happen because they will benefit from the outcome, allowing them to pass more laws, sanction countries and even invade other countries under false pretenses.

They then use their owned mainstream media outlets to spread the misinformation about these events to gain majority support from their citizens. I find it odd that people have already forgotten Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s, recent statement about France: “Recognizing Palestine as an official state would be a grave mistake.” Less than 6 months after his statement, France recognized Palestine as a state… then within no more than 2 months after the French MPs decision, there was a terror attack on Paris, France! We suspect the CIA and Mossad to be heavily involved in these psy-ops as they continue to push for a New World Order…

And then to top it all off, Police Chief Helric Fredou, in charge of investigating the Charlie Hebdo attack, “commited suicide”. [It’s] More likely [that] he was murdered because he knew the truth and was going to expose it!

In our opinion, the evil governments of the world have created a hornets nest in the Middle East (see Snowden NSA Dox) by sanctioning, bombing and invading countries to the brink of destruction. This obviously creates an incredible amount of angry, desperate and violent secs regions within the Middle East willing to do anything to avoid being conquered by the West. Once that happens, Al-Qaeda (Al-CIA-DA), the Taliban, ISIS and Boko Haram play right into their hands by killing thousands of innocents, giving the West the support of its citizens to do basically anything, including taking all rights away.

However, the events will be used all over the world for more fear mongering so they can take more of our God-given rights away and continue to militarize the entire planet, Orwellian NWO style. Notice that ever country that is labeled a threat does not use the PetroDollar as their main currency, nor do they use any Rothschild banking system.

Here is some legislation the US are trying to impose after many “false flag” events all around world…

1) Patriot Act





6) TPP




10) Kill Capture Lists

Our target list will consist of all governments, corporations and public/secret supporters of ISIS (list is still being updated)… also, after even more recent events we have added Boko Haram to target list!

1) United States Gov

2) Israel Gov

3) UK Gov

4) Syria Gov

5) Pakistan Gov

6) Indonesia Gov

7) Nigeria Gov

8) More to come soon…”


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    • We’re the lackeys of the Americans, David Cameron is best buddies with Obama. We and the Americans basically helped the rise of ISIS by invading Iraq. We supplied weapons to the Kurds, the Americans supplied weapons to the Syrian rebels. The list goes on.

  1. I agreed with much of the argument presented in this article except for the claim that “CIA and Mossad […] push for a New World Order…” This idea brings to mind a popular misconception that Israel and USA are allies or ‘friends.’ In reality, Israel for the most part does not consider USA to be an ally–but rather, a super-power that is butting into the middle east where it doesn’t belong. USA gives financial aid to countries and groups that threaten Israel’s existence and, as eluded to in the article, their military efforts are carried out on behalf of the Federal Reserve and its petro-dollar. Israel is focused its own existence and economic growth–their goals are not tied to (or antithetical of) USA’s imperial amassing of the world’s wealth (which subsequently drops into the hands of the country’s most powerful families). To associate Israel with the push for a New World Order shows a lack of knowledge and a blurring of the lines between honest journalism and personal prejudice. I really value and respect this organization for using their skills for what they believe to be righteous, even if I don’t always agree. But that said, I find the pattern of biased anti-Israel stories and comments on this site to be disturbing and disappointing.


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