AnonSec Hacked Drone


Written by: Tiobe



After a recent hiatus, hacker group Anonsec says it has successfully hacked an unidentified drone, and still has the drone under its control as of today.

“We have been still going through drone data and video logs, and soon
we will release a teaser of video log on the Internet,” said the group in a statement.

While Anonsec is keeping its card close to the vest for now, they have said they targeted one particular drone deliberately.

“One reason we decided to target these drones is some of them are collecting chemical samples from upper atmosphere, and (we) wanted to get hands on that data to possibly prove the existence of chemicals,” says Anonsec.

Among the data the group claims to have collected are flight paths, longitude and latitude, altitude, air pressure and video logs. 10656340_263372497206214_1825787387_n

The feat comes after many, including the Washington Post, warned of drones’ vulnerability to hacking.

“The security of drones themselves is an important safety issue,” said Michael Berry and Nabiha Syed in the Washington Post article. “Drones are vulnerable to hijacking through tactics like GPS spoofing.”

Drones remain one of President Obama’s preferred technologies in America’s war on terror, as well as a rapidly growing tool for the film industry, local police and companies like DHL and Google.

Anonsec will release video footage from the drone it claims it hacked.

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  1. Isn’t anonsec just a copy of the video game watch dogs as in dedsec? It even has the same font But other then that this is pretty cool

  2. Its pretty clear that there are chemicals up there, not only due to planes but as well due to satellites because they are like little atom energy stations circling earth… they have to produce some emissions + from time to time they tend to fall down, back on earth and in the falling process they burn like crazy… But Good Job if its true on the hacking side 🙂

    At least I have found my new favorite homepage 😀

  3. @Renji

    Since AnonSec has been around much longer than Watch Dogs I wouldn’t consider it a copy, nor does that have any relevance to anything or take away from the “cool” factor of the work they have done.

    I look forward to seeing more.

  4. @everyone really.
    Yeah I meant the question the other way round but thanks for you reply’s suddenly I currently have limited access to the internet at the moment.

  5. Anons are not idiots – but they are a idea – a fine one at that. So how can a idea be a idiot? It can’t…they know what they’re doing. They our doing this for us people. Not for them. For America.

    “They won’t forgive, they won’t forget.”

    And neither will I, a fine F-you to Obama and his crew.

  6. I was watching a video that had an RT or whatever snip in it.
    It said that 18 people were killed due to the drones;
    do you think AnonSec killed the 18 people?

    Odd coincidence.

  7. i swear to god i live in georgia and i am followed , gang stalked , and i have seen drones following me. i really need some help :/

  8. Message from #AnonSec … you people are nuts!! … to elaborate … our brother Dêfãult Vírüsa hacked the drone … No we wont fucking crash the thing — whats wrong with you?!! its the Global Hawk 872 Drone — which is a non militarized science drone !! The 2012 date appearing is part of the filename morons … Reading all these dumb comments made me realize something … Its moronic idiots like so many of you that give real hackers a bad name …. but none of you is afraid to cry for our help when you need it for your selfish agendas!! Hypocrites !! No we didnt hack facebook or this post!! If your shit is loading slow thats on you … quit clicking porn links!! and to sum this up …No we’re not a copy of WatchDogs — Last time i checked we’ve been around a lot longer than a video game … we just like the font !!

    • Lol, soooooo true bro ♥

      To everyone else:

      We are planning on releasing to Le Guardian after we analyze the video and data for chem trails or anything confidential such as video over area 51. Stay Tuned! :3

    • It’s human nature to take the lazy route of assumption rather than take a minute to analyze before commenting. Besides, White House is technically “crashing” the NASA earth sciences budget that fund climate study operations like these themselves. 2015, another 56 million dollar cut to NASA earth sciences division.

    • HEllo w0rld ! 😀 HELLO #AnonSec i c your comments! <3 man smh the hatred is lovely they are saying so much far fetched stuff its amazing… LOL sup 3r3bo0s 😉 I just would like to get thing clear for the public.. AND BTW BIG RESPECT FOR Default v1rus on his drone hack. im sure its more data structured then what you guys are thinking. WE are AnonSec Anonymous Security hackers not lulzsec + anonymous or anything like that we have been around since 2012 officially before watchdogs.. -__- WHY the hell would we crash a drone? we ARE NOT EVIL!! AnonSec has always been a good group with our r00ts starting with major takedowns of ChildPorn all over the world and we still do. We conduct many morally good and helpfull #Ops period that is all #AnonSec ~an0nsec666 bye bye 🙂

  9. Good. This is what we need.
    Comments By : Lundrim H4k3R Zamim Aliu 12 Old
    New Hacker Is Me I Hacker I Changen Word
    I am Hacker Willy
    From Kosova

  10. Damn they need faster internet 400/kbs is not acceptable for a hacker group, we dont want them to end up like Gary McKinnon 😛

  11. Chemtrails are real. I’ve been fighting chemtrails since 2004. I’ve had problems because of that. This is not a joke.


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