Zimbabwe’s Government Shut Down The Internet, So Anonymous Shut Down The Government


A group calling themselves Anonymous Africa has launched a series of attacks targeting the government of Zimbabwe and its President for what they are calling systemic corruption. The attacks come in conjunction with protests around the country; protests calling for the resignation of Robert Mugabe whom has been in control of the country for the last 36 years.

The operation, the group says, is not to be confused with #OpAfrica, a separate Anonymous operation aimed at exposing corruption, child labor laws and genocide across the continent. The “GMO hysteria” conversation they are referring to in the tweet below is largely centered in Nigeria, a country thankful for GMO’s as the country has continuously suffered from famine and a lack of crops.

As first reported by HackRead, “the most recent attack on Zimbabwean government website disrupted the online service of the country’s official portal (zim.gov.zw), ZANUPF – Zimbabwe African National Union- Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF) and Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (zbc.co.zw).”


Last week, protests literally shut down the country of Zimbabwe. Thousands of protesters throughout the country boycotted their jobs and took to the streets, shutting down businesses and roads throughout the countries capital. The protests center around a lack of jobs and unpaid wages throughout the country. Most recent estimates indicate that the county suffers from a 90% unemployment rate all while the country is suffering from a prolonged drought and food shortages.

Much like the Arab Spring of Egypt in 2011, the Zimbabwe protests have been organized almost exclusively through social media, more specifically through Whatsapp. Due to the effectiveness and growing numbers of protesters, the government of Zimbabwe has attempted to shut down the internet and banned local papers from reporting in order to preventing the movement from growing. Last Wednesday, the internet across the country was completely shut down.

Despite this, #ShutdownZimbabwe became the top trending topic across the continent and Anonymous has taken notice. Following the media blackout of the country last week, Anonymous launched #OpShutdownZimbabwe, a series of attacks against shutting down government web pages after the government attempted to shut down the internet for the people.

Sources: BBC, eNews Africa, HackRead

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  1. Thankful for GMOs? Are you deluded? GMOs were developed for the profits of large corporations who sell the lie that yield is higher, when the truth is the farmers are, after choosing to grow a GMO crop, tied into purchasing the associated pesticide or herbicide. Plenty of studies out there showing that when farmed in the correct conditions, organic farming will produce similar yield.
    Anonymous should be attacking GMO companies for their mis information and profiteering, not promoting them!

    • Key words there are: “correct condition”. I’m not sure if you know,but Africa is exactly known for their lush green fields and its reliability to rain often to be able to harvest crops. GMO crops are necessary in countries like Africa as they the crops need to be modified so that they can withstand the long periods of time without water and resist dying from the strong heat of the sun.

      • GMO’s have nothing to do with drought. its strictly to resist roundup products, and to render some seeds infertal so you cant save and use your own seeds for the next years crops. check out “the future of food ” video

  2. Good. We could do with some haking to the Spanish government. All greed. Taxing sun light. Rising the taxes on electric in the first week they were in charge. And with the “Ley mordaza” We a left with less rights to protest. And with stupid programs on TV that make the population dummer and summer that they don’t even see what is happening. Ay…


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