Anonymous Declares War Against Hong Kong Police


The “hacktivist” group Anonymous declared a cyber-war against Hong Kong for the treatment of protestors there. The group has already defaced several Hong Kong-based websites, and promised that dozens more would be affected over the next few days. Scroll Down To Watch The Video Below:

anonymous vs hong kong police


We are looking for people in HongKong who are willing to report for anonymous / To apply, please contact



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  1. This is Crystal from Hong Kong.
    First of all I would like to thank you for your attention and help of Hong Kong protesters.
    Yet, police force was cooperated with local mobs and gangsters and violently attack and disperse protesters at Mongkok and Causeway districts tonight.
    Protesters have been beaten to bleed by gangsters, school girls were sexually assaulted. Police wasn’t stopping this but helping the mob to escape. Wounded protesters were arrested for street fighting… We are scared but we are standing up firmly to confront injustice. The government is totally insane. Please continue to HELP and be our side! What you are doing is so encouraging to us and we treasure it!
    Thank YOU again!

    • Bump
      She is telling the truth, please please please please please do something about it. To her post, the person who was beaten is charged with street fight. Also the one who assaulted the school girl is being released not long after he was arrested. People and thugs were paid by the government to attack protester and to provoke attacks among them. The government IS going insane! You guys are the exact opposite of violence, you dont need to fight to help us prove a point and stop the continuing violence. Please help us.

  2. Hi Anonymous, I am currently a university student who participated in the Occupy Central Movement.

    First, thank you very much for helping us in fighting against HK police, but it should be noticed that our HK government is the main opponent, as the police is just simply listening to the orders from our Chief Executive, CY Leung.

    Second, may you please steal the information of some organizations? For example, The Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB). which is a political party which protects our government, as well as CPC. We, Hong Kong people believe that their operation revenue mainly comes from the fucking government in China. Therefore, I suggest you to expose their financial report to the public, so as to let more people understanding their evil side.

    Once again, thank you very much! Hong Kong loves you with your sincere help!
    Feel free to contact me as well! bye~~~

  3. help us i live in hong kong tonight we so ssad ..i think you can wahct out news
    to know what going on.. pls help us pls
    04 oct 2014

  4. Today’s Hong Kong protester, mostly are students, they are mostly loan by this department, if possible, please attack this department, let all student no need play back the money, coz many chinese come to Hong Kong to rob our resources, including a university quotas, then the study fee increase yearly, many Hong Kong students can not affordable, please kick off the server’s record, let the students free from finance.
    Thank you very much!

  5. Police is now colluding with the triad, communist party to attack the students yesterday, please help to reveal evidence that police is actually triad themselves.

  6. It’s not a good idea for attack their Hong Kong-based websites. Their websites just a few or non of traffic everyday. Please mainly attack their email service/database and disclose their confidential information to our citizen. We need your support. We trust you. Thank you.

  7. Hackers are deleting lots of online records and information about the Umbrella Revolution! Including Videos, Photos and even online news are disappearing! Please help us Hongkongers fight against those hackers (probably from China)!We are very thankful for your heroic help!

  8. Please hack TVB and media that have been corrupted by the Communist!
    Thank you so much for doing this. It means a lot to us!!

  9. You guys are the exact opposite of violence. You dont need to fight to help us prove a point and stop the continuing violence! The police force in HK tured their heads away from crime! A man beaten until blood covered his whole face was charged with street fighting! An old couple assaulted a young school girl (by pinching her breasts) got released moments away after they were arrested! The government is going insane! Please help us fight for freedom.

    • I really hope you get the freedom that you deserve. And I really hope that the corrupt police department get what they deserve!

  10. Please hack the following website for supporting the Hong Kong protest!

    A religious group that received communist’s benefits and using “soft voices” to urge protesters leave the scene. The director Yip Po-Lam is a notorious Leftist and she is a public enemy to Hong Kong people!

    We do not forget, and forgive!

  11. What all you guys have declared is so meaningful for those guys marching. Please help them with populating their revolution around the world (especially in mainland China, where people are blind of this revolution), preventing bad hacker from trying to ruin their data, and upper most, disclosing government plan to get the protester down.
    From Vietnam

  12. I’m from hk. Things are getting serious now. Protesters got hurt everyday. Police and gangsters are together…
    I dunno who we can trust anymore when gov and police hv become our enemies… No one protect us. We are on our own…
    Pls help us!!!!!!!
    There should not be blood on the steet anymore…

  13. The war that is beginning is one that should be led by the people. Due to their own government they no longer feel capable attacking and can only defend. It is disgusting that the same group of people meant to make lives easier through laws and balances are destroying the people they were to protect. The government of Hong Kong is corrupt and destroying these people’s way of living. They do not fight alone though. Raise your swords and rally the men. This means war.

  14. people that were assaulted by pro-China mobsters got arrested by Hong Kong police; one sexually molested female fought back and was arrested for “assault”; western reporters attacked by pro-China mobsters; some police beat protesters and threatened others just because they felt like it.

    Tom Grundy , a British multimedia journalist who station in Hong Kong for years, has been beaten by anti Occupy when he doing his interviews in Mongkok this afternoon.

  15. people that were assaulted by pro-China mobsters got arrested by HK police; one sexually molested female fought back and was arrested for “assault”; western reporters attacked by pro-China mobsters; some police beat protesters and threatened others just because they felt like it.

    A clip of HK police firing tear gas at people who are requesting to leave peacefully on 28 September 2014.

  16. this is support Demonstrators

    Dear Chief Executive Mr.Chun Ying Leung,

    Tens of thousands of peaceful protesters have been staging pro-democracy mass sit-ins in the centre of Hong Kong. Despite a police crackdown on them, involving the widespread use of tear gas on Sunday, 28 September, the protesters continue to gather peacefully.

    Their non-violent and civic-minded approach – recycling waste and cleaning up the streets, sharing food and water and putting up signs apologizing for the disruptions caused – have led them to be popularly described as the “politest” protesters.

    The deployment of riot police in full gear and the quick use of pepper spray and tear gas by the Hong Kong Police during pro-democracy demonstrations was an alarming sign. Amnesty International is also very concerned about any potential use of rubber bullets by the police.

    In addition, there have been reports of assaults on the pro-democracy protesters by opponents on Friday, 3 October, and Saturday, 4 October, and at least one journalist has been seen to have sustained injuries during the course of reporting on the demonstrations.

    Hong Kong is bound by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Article 27 of Hong Kong’s “mini-constitution”, the Basic Law, also guarantees “freedom of speech, of the press and of publication; freedom of expression, of assembly of procession and demonstration.”

    Government authorities must ensure the right to freedom of expression of all participants to peaceful assemblies and the right of the public to information. They must also ensure that journalists can carry out their work without unwarranted interference.

    We call on you to ensure the Hong Kong Police to:
    1.Respect the right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly and protect this right from interference of others
    2. Facilitate peaceful protests and ensure right to information is respected and;
    3. Refrain from excessive use of force

    Yours Sincerely,

    Mabel AU Mei Po
    Director of Amnesty International Hong Kong

  17. Please infiltrate police database to expose the identities of the triads members who posed like normal citizens to go against the protesters. The incident in Mong Kok specially.

  18. 30 mins ago. protestor got hurt by knife by unknown person in Mong kok.
    and recently mong kok has pictures proof that one police wearing casual wear on the street and fight with peaceful protestors. search online for those news and pictures.

  19. 5/11-6/11
    1. First MMM started in HongKong

    2.Serious conflicts in MongKok
    Polices beat protesters with batons again in MongKok
    protesters use helmet for protection

    conclusion about umbrella movement
    Where there are Hong Kong polices, there are thugs,violence and bloods.

    protester vomiting blood

    Facebook page about umbrella movement (Chinese)

    Police use the law as their weapon to arrest netizen without proper reasons(Chinese)

    apple daily is a media supporting democracy but it has been hacked constantly.It is believed that the reason of being hacked is that apple daily support freedom of speech and democracy


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