Anonymous Declares War on Lizard Squad Hacker Team Who Took Down Playstation & Xbox Networks On Christmas


As you may have heard the hacker group “Lizard Squad” has claimed responsibility for the hack of Sony and PlayStation’s online gaming services that shut down on Christmas Day and were still down until some minutes ago from writing this article (12:40 p.m CST)



The gaming networks returned thanks to Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom, who offered the Lizard Squad 3,000 premium lifetime vouchers for his relaunched MegaPrivacy service.


 Kim Dotcom is wanted by the U.S. government for copyright infringement related to his former file-sharing website Megashare which has been taken by the US Government. He took the time to take a dig at the United States with his example of diplomatic outreach: 


Anonymous second message to Lizard Squad:

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  1. I dont get why anonymous gives warnings just do it. And prove it other wise it looks like blown smoke. Your threat to nova scotia was laughed at and you failed to proved a deadline which makes it look like you have nothing. Nova scotia power isnt scared at all. If i was a nerd behind a computer it would of been done already with no warning. Always attack with the element of surprise. If you guys are as good as you say you would of been watching them all holiday. Firearms and assassinations are the only way of real change

    • Don’t assume that all warnings come from anyone with abilities. There are small groups of people waving the anon banner and acting in ways that in no way reflect the real ideals behind the heart of Anonymous. But I guess everyone is free to do their own thing until it really hurts the “organization” as a whole.

      What I have seen in Halifax doesn’t wash right with me, but that is just my opinion. The front page of the Herald is an example of this – I don’t know if those protesters on the front page wearing ski masks were anons or not, but the story makes it look as if they were, and makes us all look like a bunch of criminals, non anons.

      Even I could go to the press and make some ludicrous threat against a company knowing full well I do not have the necessary skills to affect any cyber action. Looks to me that is the case here – if it were not, would something not have happened?

      :: Firearms and assassinations are the only way of real change

      No true anon would ever agree with that, but again, they also fight for freedom of speech.

      • Anonymous is supposedly not really a thing, so you can’t claim that there are “true” or “false” Anonymous groups based on the success of them. All failures and all successes claimed by Anonymous are indeed their failures and successes. It is you people yourselves who claim that Anonymous is a banner for Anonymity and not an actual organization, therefore everything done under the banner of Anonymous belongs to Anonymous.

      • How can a video posted by Anon ever be deemed fake? Thats kind of extremely contradictory to what Anon actually is. Anyone can be a member of Anonymous therefor anyone can post a “Real” anonymous video.

        • You aren’t part of Anonymous simply by saying you are. A person only counts as a legitimate member if they work towards the goals that Anonymous strives for. Essentially, freedom and fairness of the internet. By contradicting those goals, you expose yourself as a fraud, even if you don’t reveal your true identity.

          • This entire thread points out the issue of having an organization that has no real defined leadership. Of course that also is what makes it nearly impossible to target. With the good must come the bad. However, I doubt Anonymous really needs to do much if anything. These Lizard Squad kids are being very active and public, they want to get caught. I’m sure the FBI will not only take them down, but will use it as a big public message to make the masses happy. “See we catch cyber criminals, your online shopping habits are safe.”

    • I hope to God, and for the sake of mankind that is blind In the illusion our Govern has layed over us. I hope to God Anonymous is who they say they are and that they fight for the freedom of the people, which this nation wears as a mask. I hope Anonymous stands with no fear against this divided nation who will persecute, lie and backstabb any who stand against. Help God bring to Light all of America’s lies and deceit, and you Anonymous, will have GOD ALMIGHTY by your side wether thee believe or not.

      • Unfortunately, that is not the case. People claiming to be members of Anonymous recently released 13k names and credit card numbers of customers from a number of online sites, including PSN, Amazon, etc. So, they are not the “white Knights” they like to claim to be. They can’t even say that the folks claiming to have done this in their name are not affiliated with them, because of the very nature of what Anonymous is and how they operate. Trust not. Support not.

        • The government is “Anonymous”. What better way to control what the hackers do…Maybe good for them, or bad. Or get the little fake out, to bust them. Lizrds will get their tail cut off, but I’m sure a new one will grow back. And the Gov. will have more hacker jobs at the special low price that keeps them out of jail.

    • They don’t care about the element surprise they just want to test their system see how they would reaction. I would laugh saying ok try it look what happen to psn and Xbox live they were laughing at it saying that they couldn’t possibility do it look what happen they did it without a element of surprise.also they didnt say they were all good some of them admit they know others who could do a better job then them so its pretty much a group mix of Amateurs and pros.People who give warnings are probably looking for a challenge and enjoy watching them calling there bluff sayings it impossible. Sorry bud firearms and assassinations are not the way for real change.

    • I don’t know who these Lizard fucks are but I do know that you dont’ fuck with Anonymous so whoever Lizard fuckheads are should probably run and hide now.

    • anonymous dont warn they promise and believe me they will do all they can to obliterate the lizards and then the lizards are fucked, go anonymous

    • The give warnings to give them 1 last chance to stop or fess up to what they have done , they will not just attack , they’re not the villain , they’re the hero and the hero gives a second chance




    • Anonymous is an idea. Everyone is missing this point. Everyone has a say, but the majority has “say so”. Those like minded individuals that want to “wolf pack” and stand together behind a cause have the back up by those that feel the way they do. In this way there is no group to hold responsible. We are Anonymous. We are all fighting for the greater good, in our own way.

    • I love the idea that this entire world could unite and work together for true freedom for all. But we all have to understand words like “good” and “bad” may mean different things to different people. What one group may use Anonymous for may be seen as “good” for their group, but may be seen as “bad” for the rest of us. In example, the difference in Extremists of a religion and those peaceful people of the religions. Beheadings, stoning, ect. in the name of God, Allah, ect. may be seen as “good” to the extremists, but “bad” to the modern peaceful people. True freedom will simply be a world without law and order, allowing all groups to exist in their own territory which they fight for and continue to successfully defend. To get people to unite, they must all agree on a foundation, a set of rules, a set of laws, and the foundation may not be everyone’s ideal of freedom.

      • “True freedom will simply be a world without law and order, allowing all groups to exist in their own territory which they fight for and continue to successfully defend.”

        OK, so it’s only law and order when you say it’s law and order. Each of those distinct groups defending their territory couldn’t possibly have law and order. So for an example, there couldn’t have really been Native groups in North America like the Lakota and the Cherokee and the Navajo because you have to have self-definition to have a social group, and laws and rules kind of go along with that self-definition. Really? No. Just because YOU don’t define it as law and order doesn’t mean it isn’t law and order.

        “To get people to unite, they must all agree on a foundation, a set of rules, a set of laws, and the foundation may not be everyone’s ideal of freedom.”

        Here’s a crazy thought for you. I don’t WANT all the people of the world to unite. I just want us to be able to co-exist without killing one another off, stealing land, stealing resources, forcing one way of life on everybody, etc.

        We do not have to be a one-world culture and a one-world government. In fact every effort made in that direction leads to MORE warfare.

        There is NOT one right way to live on the planet. There never has been.

        So stuff it with the one-world-ism. That will achieve the exact OPPOSITE of peace. Rightfully so.

    • Well said. Divide and rule is the oldest trick in the book. If in doubt read Sun Tzu’s The Art Of War…….Its only short so shouldn’t be too taxing….

  3. thank you all keep fighting the good fight.i think i sore that fake vid and posted it sorry,can you sent me a site that is yours or is this the best one to come to?

  4. troll squads of this sort using the oldest trick in the book need to be put in their place. If they are not darkened soon the government will use this as a means to implement regulations and that whole net neutrality thing.. Yeah. TAKE LIZARDSQUAD OUT ASAP. FinestSquad claims dox.

    • im tryn to learn some skills besides trolling. Any Suggestions? I would appreciate it! THX Divided by non! didnt know trolling would hurt. tryn tp make the powers that be. Watch me while the people with the real skills do what they do. sry brother

    • FinestSquad is full of crap. They didnt stop LizardSquad. LizardSquad had them running in circles and what FinestSquad released was a list of fake members. Do you think LizardSquad is made up of a bunch of 15 year olds? Just because they are attacking video game networks doesnt mean they are kids. Who do you think hacked Sony? Every time it has been LizardSquad. Then LizardSquad took down North Korea’s internet. Then they took down both gaming networks, turned them back on, cashed in $15,000 worth of vouchers from, then took them back out again. These are not children.

      Now Anonymous isnt the mack-daddy hacker group anymore and they are mad. So what are they doing now? Now rhey are trolling it up and instead of posting videos that are aimed at changing the government, now they are posting videos that are aimed at whining about LizardSquad.

      If you were to put this into physical terms, here is what it is —– LizardSquad is a rogue group of military snipers that are going around shooting up a bunch of specific targets as well as some random shit, FinestSquad is a group of politicians trying to throw up smoke screens and lying to the media about LizardSquad’s abilities, and Anonymous is an activist group that chains themselves to trees so that they dont get bulldozed.

      • FinestSquad is LizardSquad – just because you go on some long ass rant doesn’t make you intelligent, nor does it make you qualified to talk shit. Do you really think that they could resell those accounts from mega? Nope… as soon as they fucked Kim over they void those accounts. Yes, some people are underestimating LizardSquad, thinking that they are scriptkiddies. To my knowledge some sects of Anon (security) did aid in the recovery of PSN & Xbox Live. Don’t judge any Anon at the same time, there may be some heads there that also know what they’re doing… & not just making whining videos.

      • Finest Squad IS Lizard Squad you mentally inept turnip….just a smoke screen/ploy to instill false hope into kids thinking help is on the way so fewer stand up to them and an attention hype. The entire goal of a troll is to get attention…as much of it as possible.

        The purpose for them using DDOS is 1 of 2 reasons
        1. They didn’t NEED to do anything else. Why bring cleets to a game of paper football?
        2. It’s all they had the SKILL to do Clerk is a completely behind the decades retard who asked me about 2 years ago on #Elitehackers Efnet channel if Netbus was still a viable r00t. um…that was what…windows 3.1? 95 at latest? AND it was NOT a r00t, but a VERY loosely defined trojan…a primitive honey pot is more accurate with EXTREMELY limited functionality (by limited I mean…you could pop the person’s CD drive…yes…I said CD drive open, and change their desktop background) The only members of Lizard’s Queef with any validity to their exploits at all is Jord and TakenTheGod…and Taken’s only exploit I know of with any kind of sustanence was a brute force that got lucky using a dictionary given by Ghettodawgz fxp scanner Ston3dF3rr3t.

        If it’s war….it will be short lived.

        They SHOULD expect us

    • Anon did it because they knew Sony weren’t protecting passwords etc with proper encryption. They were storing info in simple text documents which someone can easily open. These other guys are just DDosing for the sake of doing it because they find it hilarious to ruin entertainment of plenty people for their own sad pathetic entertainment.

    • they are not doing it because of the lies, they are doing it because LS took over almost 3000 nodes for Tor. Anon told them to “stand the fuck down”, to which LS replied “do something.”.

  5. Agreed there all Obnoxious And not just the one arrested, And they Not only support Law Enforcement but Have Law Enforcement do there work for them, And i Agree with never forgive and never forget, But is right now the best time to worry bought This group?

  6. Fuck the Lizard Squad. I’m tired of these little dumbass trolls. I support anonymous for everything they stand for, everything they are, I am anonymous at heart and will forever vote in their favor. Fuck the oppression. ITS TIME FOR A FUCKING CHANGE THAT OBAMA PROMISED US AND NEVER DELIVERED, ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE TO BETTER HUMANITY AND GET RID OF UNFAIR INJUSTICES. I. AM. WITH. ANONYMOUS.

    • The president isn’t given power to make change. He’s one third of government. His corporate backers don’t want change anyway. Even if he actually wanted to, the system is in place to prevent it at all costs.

  7. take them down its was crap and im not speaking for adults im speaking for my kids who could not play. kids who got ps4 or ps3 xbox what ever. it was all crap and if you know kids they ask and ask what as parents are we to tell are kids that some dumb hacker group lizard squad did this because they think the spirit of the holiday is gone and that no one deserves shit. i think they need a good old ass kicking break some bones you know not kill them but sure in the hell make them hurt for a while. thanks

    • I get what you mean. I admittedly was one of the people that had to deal with the first psn outage a few years back, I did not think it was annon but some one from the collective showing how vulnerable they were? Lizard however, they need to be dealt with and need to be taken care of. There is no reason for this and no reason for them to hold hostage things like that. Its greed pure and simple to me if someone placates them buy giving them what the want or paying them off. No better than a school yard bully in my book.

  8. this is starting to piss me off we need to make a move on these guys.
    i woke up this morning and tried to play bf3 on origin (pc) and all the servers are down everyone says its lizard squad. what are they getting out of this? do they think its doing good? idk but its messing with the tech community and thats a no no. we have to make these guys wish they never fucked with anonymous!

    we are legion
    we do not forgive
    we do not forget
    expect us! lizard squad!

  9. Empty threats. We’ve seen this before where others call out Lizard Squad and nothing is done. They just keep on performing DDoS attacks and laughing in the faces of all that threaten them. FinestSquad told lies and acted like they were making progress. They even claimed to be working with the Feds. They then post an unconfirmed dox that is months old and nothing they put together. All for a little bit of e-fame I guess. Hopefully someday Lizard Squad will actually get what is coming to them.

    • puste groźby? to jak wytłumaczysz fakt taki “New Operation System Activation. Let’s go.. 🙂 pisałem o tym wczoraj na g+ a anonym jeżeli chce coś zrobić to jedyna opcja to wziąć wyłączyć prąd w elektrowniach zatrzymacie w ten sposób ekspansje obłudy druga opcja jest taka że słońce rozbłyskami swoimi może wyczyścić serwery a kiedy tak się stanie bo już nie raz się stało to przypisują takie rzeczy jakiejś grupie lub organizacji po to aby ludziom dalej zasłaniać oczy… recepta jest jedna nie dajcie się zwariować co z tego że sony czy xbox itd. wyłączyli na święta? że co nie zagram sobie przez sieć ale mi to też wyczyn wow! brawa dla nas za głupotę 🙂 ludzie czy wy naprawdę poza sianiem fermentu i robienia wideł z igły nic nie potraficie? ja mam ułożony plan systemu ułożony w 81% jeżeli ktoś by się zainteresował to jestem pewny że ta platforma była by konkurencją dla Microsoft Apple czy Google plan układam w zeszycie rysuje i opisuje każdą opcje jaka by miała być w tym systemie robie to na kartce papieru nie bez powodu…. w internecie nic nie jest bezpieczne a bezpieczeństwo mojego zeszytu zależy od mojego długopisu

  10. i think the point of this is why would you attack the users side of playstation when it’s only hurting your peers if you wanted to hurt playstation and that is if that’s the real reason they did it to show holes in their system taking the network on which people use to join together on the Internet was the dumbest thing to attack why not attack their site on which they sell products or anything of that nature because the goal is a free internet but if you show you can’t handle that freedom then your only giving them the fire needed to do as they want with the Internet. I’m not speaking for anonymous as i don’t know them or have any steak in any of this other then me not being able to play a game for a few days but my opinion this only hurts us in the long run and they took a gift in order to stop so if you ask me they are terrorist if I hold something up then I take a ransom for what I took what else would you call me? Someone needs to make sure this is handled

  11. Just do it, they need to be silenced, they need to suffer, just anihilated them. And show us how you did it, so the whole world can laugh with them. Lizard Squad needs to be destroyed. Respect for the idea Anonymous.

    we are legion
    we do not forgive
    we do not forget
    expect us!

  12. Anonymous is justified in their anger, justified in seeking to remove those that would spread rumor and make people second guess their intentions for the world to be a better place. As far as I see Lizard Squad put themselves in the crosshairs, they made the falsehood and now they can pay for it. Hackers they may be but apparently not good enough to NOT be caught. Bragging about it don’t make it right….cause that’s a breadcrumb trail that leads you to being caught. Can’t wait to see them go down.

  13. Good grief. Meanwhile, on Wall street and in the City of London, and Tokyo, and Paris.. and meanwhile in Libya, and Syria, and Iraq, and Iran, and Afghanistan, and Pakistan,.. and meanwhile in Russia, and Ukraine, and China, and North Korea.. and meanwhile in Zimbabwe, and Nigeria, and Uganda, and Sierra Leone…. and meanwhile in the Arctic and Antarctica, and Finland, and the Boreal forests, and Northern Russia… and meanwhile in middle America, and the EU, and China… And whilst the real world unfolds, and real grown ups have to try and deal with real problems, such as famine, and flood, and disease, and poverty, and inequity… Anonymous are farting around with ‘who’s got the biggest dick’ competitions between geeks. Well my eyes have been opened. We really do need some sort of grass roots movement and mechanism for change. But we need one with brains, and intelligence, and worldliness, and alternatives to the existing paradigm, and awareness of what the issues actually are – why, how, and what to do about them – and some sort of ability to realistically initiate and effect change. Clearly you lot of juveniles are not living in the same world as I am. I made a mistake.

    • so stop farting here and join some good cause organizations. Flood, diseases and etc are nature formed problems, this is something humans did and related to this only. So stop bitching here, you are at the wrong site for that sort comment..

    • that change happened already when Christ split history in two, before He came and after He went. He showed us the change you are all looking for.



  15. I think the one thing that some people lost in this is Sony & Microsoft themselves. If I understand correctly the threat of ‘shut down’ was spoken out weeks ago. Yet neither of these billion dollar companies protected its players. Apparently two hacker groups wanted to teach each other a lesson, then why is it that we, the console gamers have to be the victim? As if Sony or Microsoft even care. As if the gov even cares that a gaming service is down… we are gamers, we don’t matter, we’re victims again.

  16. “Yet neither of these billion dollar companies protected its players.”

    Evidence, please? Just because someone makes a threat doesn’t mean that you will know a) how they plan to execute it, b) how large of a scale it will be, and c) what exactly you can do to prevent it. Did LS give details about how they were going to do the DDOS? (There are actually many different ways to do it) What portions of the networks they would target? (From reports, some countries did not lose Xbox Live service at all while others were down for longer periods of time.) For all you know, Microsoft and Sony could have doubled and tripled their efforts trying to protect themselves against the attacks but depending on how they were done, they could have used a technique they didn’t expect.

    I have no doubt that there were plenty of Microsoft and Sony employees who worked yesterday instead of spending the holidays with their families. Please remember that the people who work for these companies are people, too.

  17. Lizard Squad

    Lizard Squad “Member” #1:
    ‘Chief’ a/k/a ‘ChF’ a/k/a ‘ChFTheCat’ a/k/a ‘Devin Bharath’
    Devin Bharath 1765 lawrence ave east apt 310 scarborough ON
    Sara S Bharath
    Home (905) 509-1626
    1013 Lytton Crt
    Pickering, ON L1W 3Z2
    N Bharath
    Home (905) 551-2206
    34 Longview Dr
    Bradford, ON L3Z 2H3
    2901 Kipling Ave
    Toronto, ON M9V 5E5

    Lizard Squad “Member” #2:
    ‘Criminal’ a/k/a ‘c’ a/k/a ‘Fatally’

    Lizard Squad “Member” #3:
    ‘Vypor’ a/k/a ‘VyporSquad’ a/k/a ‘Taylor Smyth’
    Name: Taylor Hayden Smyth /aka/ vypor
    DOB: 11/17/1998
    Address: 3845 Sunset Ln, Oxnard, CA 93035

    Lizard Squad “Member” #4:
    ‘KMS’ a/k/a ‘Rory Godfrey’
    Name: Rory Andrew Godfrey
    Address: 1620 One Wellington, Beaumont, TX 77706 (Lives with family could be in the Rowlett, TX area)
    Skype: u.n.d.e.r.s.c.o.r.e

    Lizard Squad “Owner” #5:
    ‘TakenTheGod’ a/k/a
    Lizard squad was created by Taken The God. He is a former member of WyM friends of VM H is twitter is @TakenTheGod, also runs #NaziSec, #MrSquad, #SwaggSec.

    Skype: Insta.Host Or swattedd
    Twitter: @swattedd –
    His (InstaHost #): (520) 441-1120

    • If youre so good anonymous then fucking do something about this shit, empty threats arnt going to do anything they allready hit psn again this morning so obviously you cunts are siding with them or youre just plain useless!

  18. All of you cheering Anonymous on for their war against Lizard Squad should know they’re only doing it because Lizard Squad said that Anonymous would work with FBI, not because Lizard Squad ruined Christmas for gamers. Anonymous doesn’t care. They don’t care that people had to stay and work to get servers back up instead of spending Christmas with their families.

    And I don’t see why Anonymous is so against the United States either. I, for one, side with my country before I side with a hacktivist group.

    That being said, Anonymous has done things I approve of. This in particular just doesn’t seem like something worth cheering for them over.

  19. U got all my support! Together we can change everything. Some ppl don’t realize the power we all got. The power is in ur hands, we just need to be clever and work together as one man. (sry for my bad english, I usually speak french)

  20. Anonymous find the IP Address to the Users of Lizard squad. Not there VPN’s! You get the digits, spam it across the world. Let the booters of this world to work against them! I hate lizard squad personally, and I will be happy to let my bots destroy them!!! #Anonymous #LizardGoingDown

  21. so the gamers couldnt play, how sad, all of the sudden cries at the sky are heard, please please anonymous help us get our opium back. kids should be playing outside in the snow not glued to some game living by proxy.
    how idiotic and lame to scream against hackers siding with two corporations and wishing government takes them down. “destroy them anonymous”…i want to get back to my virtual reality. how twisted and sad.

  22. lmao… At the whole thing havent u all learned real people dont talk.Ask a real to the bone hacker speacilly the ones who do this like the blood we need to live …..the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convicsing the world he didnt exist…smh petty hacks hacking games lmoa

  23. If yous are so fucking good anonymous, then fucking do something about this or take our girly empty threats else where!
    They dont need to be threatened, do you think theyll listen? When have they ever?
    Do something about it or go keep pulling your dick to some fucken gay porn!
    Over people saying theyre getting rid of lizard squad, theyre still fucken here!!!!

  24. Lizzard squad is a distraction team to shut down the internet for north korea. USA is telling the public it was north korean that was standing behind the hack on sony. And with good reason (if you have seen the new film “The interview”)

    Usa is making the movie, they know north korea will response to the movie and the us goverment do a clean hack tracing back to north korea and blames them.. Us takes contact with china and disconnect the internet for north korea.

    USA made isis and now they may creat a dangerus alliance between russland and north korea

  25. I’ve read some of the comments above and we are all one are those who love freedom you are the resistanceand I for one am not afraid of my government

  26. Anon, you are really the gamers’ only hope at stomping out these assholes out like a disgarded cigarette butt. The govt is slow and could take a long ass time before they’re all taken care of and even then it won’t do any good. We need the best and you’re the only ones who measure up to it. So what say you, help those who cannot fight this battle themselves?

  27. anonymous should just hack lizards squad computers and just shut them down completely ! and to those who question anonymous ,,,,how about you do what they do and then see how it feels to not be appreciated for what you are trying to do ,,,, at least anonymous is doing what others wont do because they don’t have the balls to stand up and speak up ! I back anonymous ,,,, We are a Legion ,,,, EXPECT US

  28. I know anonymous is taking an effort to stop lizard squad, but the official anonymous twitter account that has been updating everyone online, seems to be falling far from the core of anonymous. The voice of that twitter account is cold. Its hateful. its brash, and lashes out at people who post anything negative about them like a spoiled child. “Anonymous @YourAnonNews · 28m 28 minutes ago
    Let’s make one thing clear, this isn’t about PSN nor Xbox. This is about Tor. We don’t give a fuck about your PSN or Xbox live. thx.” You don’t give a fuck about the millions of hard working citizens that spend their hard earned money on consoles for their kids and families only to have it ruined by some online bully/attention spunges? if I remember correctly, anonymous was MADE to prevent this kind of abuse. What difference is it if its psn? or xbox live? or Tor? According to anonymous’ twitter account, anonymous Couldn’t care less if someone was stealing from people all around the world. If xbox and psn do not matter to anonymous, then why does anonymous fight the governments for doing the exact same thing? Whoever runs that account is not anonymous. He might as well be another tyrant. after all. no one but a tyrant would ignore millions of people pleading for help. Even if it is for such a small reason such as videogaming. its selfish and arrogant, neither of which would i ever use to describe anonymous.

    • DDoS protection only does so much and a large enough attack can take down any system regardless of what ‘protection’ is in place.

  29. And I dont care about sony. I dont care about microsoft. I care about the people who are affected by this, those that spent hard earned money and feel like they were cheated out of what they had earned. You cant help one and not the other. part of being a growing community and being comprised of millions is that we can take time to make sure everyone that doesnt have a way of defending themselves have something to look up to. I will never look up to the person who posted this.
    @rock9449 how about you stfu and do something too? otherwise, you’re just another ‘talker’

  30. Im a true supporter of free internet and free speach. When anon makes an attack they do it for our protection of our data. These lizard ass holes are doing it for fun. And the thought of the government really accepting help from anon or any hacker group is just plain stupid. Any one that commits a cyber attack has 2 options once the government knows who you are. 1 work for them and never hack again or 2 life in prison never get out on parole or probation. Thank you anonymous for being Good Hackers with a purpose!

  31. The main reason why anon doesn’t care about this is because gaming is a luxury and we can live without it. They care when someone trashes their name and spreads lies. This topic definitely is not on the top of their priority list Considering recent events.

  32. it’s not all about hacking, it’s about strategy, planning, and a lot of thinking, anonymous cannot unite, if they ever do, they will be either shot or locked up in a cell block in no time. Do not trust anyone who claims to be “anonymous” as we all know, anyone can be anonymous, only someone stupid enough, or someone with a lot of trust will reveal their real identity to others, even if you’re working as a “wolf pack” or a group, DO NOT reveal your identity even to your best mate.

    People’s own families will and has turned against them for smaller things. Anonymous has only one thing in common, not a race, not a culture, not a national identity, not furry kittens, it’s just fighting for the 99%, and exposing tyrants. If you do anything else while wearing the anonymous mask, then that is your OWN initiative, which is fine. You’re allowed to have an opinion.

    I am not a hacker. I wish I was, I would love to change the world for good. But all we can do is do our part, no matter what it is, from marching on the streets, to simply share some information on social media, whatever we’re good at, to share the idea of freedom.

    I’m from Turkey, and I will never forget what the anonymous has done to protect the people in #Gezi 2013. I thank all of the individuals who took part in OpGezi. You’re all my brothers and sisters, and I want you to know that the real Turkish people feel the same way. 50% of our country is Islamic extremists because of our Islamic government. But the rest of us, secular, modern Turks, we’re behind you and we support you to the fullest extent. And even though I’m an atheist, god bless anonymous. 🙂

  33. Hey everyone don’t get mad at anonymous. They have made many fixes for our social networks and other networks. They don’t update our stuff but told use what flawed. If it wasn’t for them we may not have Facebook, Twitter, or gaming. Why? Because the hackers would fly right through the security and there would be no privacy. They care about ones rights and security, they understand that law can’t do everything for use because people fun out how to cheat the system. It’s the same way with technology and the rest of our existence. At least this is what I think they want to do, that and unit use without war and hatred one day. Though I could be wrong.

  34. I think someone needs to simply introduce the “brilliant” lizard squad to a soldier home on leave that gave his kids an Xbox or Playstation and then realized he or she couldn’t play it with them because some jerk offs wanted to have a laugh. Good job stealing Christmas… thanks for making the world a better place and whatnot

  35. Am I the only one who thinks “Lizard Squad” sounds like some asinine cartoon on Nick Jr? Why the fuck would you name yourselves that? Stop shutting down gaming servers and teach me my ABCs and 123s. Shapes would be welcomed as well.

  36. As far as im concerned every hacking group can go to hell. All they cause is more problems while trying to justify it with some self centered rant about freedom or some other movie worthy crap. Wake up internet they are the problem not Sony and Microsoft who we all willingly pay for their services until your so called “heroes” attack their servers.

  37. Dreaming of how life could be,
    If society was free,
    If we never had no spg,
    It’s up to you, it’s up to me, to me.

    We gotta, work, work, work together,
    Fight, fight, stay alive,
    Work, work, work together,
    We’re fighting to survive,
    You’ll know when we arrive, oh yeah.

    Work for all in a carefree state,
    No more anger, no more hate,
    No more fighting, Black and White,
    We must all learn to unite…

    The Oppressed

  38. Not just us as a group are needed for the fight. We need everyone to stand up and join together to stop these crimes and bring freedom back to this nation.

  39. you pin heads act like your games are important .this is just the beginning wake up sheeple ! real life is just beyond your stupid screen you pake face bloodshoteyed fat fakers in ur mums basement get a life !


  40. This is all rather silly.
    Anon isnt an organisation, its an idea. We are all Anon if we choose to agree with what Anon stands for. There is no centralisation, thats the whole idea. To say a hacker group comprised of autonomous individuals who believe and hold similar values, net freedom, fighting against censorship, supporting occupy etc, is targeting a group called lizard squad is crass. While lizard squad, whoever the hell they are,are just buzzkills for online gamers. Sure hack microsoft xbox and release emails, or mess with them, but to screw up users if just having a pop at probable supporters of hackivism. The idea guys is to be activists against corporate corruption and greed, not ruining peoples fun by screwing up their gaming.

  41. Hey Anon, instead of talking about a war with Lizard how about going and taking em out. PSN STILL DOWN and planned to be so until new years apparently.

    I have a brand new game – long awaited xmas pressent, I can’t wait to play sitting here and these assholes are keeping me from playing it!

  42. its nothing but a joke anonymous was just beating their chest to bluff LS LS is still active. If Anon is so powerful in what they do ELIMINATE LIZARD SQUAD

  43. Without understanding of negative thinking, or with incomplete work; indifference and inaction leaves burns on all our thoughts, Afterwards never knowing if you could enact change but didn’t. I love you guys, Just remember us Tiny small fry out there who grow nervous in their seats from yelling and loud noises are easily scared and sometimes can use a silent nod to say “you’re all right.”

  44. We are not done just yet. We have just begun the attacks and will not resist.
    Resistance is futile against the Lizardous megladone of mass attacks so bring it on Anonymous. We laugh at your halloween mask and infatile tactics.

    We have never been scared of you we laugh at your group of underaged wannabe skids with no skill in any type of hacking.

    Come @ Us


    • Lizard Squad…your name says it all stupid-asses:
      L is for Little, (Puny,Frail,Weak)
      I is for insignificant (Worthless,Forgettable)
      Z is for Zeroes (Need 1 really expla1n th1s to y0u(not1ce the zero– in y0u)
      —- hahahaha 1 am so clever (notice the one- in I)
      —- Anon I am us –> A non I m us –> A Us, not I –> I m us = WE
      A is for *Anonymous*
      R is for *Reigns*
      D is for *Dominant*

      “Beware my wrath” – from the portrayal of Beelzebub in ‘Fallen’


      — Sic’ em Legion


  45. lizard squad your just a bunch of low life pussies!
    I’m willing to bet you little bitches couldn’t stand toe to toe with me because I would beat the shit out of all y’all’s asses!
    But no you just sit behind you computer screens because your SCARED!!

  46. I know I do not live in the U.S but I do support anonymous for what they are doing to help the gaming companies and now I’m wondering what are they going to do about lizard squad’s new post I have seen off a group on facebook, they have implied threatening to do something to steam which would cause a certain amount of damage over the world.

  47. Whats the point? Anon vs a hacker group going for a beasty industry such as Sony? I would even expect that lots of Anon hackers would do the same, cracking down power corporations and having a global consense about the enemy. Declare war to greed, posession and speculation if you really want to make the difference!

  48. HI I HOPE ANNONYMOUS TAKE DOWN Lizard Squad and teach them a well deserved lesson theres no need for scum bags like this to harm people who enjoy life playing games on there consoule…

    Thank YOU ANONYMOUS You arer the BEST !!!

  49. Its flames of fury that lizard squad want to be like us’ well we shall declare this Lizard squad you should fear the future

  50. What I have seen in Halifax doesn’t wash right with me, but that is just my opinion. The front page of the Herald is an example of this – I don’t know if those protesters on the front page wearing ski masks were anons or not,but Its flames of fury that lizard squad want to be like us’ well we shall declare this Lizard squad you should fear the future

  51. Hello
    I found the unknown group for ethical purposes does not harm the public interest
    But you got then divides that are caused by an allergy to this organization
    And acceding all work in favor of oppressed people for the purpose of, and I’ve seen what happened in Palestine
    In the end
    We are Anonymous
    we are unbreakable
    We do not forgive
    We do not forget


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