Anonymous dives into politics – A NEW ERA IS STARTING


As you have probably already noticed, we are reading and following your comments and posts on our Anonymous Page And recently, we found a very interesting post:


James McGovern wrote 2 hours ago, on the 1th of June 2014, on our wall following message:
I will no longer remain silent. I have made the decision to run against David Baram. He is a lawyer, career politician and 1%. He has done little to help create jobs, stop corporate creed and temper the government from trampling on our civil liberties.

I will need every ounce of support I can get to win against him. He has more capital than I, but I will do everything in my power to represent the people…”

On his pageprofile it’s written: “James McGovern is a husband, father and candidate for CT State Representative representing Bloomfield, Hartford and Windsor.”

James McGovern supported by Anonymous

We decided to investigate his issue and after doing some research we came to the conclusion that he seems like a VERY BRAVE, trustworthy, motivated and inspirational politician with very remarkable characteristics and very true-democratic attitudes. He is not like other politicians, in contrary he doesn’t represent interests, he represents the people, the 99%. He does not have much money like other politicians, who are financed by big corporations and lobbies and who are therefore representing their interests. Therefore we decided it’s worth and maybe even a must to support this cool and candid guy, we specifically do not want to call him Politcian, as this is mostly associated with a liar and a person without a backbone. Let’s support James McGovern with our power of 99%, WE THE PEOPLE ARE STRONGER THAN ANY CORPORATION ON THIS PLANET.

He even posted following picture on his Facebook Page: criminal government

which is very brave considering that he is going to be a governmental person himself, but still heavily criticizing the government.

Let’s unite and share this post everywhere so it get’s viral, this is our most powerful way to rise the chance of James McGovern to beat the other politicians and coporations.



Why is this so important? It is not even a big election!?!

Having a success in this “small election case” would be a HUGE BREAKTHROUGH in the history of humanity, politics and Anonymous. This would start a new Era of Movement, giving Anonymous and ultimately the PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD the Power to vote and CHANGE EVERYTHING on this Planet!

VOTE FOR McGovern!


Links: – James McGovern’s Facebook Page









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  1. I AM ONE OF THE ANONYMOUS…. for the people about the people.. never give up never surrender!! Love the people more then you love yourself!!

  2. James Mcgovern is VERY inspiring for me! ! I’m in a similar situation… Well not me, but a candidate I’m working with. His Name is John Cook and He’s running Up against GEORGE P BUSH for Texas land commissioner. Bush has way more money and connections, so John can barely get help from the democratic party(his own party) It seems like they’re grooming this new bush for Presidency. We need To STOP GEORGE P BUSH FROM WINNING THE TEXAS LAND COMMISSIONER POSITION! John cook is an honest man with good morals and ethics. Any suggestions or promotion for John would definitely help in beating BUSH out of office. If interested please consider learning more –

    GO JAMES!! You’re a True Inspiration!

    • signed the petition and im a supporter, first thing through anon that im going to be a part of, and if it comes down to a vote then this will be the first thing as a 22 year old ill ever vote on, the main change was instead of watching shit tv shows i decided to flick on some documentaries (farmageddon) and got exposed to the truth, its time to make a difference

  3. Long Live James Mcgovern & those like him who support the cause! The Cause being the 99% trying to exist amidst the greed of the 1% tyrant occupation.

  4. Very inspiring words .I admire his belief. How ever, Back in the 90’s , We the People sent a man to senate . He believed and spoke the very same words .. He returned , back to us , Insane from what he had been through . I pray this man is stronger of mind and more determined of will , than the wolves that now hunt that area..

  5. This is awesome but almost too good to be true. If this is really perhaps an anonymous member can send me an email on my anon account. Shouldn’t be hard to find haha

  6. Yet another reason to support the 28th amendment getting MONEY OUT OF POLITICS and, giving guys like Mr. McGovern a fair shot on a level playing field.

  7. We are running a similar Candidate for State Assembly. It is s hard row to how but we need to fight for change at every level.

  8. I congratulate you all for the decision to enter in the politics. Let it make o good TICK among all the failed Polys being under full control of Rothschild’s model. Good work.

  9. Place down this challenge demanded of the people! Every Election should be costing less than it does now! But Companies will pay a great deal to Buy their own politician and make them their puppet! I challenge the system to put in a 3rd party accounting system! The money for the election itself is put into a pool, and shared equally between the candidates to make their statements! Money cannot be used to BUY the Politicians in that election then, and the ones with HONOR, can stand out! Those who would Refuse this Challenge do not have HONOR, or the WILL OF THE PEOPLE in mind!

    • Really. So the government have brain washed u and who are really destroying the life of innocent people. Well you are a complete dick head n I hope that when we are in control that it will be people like you crying out poverty and I will not be there to help u

  10. I have been quietly working behind the scenes ( probably ineffectually as I live in rural Colorado ) to encourage the idea that the time is ripe for those who truly care to rise up and attack the established order by running inexpensive internet campaigns. In our present day and age of easy access to social media it becomes ever more possible for the internet to become the great leveler of the proverbial playing field. Especially among our younger citizens the idea that a charismatic leader could bring the 1% to their collective knees without access to vulgar amounts of money simply by having campaign videos and the like go viral becomes increasingly more possible everyday. I’m an old guy. In my time ( age 9 ) I stood in super market aisles and embarrassed people into not buying tuna that wasn’t dolphin safe. These simple grass roots solutions worked once upon a time. Now is the next generations time and I encourage all with the savvy to do what they can to sabotage and /or undermine the well oiled machine of those presently in power. I can offer you little more than advise and encouraging words as too many years of toil and not enough health care leave me with a weakened heart, but know this; there is a long and glorious tradition of humans refusing to do as they are told they must, of men and women risking all to create a better world for the future, of bucking those who would sap our strengths and dreams for their selfish interests. Don’t believe those who will tell you that you are doing wrong. The human species has an instinctual hatred and distrust of those in our species who take without giving. Long live those who risk their all.

  11. J-P with ur comment of stating about sounding like the IRA u have gave your identity away I know who your are and u know who I am

  12. If you really do check on there, please investigate but check them up against You’ll definitely want that psychologically destructive cult gone. Pull down please.


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