Anonymous Hacker Trolling Online Bullies And Blackmailers!


In the following video, an online bully is getting trolled by an alleged anonymous hacker who wants to bring him to justice for bullying several people online. Just hilarious how the initially swearing and unreasonable bully starts to beg for mercy later on:

Note: This is a prank being played on a mouthy bully by one of his friends that gave the creator all of his personal information in order to make it seem like he really was part of Anonymous.

However, looks like justice was served.

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    • This guy is a real hero. He is “lt.Lickme”, a gamer and a youtuber. I hope the actual anonymous should do the same. He does a great service that needs to be done. Please subscribe him and encourage him.

  1. Hi,

    can you do the same ting to the CS:GO “Counter Strike – Global Offensive” community also. There are lots of hackers, please do some justices to them.


      • I think she was actualy a he because one thing that was wrote in the “lyrics”. There was saying “it was all a prank”( at 11:26 in the video) . But good job with this video. Out there are a lot “players” that have a very offensive language. Even in the games like league of legends where you can’t speak, only by write, a lot of them are very offensive…
        I will share this in hope some of this “players” will see and fear to be offensive next time. Good job again.

  2. I hate how women get harassed online . I hate the trolling period !!! Thanks so much for doing this . I hope ppl realize
    Words can really hurt ppl& so many kids online
    US adults need to be better examples . I hope one day I can be apart of the annomous family !

  3. This is so cool. there are so many wankers who hide behind a pc screen….giving it all the bigun… its so nice that someone can just have one back over on them the way you did fella… nice one =0)

  4. Why you all giving cred to anonymous. It was tge youtuber LTlickme who did this along with many other awsome trolls, check his channel out, you wont be dissapointed… And anon, stop tryna take credit by saing he os part of anon.

  5. The bully is Australian. Sounds like the usual teenage wank hanging around the MacDonalds carpark on a Saturday night. Here it all the time.

  6. Hello dude. I need help. I play in samp sever.(SAMP-San andreas Multiplayer)
    One of the admins there coudln’t resist that my friends and I were killing him. He banned two of my friends and the reason he gave was aimbot. I was with my friends and my friends used no aimbot I promise. We just teamed up and talked over skype and played. The admins name was Hamdi. Please do something. My friends are my life and this is bad he banned my friends without any reason. And others are bullying me that I reported Hamdi to the official forum for abusing admin powers. Please bring Hamdi to justice.. Thanks if you do it…

  7. Hey,in the end I’m so glad to see that. Someone who care about us. Thanks so much Anonymous. If you have time, sometime , you can get on Crossfire NA or EU? There is full of kids, which think they are the most dangerous hackers in the world.

  8. Why do all videos from anonymous and affiliates have to have such a terrible and overbearing soundtrack, which essentially distracts from the point of them…?

  9. It kinda sounds like the “bully” is acting, if this is real then lol, but I cant see someone freaking out like that unless they have serious issues XD
    either way great work on the video I enjoyed it.

  10. Hey it’s a great way to teach kids and also grown ups how to behave, but there’s still a line. as long as we don’t make any ppl do something evil or force ppl to do things that can have an impact on either the persons own life or other. remember that most of the people who seek the flaws of others, are typically those with the most flaws, since they are lost and have not such a great social skills. Where are the parents to teach their child about respect? Kids can be cruel, but it is the adults who create them, so we must also guide them even though it’s not our kids. this kid had it coming, and he defiantly learned about cyborg bullying, so others might think twice about it!!! what you do are great and so awesome!! just remember your heart and goal. not to bully, but to teach. this kid learned it the hard way. after 3 chances, then no human being needs the last warning, so after 2 second time, then there’s only the consequences since the grown up or kid, got 2 chances and the 3 was action. like you said, it’s dynamic and it’s not about being cruel bit to teach and learn kids what the parents didn’t taught them.. when that’s said, it’s fucking awesome to see someone do something about the problem that we are facing and you can help so many kids with either bullying or social skills!!

  11. Hey anonymous, i have to say that i have been fowlowing your work as mutch as i can, and i have to say i am a gamer but a weak one i guess, althou i loved for my entretainment delight, can i ask you guys if could you guys check what you guys can do about helping anonymous in Portugal, i heard police are taking them down here and it is a very important work what they done here. Is already hard to open the eyes of populacion and without them exposing harder

  12. Uh… sorry but this wasn’t done by “Anonymous”. It was the dudes friend pulling a prank on him/putting him in his place, THAT is how they got all the information about him.

  13. I usually don’t comment on anything, but this was I must say Brilliant! Particularly “123 fuck off!,” “It Seems I Have Been Misinformed Is Your Address NOT *********, How was the movie last night ben?” though this was a Faux, The Ideas behind the actions are justified enough.


  14. God the world need someone like you brilliant you have my full support on
    What you are doing.

    People really need your help.

  15. This is what we need. The ignorance of online bullies ignites a passion to stop everything they do in me. I dislike nothing more than the arrogant nature and false safety they feel entitled to. Anonymous thank you, even though you had no part in this, for everything you stand for. In my eyes you are the real heroes of the world


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