Anonymous – Hackers World [Documentary]


An interesting documentary on the Anonymous collective focusing on the ‘hacktivism’ side of  ‘Anonymous‘.


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  1. how do i stop corruption in powerful corporations i, through history they have become what people fear instead of being a symbol of justice and they ultimate protector

  2. i don’t think Anonymous are bad..i believe that they really are trying to change this world…to much corruption and injustices…
    doesn’t anyone see what good they are doing…i been posting their stuff to help get the word out…so far a few people seen it..i also made some post telling people to wake up and see what is happening really…

      • I agree, but in this times people doesn’t see anymore the good in things … they see only the bad things … in fact to “repair” the corruption u need more power than the corruption (and that power are we, we that are supposed to be united for “erasing” the corruption). But to achieve this is pretty hard because all people are scared in a way or another…

        • I 100% agree with both of you, i post to spread the word about what is really going on around the world but its like people dont understand or see whats going on, they are ignorant to the truth because they are in a conformity that the government has made, its almost like they are narrow minded, they are followers, as are we in a sense but we are united, but the government tells them they are even when they arent and they believe it, media skews opinions really hard. ive been a computer gamer since i was 5 years old starting out with website games and runescape and maplestory and ive always had access to the internet and this is where i have learned most of of what i know and it is such an amazing yet dark place to learn, im 18 now and realizing already how much we need a change

  3. so if u lost 20 minutes, you can lend your wife to a corporate boss on hes goddess demand as-hole

    or become mental slave in your own country to fill a pocket of some fat pig, or maybe got molested by a power sick cop.

    or maybe you just prefer to give a half of your salary to a corrupted clerk, knowing that it is going on a healthcare or education?

    they are only force that they fear now, and i hope they remain in this way


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