How Anonymous Just Fooled Donald Trump, the Secret Service, and the FBI


By Claire Bernish at


United States — Anonymous just pulled a fast one on Donald Trump, his campaign staff, the Secret Service, and the FBI — in one brilliant and telling fell swoop.

To support the White Rose Society and the White Rose Revolt, which began as a response to fascist leanings by Trump and his supporters, Anonymous launched #OpWhiteRose — and the billionaire presidential hopeful fell right into the ‘trap.’

On Friday, Anonymous announced it had released Trump’s personal information online — including such details as his cell phone number and Social Security number. Backlash from the Trump front promptly followed, as well as an announcement from the Secret Service and FBI that an investigation had begun.

However, the information had not been hacked or leaked. In fact, everything Anonymous posted had been online — and available for anyone to see — for years.

Anonymous RedCult released a second video to explain the ruse, in which the narrator explains the information “was online since 2013.” Indeed, as the video states, “The government and law enforcement authorities are seeking the arrest of the people responsible for attempting to illegally hack Mr. Trump’s accounts and telephone information.”

Why law enforcement at every level was so quick to pounce on a non-crime and effect arrest of those behind it — without investigating whether a crime had even been committed — paints a telling portrait of exactly the fascist tendencies Anonymous wished to prove.

RedCult included a snippet of ABC News coverage of the non-hack, which reports it as if it were a serious crime. Again, this information has ostensibly been available on the internet for years — so, as the narrator points out, “Trump want[s] to turn America into a fascist dictatorship where anyone can be arrested for just posting old information online.”

It’s arguably not far from the truth.

Indeed, as Trump indiscriminately aims his hatred of the press, protesters, activists, and anyone who disagrees with his twisted vision for the future, Anonymous might have proven a crucial point.

“Thank you Trump and Trump campaign. Thank you police, FBI, and the Secret Service for being a part of our little experiment on how we should expect the so-called New America will be,” the narrator stated.

Whatever your feelings about the collective known as Anonymous, the experiment was a frightening, facile ‘success’ — of sorts.

Though the joke was on Trump this time, it proves his fascist tendencies are nothing to joke about.

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          • Kinda hope you really are part of Anon, but been around to long to believe. Damn trolls left me jaded. Assuming you are though, or that people from anon see this, keep up the good work. For those not able to hack go to protests and rallies in Guy Fawkes masks. I have done this in the past and will again in the future. It show’s your support of Anon and raises others awareness of Anon. From a friend North of the Border.

    • Cat Five, are you a free thinker, do you have the gusto not to be a sheep/slave to others … then you, my friend, are already Anonymous.

      Anonymous is not all about hacking, but exposing the truths of the world and letting the public eye decide. Unbiased news and reporting, and allowing the citizen (not of a country, but of the world) to decide for themselves.

      • Thank you, The_Krucifix. I too love and admire Anonymous for it’s willingness to make the point and take the action that needs to be taken. I am not in it for the lulz. I guess that makes me a ‘moral_fag’ but I can live with that. Carry on, Anonymous.

      • I thought that was Assange’s troupe.
        Why then, a new one – one without face?
        It may well be the same faces we know from Langley (CIA), Cheltenham (MI6), etc.

      • Promise me you are the authentic group of anonymous. I know there are twitter groups and facebook groups who claim to be THE Anonymous but am sure they are not. I really would like to keep track of you guys. My son put me on to you and he raves about all the good things you do.

        • The wonderful thing about them – they’re anonymous.
          The frightening thing about them. They’re anonymous.
          There are cops and evil fucks posing. Be careful.

          • Heck they are posing as true activists everywhere to keep a handle on us. I’m waiting for the day that anonymous finds out if our government is behind weaponizing Lyme Disease and turning it loose to thin out the population. Because ‘our'(actually their) health system(the CDC) is doing nothing but denying that it is even as deadly as it truly is. The IDSA and CDC are right up there with Monsonto in my book but that is because I have lived with Lyme disease 90% of my life and still no attempt at a cure in sight or the doctors who were onto something have all dies mysteriously…well over 25 now.

      • Just curious, does Anonymous support the Republican or Democrat Party? It appears they’re hitting the Republican candidates pretty hard.

        • We do not support any political party, the shiolls that would be those that rule over our domains are not endorsed in any way shape or form by Anonymous. And they never will be. Anonymous is not a group, it is an Idea, and Idea for change, An Idea that all can live together in harmony an Idea that humans should be free to say, think, belive what they want, an Idea that fighting and war should end. An Idea that exposes corruption of the people’s mind that the bullshit media like Reality TV, superstar brats, and all those other uneducated misinformation giving crap. An Idea that to move forward in this life, we must move forward together.

          We Are Anonymous
          We Are Legion
          We Never Forgive
          We Never Forget
          Expect Us!

      • In that case o support this cause.i hate to have Trump as a President of the U.S. Because he is a madman,not only a danger to American citizens but also to the rest of the world.I don’t encourage violent methods so we are united,working in peace,as a larger family.

    • I can’t believe you people buy this crap. You should all know by now that the establishment and the lobbyists have spent 36 million dollars for a campaign against D.Trump and this “independent one” is obviously one of the paid contributors. They are loosing their power grip and will do literally everything to portray D. Trump as the worst of the worst. Think people, THINK!!! The’re making it very obvious and you still can’t seem to get it, cant you? All this criticism make a huge statement not only for those who can read between the lines, but should give you a lot of food for thought. Please educated yourself and you will be surprised and amazed by the final outcome.

      • If you listen to this guy and do your own research youll find a whole other world a scary world, one full of lies and disception (they say ignorance is bliss) k. I will say this though if you dont believe in corruption if you dont believe something is “fishy”, just continue living your life in bliss if not But if you have to know like I did then good luck. some links to get started

        • The US Government in general is now corrupt to the core. Defense companies like Northrop have used the clearance system to track salaries etc. for years. Controlling wages and getting big bonus in process. Northrop, and other big defense companies use the government employees to manipulate what they need. They promise government employees better jobs after retirement etc.

          Taka a large look at the board of directors on defense companies. Examine whom the officers are. Northrop is full of Bush and Clinton staff members.

          All a game. Trump for example says he will spend more money on military. Money for what? Money so Northrop can make more and more profits and deliver crap!

          Until you gut the military, government nothing will ever change!

      • Are you a non-English speaking person? I’m just trying to piece together what you were trying to say here. Also, Trump IS horrendous. The news didn’t tell me that. I have listened to what he has said (non-edited) and read what he has written (his words). He is a narcissistic mess of a human with extremely un-American self serving ideas. He doesn’t want to help you.

        • I’m a non English speaker and I have no problem understand his post. Why do you need to point out his spelling errors? Will better English give more credibility to your claims? BTW, I don’t care who you or he support, I couldn’t care less about Trump, it’s all just a game, we are all puppets and banksters are masters of puppets… Trump is harmless idiot…

      • Ok, and you buy Trumps crap ? Sad. Nowadays we cant choose between good or bad, we have to choose between bad and less bad, in this case I choose the less badd.

    • How many active members of Anonymous do not work for a national security agency? There’s no way to know. That’s the strength and the weakness of Anon right there. With more or less unlimited budgets it would be crazy not to infiltrate Anonymous, much like this web site just tried to infiltrate my computer.

    • only like 1% of anonymous are actual hackers anyway, ddos realy is not hacking and anyone can learn that in 5mins… besides anonymous is so many difrent groups, chat rooms, forums, etc. if you want to be a “part of it” than organize a stunt like this like other people have

    • All you need is a guy-fawkes mask, or contribute without a video.

      There’s no application or anything, that’s how everyone who chooses to be anonymous is anonymous.

      • Heey. This is jacie and me and my brother and his freinds really admire u and when I expozed trump that shitt was funny asf and duck trump .

        • Hey it is a new tack. Instead of my dog ate my homework Annonymous hacked my computer and stole my homework. lol More than likely if someone did disrupt your project then it was not someone from Anonymous. Could be someone in your house to someone in your school doesn’t like you. There are a number of reasons crackers do what they do.

    • This is retarded :s If they said “hey, here is Bernie/Hillary/Cruz/Rubio/Etc. Phone number and Social” the EXACT same stuff would have happened. It is the FBI’s and law enforcement’s JOB to look into, prevent, correct, and arrest people that do this stuff…what in the world do you guys see as “wrong” with this? You guys don’t think things through, like AT ALL. This is normal procedure and THANK GOD they do something. So it was all a hoax. Better! At least we know they can do their job in going after people hacking other people’s personal info. No? This article is stupid as hell, you are trying to make something GOOD come across as something bad. What in the world? Stupid.

      • Here here!

        Aworld without the rule of law, let’s see how far it would go. Do I think the USA has trampled on our rights? Of course. Since 9/11 and the Patriot Act things have steadily become nightmarish in the scope of their grip on people and information. But to say they fell for a trap by doing EXACTLY what they should have proves nothing whatsoever.

      • All of the information wasn’t hacked. It’s public information that is available online legally if you know how to find it. That’s why it’s funny that the FBI and secret service went into investigation when there was no crime committed, Thus proving that Trump is a fascist. Besides what he talks about at his hate rallies, He has even stated that he will open libel laws to make it possible to sue the media if they say something about him. Which would take away a civil liberty that american citizens have (freed of the press). If he did that, it would make it easier for him to break laws and screw americans over without any press letting us know. Unfortunately, The majority of people leaving comments on this article don’t know the difference between public information and personal information. Most of you are quick to state your opinion when you really don’t know anything. Reminds me of Trump supporters. Don’t know anything, too lazy to research but wants to yell and scream their opinion. LOL

    • Of course, there are many protests staged around the world (Check online for your nearest one), and simply spreading the our ideas on social media will help. If everyone believed in freedom, justice and equality for all, then Anonymous have already done their job.

      • As we welcome you 🙂 Thank you for standing up for the people and opening the eye’s of those who’ve been blinded for so long

    • Well I know that out of all the candidates trump would be better than any of the group, while I do believe there may be a better man I do not think he could handle the enormous job of keeping things in control. Trump would definitely rub the likes of the bushes and Clinton’s etc. To keep them on their toes. It would take someone like trump to admit a new financial system is badly needed instead of the merry go round fiat dollar.. I hope anon spends more time on subjects unlike the US made Isis and such as u know it only leads to Florida, Israel, UK etc. Good luck u young Aarons….fight the good fight!

    • lets be honest here, the only reason non hackers wanna join anonymous is because they wanna tell all their friends they are a part of anonymous, and they wanna prance around in their masks and bask in their wannabe-nesse

      • This non-hacker wants to be a part of Anonymous bc I support the causes you fight for. I’m excited by the idea of people taking back control from a corrupt government. However, I lack the skills to be a hacker and I can’t afford to start taking “hacker 101” and end up in jail bc I’m a caregiver to my mother who has stage 4 breast cancer. The only thing I can do right now is post these stories on FB and Pinterest. All of your articles make a point to tell the reader that the story is free for the public to share. If I can’t call myself Anonymous bc I’m not a hacker, that’s fine. I’m still going to support Anonymous. BTW I’m 38 and most of my friends ignore the Anonymous articles I post. I’m not posting bc I wanna look “cool”. I post them bc I want more people to open their eyes to the hypocrisy all around them.

    • this isn’t anonymous. it used to be a private club with a public membership. break some shit don’t get caught claim anonymous. it was literally just that simple. anonymous wouldn’t NOT take responsibility for anything it’s members did. including horrible shit. then meme’s and the internet started selling at hot topic young kids in highschools saw it as popular and it’s been online ever seen. even wonder why back in the day news reports called them strait up terrorist and we should all be afraid of them to it being on FUCKING FACEBOOK where your name and family’s are linked online and there’s literally ZERO ANONYMITY. now it’s literally a few facebook pages and websites that literally ANYONE can make that simply call them selves anonymous and REPORT FUCKING NEWS THAT MILLIONS VIEW. like how is any of this anonymous? not even trying to hide this shit anymore. yea now anonymous is synonymous with sjw’s trying to save the world. make me wanna puke. it used to be some REALLY smart fucking people fucking shit up in there spare time for no other reason then they were board. and the reason it was so scary was because you can’t actively fight that. they got nothing to lose and it costs them NOTHING. and you gotta pay people by the hour to even watch for it let alone try and stop it.


        This shit reminds me back in 1999 when random everyday guy bought the rights to 21st century fox because it was still 20th century fox and when they went to update it they ended up having to fucking buy that shit off the guy for MILLIONS.

    • If you don’t already know yes you can be anonymous if you choose to be . anonymous is just that anonymous those that are they are all people and yet no one they speak for truth and expose the corruption and degredation of this present societal collapse.

    • Anonymoude does not give ashit.

      If they did They would have fucked E`m all by now..

      Anon If u really Beive,, Fuckin do somethin !!! period!

  1. Brilliant! Love it and great job! Nice to see Trump have to put up with what the the rest of us have to live with. Brings to light the absolute complete loss of privacy we all must suffer. Keep up the good work!

    • Tisk tisk! Don’t throw tantrums on the comments. Try explaining your point of view so we can have an intelligent open dialog.

      • Anonymous: “HEY WE HACKED YOU”

        FBI went “hey that’s illegal, we’ll check it”

        anonymous: “HAHA we were only pretending YOU’RE SO DUMB”

    • It was more of a
      Anonymous: “Hey look at all of this data we took and shared.”
      FBI went: “I am going to find and arrest you for sharing private information that you obtained illegally. This was a huge crime and we will make sure you regret it.”
      Anonymous: “Jk I just found all this information online which you would have known if you checked instead you jumped to conclusions faster than Trump supporters should jump off a bridge.”
      FBI “. . . . I’m still gonna arrest you.”

  2. This is not what I believe to be right… I put more faith in anonymous then I do in God and I hope That the focus will turn more to exposing truths and injusteses this asshole has done

    • They would have, if there were any. But this is all there is…..playing “tricks”….games,….basically admitting they can’t “hack” shit…! (And you lemming kneel and worship anyway, that’s SAD.)

  3. Do you oppose oppression? Are you a supporter of anti-cyber surveillance and censorship? If so, you are already Anonymous.

    We are Anonymous.
    We are legion.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    Expect us

  4. Anonymous are digitalized heroes. Their work are crucial in this modern world, and likely the strongest line of defence against “higher power”. The whole world needs Anonymous..

    • Well they stole millions in bit coins from them, shut down multiple sites, reports IP addresses to the FBI, and got their twitters closed. In one of ISIS’s newsletters they actually covered what they needed to do to avoid being caught by Anonymous.

      So I think they made pretty good on it. But it’s not like they can force a disband or anything. They can break up internet presences and damage any online assets, which they did a lot of.

  5. This is bullshit…. It’s all a lie from anonymous, you guys are covering your tracks because people have unsubscribe to your website because 60% of Americans like trump! If not then your playing childish games for what?? To prove hacking as numbers is illegal?? The fact you admitted you hacked it was probable cause… I like anonymous but there are to many chiefs nor enough Indians, so on chief writes he mind thing and another writes the another opposite. Whip ever wrote this is bellow college level.

    • If 60% of Americans are Pro Trump, then why does he only hold 40% of the positive votes? And that’s just in his party. It’s ok tho, math is hard.

    • They did not admit to hacking, they admitted to republishing already public information. Apparently you do not understand anything you have read.

    • It seems someone has got a sandy vagina over being caught in the exact trap that proves Fart supporters are the fascists that Anonymous alleged they were. You cannot argue against provable fact – including that all the information provided was open-source, not hacked.

      Also, get a grown-up to help you next time you word-barf a comment while criticising the education of others.

      Have a fucking awful day…

    • 60% like Trump (perhaps you meant 60% of Republicans) … clearly your math skills are equivalent to your aptitude for language and grammar. Although, clearly, you seem to be an expert on “bellow college level”.

    • By your comment it’s obvious you didn’t read the article. All the information that was “exposed” was already legally available, and anyone could obtain it. Also, if you plan to insult someones intelligence, or level of education, I suggest you spell check before posting a comment.


    • I know right, what did this supposedly prove? -“When we eluded to committing a crime the police looked into it, zomgz muh fashist state!!1!”
      Fuckin’ retards, anyone worth talking to or about has left anonymoose and it has become a parody of anything it could have been.

    • Gifted, you missed the point. The point is that no one was hacked. They just reposted already publicly available information.

    • 60%?!?!? What fucking planet do you live on? Trump has MAYBE 40% of Republicants which means less than 25% of the country. And you areally the perfect example of his supporters…white, uneducated, racist, xenophobic, mysoginisthe assholes.

    • Dear dear,

      Just because your homogeneous neighborhood and a couple others share the same view does not constitute 60% of America!

      By that same reasoning I can say with gusto that 80% of the United States of America think Donald Trump is a psychopath who has no business running for President. And 100% of people outside US think he’s an idiot.


    • 60% of america? Where did you get that number?

      Polls (and primary results) show that trump averages about 35% of Republican voter support. Assuming that the nation is equal parts Democrats and Republicans, that’s only 17.5% of the American population.

  6. the way America WILL BE?…more like the way IT IS NOW!……I dislike Trump as much as the next person, but it’s too late

    • It’s not too late, to rid everyone of Trump just give him a decent haircut eliminating that damn comb over and he will never show his face again, he already cancelled a public speaking rally a couple of weeks ago because he didn’t like how he looked that day…………..

    • It’s NEVER too late!!! Look at what the Icelanders did in 2008.Jailed most of their politicians and all of their bankers…Started fresh, and it worked. If every average Joe and Jane American joined together, as a whole, your gov. would have to give in. How many of you are there now? I’m Canadian, by the way. I do follow American politics and I must tell you, that is is the most interesting and strange one yet.

      Trump AND Clinton shouldn’t be running for office!! They should both be behind bars!

    • Correct, Trump can’t yet make the FBI and Secret Service do these things. Just imagine how much worse it could get if he’s elected.

    • It is too late when we give up and stop fighting.

      It is too late when we bow our heads and accept oppression as “unavoidable”.

      So long as a single person refuses to accept this bullshit, and works against the oppressors, it is never too late.

  7. Anonymous is the front runner of the Fifth Estate, providing much needed global check and balance of power in a world where despots, bigots, criminals, and crazy military pots rule by cooking lies, disinformation, fear mongering and deceptions. I’d like to simply think Anonymous as a hope for humanity to fight against the might of evil.

  8. Classic!

    Reveal The “Trumperor” Has No Clothes and the nation’s police-state, fascist tendencies.

    Bravo, Anonymous Family, Bravo!
    (And, Thank You!)

  9. They never reply to why they have not stopped obama or hillary, if their so good why haven’t they exposed the crooks in dc unless they are the crooks we see all these threats but no action. If they would attack all the people they say we could be better off, stop all the crooks not just your libtard xrying, i am losing faith in you guys, sounds like someone who made a good facebutt page and got pipe dreamers following them. I know nothing about hacking but can smell b.s.

  10. Anonymous should support Donald Trump! What’s wrong with them ? Do they want us to remain dummies and slaves to the establishment ?

  11. The accusation was for people to be arrested for hacking into accounts. NOT for bringing up old information that was already present. Even if it wasn’t really an attempt to get into his accounts, does this make any sense?

  12. what does this prove?

    You issued a threat, and the authorities rightly took it seriously? is this an accomplishment? More like wasting public resources (or even private) for what, I dont know ! Hardly ‘fascist’ to want to protect ones privacy

  13. This faux hack is the unveiling of Anonymous and the exposure of Trump or anyone corrupt is proof that our nation is in the crapper. When the corporate media is in bed with the puppet masters, Anonymous is waking up the masses. I love reporting the actions of Anonymous and where Occupy ended, the spirit of truth segued to:

    Timeline of events associated with Anonymous

    Once again, thank you

  14. Ummm of you admit to committing a crime and post it online, don’t expect the police to look if a crime had been committed. You confessed. . . And yes confessing to what you did is a punishable crime. . . Idiots.

  15. Sorry but this is ridiculous. Its not a fascist tendency to go after a group that stated they would illegally obtain/hack someone’s private information. Just because they released common knowledge doesn’t mean (and the authorities didn’t know) that they didn’t obtain other pieces of information.

    I’m going to hack information on the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress, I’ll release public information about it and go about saying I’ve gotten all the information. There is probably still classified information revolving around it, so would it be right to assume it’ll be looked into? Obviously.

    Under the guise of “fighting the power” or “the greater good” these guys are just being assholes behind a computer.

  16. I can’t believe you people buy this crap. You should all know by now that the establishment and the lobbyists have spent 36 million dollars for a campaign against D.Trump and this “independent one” is obviously one of the paid contributors. They are loosing their power grip and will do literally everything to portray D. Trump as the worst of the worst. Think people, THINK!!! The’re making it very obvious and you still can’t seem to get it, cant you? All this criticism make a huge statement not only for those who can read between the lines, but should give you a lot of food for thought. Please educated yourself and you will be surprised and amazed by the final outcome.

    • Would you like to clarify on what the establishment is, and why lobbying against Donald Drumpf is a bad thing?

  17. But they said the response was an investigation had begun, the thing that the article later says never happened. Not sure how they made the leap to a future totalitarian state from there because they said they would begin an investigation. Not that they would make arrests as soon as suspects were determined which is what the article tries to make it sound like. I’m not only a fan of anonymous but anonymous myself and this one’s a miss that could be titled “How Anonymous Fooled People That They Fooled Donal Trump, The Secret Service, and The FBI.”

  18. the following quote from our great human rights lawyer Jose W. Diokno (one of those stood up against the Marcos Dictatorship in our country the Philippines)

    “Authoritarianism does not let people decide; its basic premise is that people do not know how to decide. It promotes repression that prevents meaningful change, and preserves the structure of power and privilege.” — Jose W. Diokno

  19. And to think it’s been over a decade since that FUD article in NYT (or wherever it was);
    “Stalkers can now use the internet to find info on their victims blah blah blah, waaah the sky is falling!”

    The article had the author’s name, picture, phrases like “as a 27-old woman living in NYC” (about herself)…

    tl;dr: She basically gave away a StalkMe starter pack, for free, right there.
    And completely failed to realise it.

    While yammering on about the big scary net that a stalker would apparently actually _need_ to “hack”, since it –somehow– wasn’t already available elsewhere.

  20. How Anonymous Just Fooled You by click bate Anonymous are retards at home that jerk off to code they pulled the plug on PlayStation years ago wow how brain dead if Anonymous was smart they would help trump get rid of the elite that sucks everyone but I guess there to brain dead to see be a man not retards and get Hillary or Isis but Hay if you want to swim in the shit bowel carry on your losers

  21. I get the idea that nobody knows what “fascist” actually means. It’s just the typical left-wing smear of “someone I don’t like.”

    Bernie’s Brownshirts, now those were fascists right out of 1927 Munich. Busting into an opposition rally and forcing the whole thing to be cancelled. Right up to the Goebbels trumpeting the entire thing as a great success the next day (in 2016 using blogs naturally).

    Trump is the only candidate that’s not under the control of the elites. And you’re all carrying water for them. I guess that’s why you used to be called ‘useful idiots’ by your masters.

    I kind of wish I was one of you. It is so comforting to be around people who all think alike. It must be really exciting pulling pranks like this. I miss that kind of thing in my life.

    • useful idiots! omg you know the term. that’s what I was thinking! that’s the reason I like Trump. he’s not being controlled like everyone else. he’s a simple American. a rich American, but a normal patriotic American nonetheless (not a politician). I don’t trust the politicians.

  22. Anyone who believes that anonymous proved anything about Trump isn’t thinking this through. Anonymous stated it committed a crime and the appropriate authorities investigated. This is how it’s supposed to happen. The only thing they proved is how the media jumps on things and blows them out of proportion.

    • Actually, that’s the problem. They didn’t investigate, they just reacted. Five minutes on a google search would have shown that the info was already out there but they didn’t do their “due diligence” so if the whole lot of them come off looking bad and more than a little foolish it’s their own fault.

  23. anonymous is no one. There is no ‘collective’. There’s no central hub. Anyone can call themselves anonymous; it’s a huge misconception that it’s all the same group people carrying out these projects

    ‘Anonymous Declares War on ISIS’


  24. May Allah be pleased with the freedom fighters of Anonymous. Brains over brawn will always be the end result, if Allah so wills it.

  25. So it was just a social experiment? Trump is about as techsavy as my dead grandma, I doubt he knew this information was publicly available and just acted as anyone else would to a doxing attempt and online threats. He is running for president and has received death threats and what not from Anoymous so I don’t see why he’s a fascist for taking them seriously.

    Get real guys, I used to respect you. Not anymore.

  26. Annoh, you player theyr game iditos, trump is just a puppe, he act like that for a reason, no one will vote him, people will vote Hillary, and game set, sah mat

    • I suppose you must also be a puppet typing that, and you’re acting for a reason too, but you’ve got a shit puppeteer.

  27. The elements of this experiment are all wrong. The point that was proven here was only partial correct. I find it appalling that Anonymous influence is being used to sway political campaigns. If this experiment was done correctly and with a free mind, all political front runners would have been used. Not just Trump. I’ve watched as this page has went entirely against the original idea of Anonymous and it sickens me. It also makes me think that maybe… the ones responsible for this miscarriage of information are not so Anonymous. Misleading the people, leading them as sheep is not in what Anonymous is about. This makes you just as guilty as all the other corrupt politicians and lobbyist.

    • all Anonymous proved is that they’re liberals and they’re not a group of anonymous renegades. in reality they’re probably sitting in cubicles getting paid hourly for maintaining Anonymous. it’s black and white which side they’re on. I used to support their original intentions too. I now trust Anonymous about as much as the American gov (which is not at all). it’s clear they’re in this for personal gain just like politicians. American people need to just completely IGNORE Anonymous. they play on the people’s emotions just as much as the media but on different issues they think matter more. they have their own agenda. this was not an unbiased prank and I’m not sure what this proved besides the immaturity level of Anonymous.

  28. LOL what a joke, I’m now convinced anonymous is comprised of a bunch of edgy 15 year olds with superiority complexes. Seriously, these guys found some old information (something anybody with a computer and f*cking internet connection can do), posted the info and stated falsely that they committed a crime, and then, say “Ha! We didn’t actually commit a crime so therefore trump is a nazi!” What exactly are you trying to prove here, anonymous? Cause all I’m getting from this is you’re a bunch of liberals who hate free speech.

    • Yes, calling people liberals and accusing people of things the exact opposite of what they do will most definitely get my point across and make an impact.
      Just, what did you think was gonna happen?

    • are you retarded or just pretending to be one?! freedom of speech has nothing to do with spreading hatred and an idology that existed 100 years ago you halfwit. You and all other trump’s followers remind me of coloured people playing race cards at any given opportunity to win an argument! the only difference is that you idiots play the ‘freedom of speech’ cards. I’m so fucking glad I don’t live in america.. that country is doomed from the moment an albino orangutan with a brain as big as a pea runs for its presency and a bunch of backward, trailer trash, good for nothing, thugs following him like sheep. <<< freedom of speech that is.. eh? now piss off you vermin…

  29. None of this ever happened. No one was fooled. There are no REAL sources. Good old Bern supporters targeting the weak-minded, first-time voters.

  30. How exactly is this “pulling a fast one”?? I disagree. I think they screwed up- when it was revealed that the info was already available online, and Anonymous is covering their own ass. Bottom line, YouTube and other outlets should pull their videos as soon as they are posted. Hell, that’s what happens when Record labels find illegal copyright stuff on that site- so why isn’t someone policing this better?

  31. newsflash y’all: America hasn’t existed on paper since the Eisenhower Administration. so why is everyone getting worked up now? Trump will win. terrorists won’t stop. they’re only propelling him forward. you can disappear TODAY if the American gov has some kind of beef with you; if they consider you a traitor or an enemy. Trump has nothing to do with this. soooo what is Anonymous’ point? release Obama’s information. he might be the president but he’s a person too and shouldn’t be exempt just because he’s in office. let’s see his reaction while you’re at it so we can compare.

  32. If people don’t think anonymous is doing enough, why don’t they do something themselves? Anonymous is anyone, or no one…don’t expect someone else to fight your battles and take the risk for you, then complain about what they’re doing wrong.

  33. u guys are so full off s—tu make me laugh with 10000 comedians out of work and here u are hay George Carlen new what was up I think he would take ur computers away from u and send u to bed with no supper

  34. The only thing I am unsure about is releasing his social security number. Is that really public information? Considering the fact that you can use an SS# to open credit cards, I thought it was supposed to be private? That’s kind of scary.

  35. Now hold on a sec…
    The purpose of this rouse was:
    law enforcement at every level was so quick to pounce on a non-crime and effect arrest of those behind it — without investigating whether a crime had even been committed — paints a telling portrait of exactly the fascist tendencies Anonymous wished to prove.

    Yet in the article it specifically states:
    an announcement from the Secret Service and FBI that an investigation had begun.

    Isn’t that investigation specifically to determine if a crime was committed?
    Suddenly this article and the whole thing feels like nothing really happened at all…….

  36. I’m a writer with significant OFA experience. I’m looking for a job – want to work remotely – that will give me optimum political writing opportunities AND chances to actually do some good with said writing. If Anonymous is hiring, hack this comment and contact me at my email address. Please. I’ve got a blog piece that will support my case and a résumé that does the same.


  37. Intersting, the authot calls out trump and uses the notion he wants them arrested with no investigation however in the same article he states an FBI investigation was started……sounds like due process to me. The media and siciety are always acusing and pronounicing folks guilty before due process and trials as is case here calling trump faccists, however , as article clearly states, an investigation was started which means due process was followed and article loses its point.

    Next time try and think before you write or try to invriminate.

  38. Not even Peter Parker {Spider-Man} or Clark Kent {Superman} Couldn’t pull this kind of Jokes off on April’s Foolsday. #AnonymousForPresident

  39. anonymous is all a sham….do some research and you will see that the fbi has there hand in this whole website and control everything that happens here….this is a waste of time

  40. With TRUMP becoming the Republican nominee, American politics has become a heated topic around the world. Game developers are taking their art to express their opinion with the presidential debate. With the popularity of social media, all I see is “Trump this, Trump that” all over my newsfeed. Now enters #TRUMPIT with Trump the most interesting mobile game take on the presidential candidate.

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  41. How utterly stupid! The police, secret service nor the FBI work for Donald Trump!
    This is obviously and elite attack on Trump by complete bullshit morons!


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