Anonymous Leaks Out Personal Information of 52 Police Officers


Anonymous has declared a cyber war against the Cincinnati Police Department after the brutal killing of a man who was innocent and didn’t mean to harm anyone.

On February 17th 2016, Paul Gaston, 37, had experienced an accident while driving his truck into a telephone pole. After the accident, an anonymous citizen call to 911 about the situation with Paul Gaston, stated he was carrying a gun, which he kept in his waist. After some time, police officers had reached the accident site and were attempting to arrest Gaston; but Police instead, fired nine shots toward Gaston saying that he was approaching them armed with his gun.


The debate surrounding the police officers responsible for Gaston’s death, have led to more heated discussion about race. It has been suggested that being black has led to him being targeted.

Anonymous have since leaked the personal information of  the 52 police officers who are, or might be involved in this case. Uploaded and leaked data on the Internet was free to access through search engines, while Pastebin has since removed the data. Anonymous explains the scenario by their video on YouTube. Anonymous added that they will update more leaks about the police department over the Internet. The Anonymous hackers behind this cyber attack are also known as ANONVERDICT.

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    • so this isent good? targeting corupt police officers who gets away with murder rape and all other kinds of stuff? they desserv to feel the hand of justice too. they aint the law. they are here to uphold it not brake it and miss use it for them self. 🙂

  1. I read this article, watched your video, looked into it deeply. I’m hoping, not as a citizen of Canada, but as a human in this world, that you can speak for the rest of the world, and not just America. So horrible this happens. And it’s people and groups like you that give the small people a voice!

  2. If corrupt Police are murdering innocent civilians, then any action taken against them is warranted. Those that think the actions of Anonymous are somehow against public wishes are not only deluded, but also part of the problem. I wonder how many of these idiots would change their tune, if somebody close to them were murdered by corrupt cops?

  3. It’s terrible this happened, but police use deadly force especially when criminals don’t follow commands. They asked him repeatedly to put his hands where they can see them and he did not comply. He had a weapon although it was only a pellet gun, but they don’t know that. He also was not a poster boy. The only thing I can’t understand why they can’t wound him, rather than kill him.

  4. This is business as usual for cops who are waaaaay too f’n trigger happy. The shooting of 12 year old Tamir Rice who was playing by himself with a toy gun in an empty playground goes to show how screwed up they really are – aggressively rolling up on the kid and shooting him dead within seconds instead of approaching slowly and safely to assess the situation. The city of Cleveland said the TWELVE YEAR OLD boy’s death was his own fault. WTF is wrong with people?


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